This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


707 2nd Street
5:00-??:?? pm
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Kabul Afghan Cuisine was a restaurant that served (as one might expect) Afghan cuisine. Food is available for take out, but there are plenty of reasons to sit down and enjoy your stay. The vast orange interior overlooks 2nd St. and is sparsely decorated with intricate Middle Eastern rugs. Other than Sophia's, Thai Recipes and Mirai, Kabul provides the only other opportunity to sit on the floor while eating in Davis. However, less adventurous or flexible restaurant goers can find standard seating throughout the restaurant. Tables are adorned with a candle and a glass bottle of a spicy salad dressing. Customers are immediately given a basket of Afghan bread and individual bowls of undressed salad (iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, broccoli, cucumber).

The entrees are large, and their prices range from $8-$13. Coupons are available at their website. They also have a buffet.


  • Bolani kachaloo: turnover with chopped leeks, potatoes and seasoning, served with yogurt
  • Bolani gandana: turnover stuffed with chopped leeks, cilantro and seasoning, served with yogurt
  • Mantoo: Dumplings, stuffed with ground beef, chopped onions and seasonings. Topped with sauce
  • Boarani badenjan: eggplant sauteed with fresh tomatoes, seasoned with herbs and garlic


  • Aush soup: noodles, vegetables, and yogurt soup topped with meat sauce and sprinkled with dill
  • Vegetable soup (Kabul's Special: a mixture of fresh vegetables and herbs


  • Quabili fallow: baked basmati rice with lamb, seasoned and topped with sauteed raisins and carrots
  • Sabzi challow: sauteed spinach and herbs with lamb or chicken
  • Kofta challow: beef meatballs in a seasoned tomato and split peas sauce
  • Mantoo: Dumplings, stuffed with ground beef, chopped onions, and seasonings. Topped with sauce
  • Korma: mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, and lima beans sauteed in tomato and onion puree


(a larger portion of the appetizer. better suited to split across a group than as an entree)

  • Bolani kachaloo: turnover with chopped leeks, potatoes and seasoning, served with yogurt
  • Bolani gandana: turnover stuffed with chopped looks, cilantro and seasonings, served with yogurt


(served with white or brown basmati rice)

  • Chaplee kabob (ground sirloin)
  • Teka beef kabob (whole beef)
  • Shaami kabob (ground sirloin)
  • Chicken kabob
  • Lamb kabob
  • Combination kabob


  • Firni: pudding with milk, rosewater and cardamom. Topped with pistachios.
  • Sheer yaku: ice cream flavored with rosewater and cardamom. Topped with pistachios.

More vegetarian options are to be added. Belly dancers are also expected. They are freshly opened and still very much getting settled.

Prior to Kabul, the location hosted Hing's, a Chinese restaurant. The SBC telephone book lists Sara Onay instead of Kabul Afghan Cuisine, possibly indicating a change in name while the restaurant was being founded.


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2005-03-07 17:12:12   I tried the Quabili fallow and the Mantoo; both were great. I'm looking forward to trying some of their other dishes. —JasonAller

2005-04-12 10:12:42   The décor is very unusual, combining interesting textured fabrics with bold wall color. The lighting could use some help. The food is great (we had vegetarian sabzi challow and Bolani gandana, both excellent). Don't miss the Dough (cucumber & mint yoghurt drink). They need a graphic designer for the menu, though, to match the skill of the interior designer... and they need more waitstaff. —AlisonKent

2005-04-15 15:16:10   My boyfriend and I went on a busy Friday night. We were seated and it was 10 minutes before we got a menu and another 10 before we got water. I ordered an eggplant entree and he got some beef dumplings. Bad idea. The eggplant which was around $8 consisted of 3 slices of eggplant in a tomato sauce. Reminiscent of eggplant parm. The dumplings were ok but not better than something from the Trader Joe's freezer section. Tried the Firni for dessert. Could not detect any taste of rosewater or other spices— it was rice pudding. Considering the prices, small quantities, and the wait, we're not going back. If you go- make sure to get the kababs. I saw other customers with giant plates of food and am fairly certain that's what they ordered. —SamanthaGrant

2005-04-30 02:21:48   Although the quality of food that you receive at Kabul Afghan Cuisine is good, for the size of the dishes themselves, the restaurant is overpriced. The decor of the restaurant was nice, but the restaurant is understaffed (and they need to be trained a little better). I went with three other people and we had the Vegetarian Sambosa and Pakawra (appetizer), Quabili Fallow, Mantoo, and the Chicken Kebob. Both appetizers were good, but not anything to write home about. The basmati rice with sauteed raisins and carrots that came with the Quabili was delicious, but we only received a small amount of lamb (too little for the price). The Mantoo was our table's favorite dish, a relatively generous portion of dumplings which had a nice texture and balance to them. Finally, the Chicken Kebob was delicious (but there were only five pieces of Chicken for $9). Overall Grade: C+ —AlvinTsao

2005-05-08 16:11:12   We tried Kabul and I am sorry to say, we are not planning to try it again. —ReuvenSegev

This place is totally underwhelming. While the interior is rather enjoyable ( other Davis restaurants could take a hint ) the food was mediocre and the waiter a complete asshole. I would never go back to this place! —SoniaPflaster

The decor is like anything else in Davis - painted walls with random "ethnic" wall hangings. Yes, the eggplant is disappointing, but the kebabs are what you should go for. Even better, go to the farmer's market and get some amazing flatbread with excellent spreads. —EllenWoodall

2005-06-14 13:32:50   They added a Lunch Buffet today ($7.95). This is supposed to run 7 days/week. The dishes were: Vegetable soup, Basmati Rice, Sabzi Spinach, Kofta challow, Badenjan challow, and a couple others (one with chicken, one with Cauliflower, and maybe one more that I can't remember). They also had Afghan salad and bread. I spoke with one of the staff and was told that after today there will also be a daily special dish in the buffet (Moday: Shaami Kabob, Wednesday: Chicken Kabob). Over all I enjoyed it and will return. —OddBall

2005-07-22 00:07:18   It was such BAD service! I hate asking for water when you are supposed to get some. Secondly, saying, "Oh we're going to need a couple of extra minutes" does not mean, "Leave me here to starve!" We ordered the veg sambosas and the teka kabobs and then we waited. There were two parties that arrived after we did and they received their food first. Where's the bread or salad? Another table asked for their bread and finally we were given ours (2 pieces). The hostess came over to us w/ our appetizer and said, "Did you order an appetizer?" Um yes. But it was pretty tasty and not overtly greasy. Eventually our kabob plate came. The meat was pretty good—well seasoned, although well done. The rice was slightly on the drier side. To sum up: Bad service, decent (although overly priced) food, and there needs to be some belly dancers to improve the environment—there is absolutely no energy there! —KarlaFung

I wasn't impressed. Wayne Schiller

2005-08-25 10:52:08   Karen and I had lunch there a couple of days ago. We arrived after 1pm and had the luncheon buffet. Everything was wonderful! There was rice, soup, a spinach dish, an eggplant dish, an okra dish, a cauliflower dish, meatballs, kabobs, mixed vegetables, cabbage salad,watermelon and Afgani bread. We loved all of it! We each returned for 2nds of the vegetables (particularly the cauliflower, okra and eggplant.) The atmosphere is lovely and elegant, and the owner, Mustafa, is very gracious. I will return as often as I possibly can! HIGHLY recommended. —TammyMcNiff

2005-09-04 21:04:22   Party of 4, on a Sunday just as they opened. They apologized that the food would take a while since they needed to cook everything right then, so the lamb was going to take a while. They were very attentive with refilling our water. They brought us bread and butter. They came back out again and said it was still taking a while to cook the lamb. So then they were nice enough to bring us a small plate of samosas, one each, which we thought was very nice. Unfortunately our lamb dishes were a bit on the salty side and the lamb was a bit tough. It was not the same lamb dish that they serve in the buffet (which I have heard is very good). I would go back and try the kabobs next time. Not bad, but could be better. —IrenePark

2005-09-18 11:26:54   Went to this place on a Friday night with my boyfriend. The place was kinda empty with one girl waiting on all the tables. The sambosas were good, but I had ordered the Champion Kabob and was completely disappointed. I couldn't even cut through the meat with the knife they gave me. The lamb was really subpar, and I was just disappointed with the whole meal. At least the waitress was really nice and funny. I won't be going back. —SuperRedhead

2005-09-22 18:55:15   I had the buffet lunch at Kabul today and it was fabulous. The aromas of spices were pleasant and the food was mouthwatering. Our waitstaff was friendly and I enjoyed the atmosphere. All of the different choices of food complimented each other well. I am definintely coming back! You have to try it or you will be missing out on some great food. —MelissaChristianson

2005-10-20 10:45:15   I ate dinner there Sat, very good kabobs. Spicy, juicy, and not so spicy as to give indigestion. Great belly dancing on Friday an saturday nights to boot! —AdamYergovich

2006-01-30 13:40:55   It's not worth it unless you go when they have buffet. The plate sizes are not that big for the price you pay. The service is bad because they didn't come around to add water when we ran out. Everything was mushy and salsa-like except for the kabobs. —KiwiSelina

2006-02-04 01:45:42   I took an old friend here last weekend. I had the turnovers filled with leeks, and they were tasty. But my friend, her fiancé, and their guest all ordered different things, and every one of them had frozen vegetable medley in its sauce (you know, that mixture of green bean pieces, corn kernels, peas, and little carrot bits?). Something tells me that frozen vegetable medley is not an authentic Afghani cuisine element. (That said, I liked my food, and my friends liked theirs, though we were none of us especially filled up.) —DanielBrown

2006-03-22 19:49:15   A great place to go for good dinner in davis. Food is great. The owner is a very nice and friendly guy and the service is excellent. —CarolinaSandh

2006-05-26 08:43:57   Me and the girlfriend had the teka beef and the lamb with sambosas. The service was excellent. Best I have ever had in Davis. Very attentitive, and knowledgeable. He asked if I wanted recommendations and explained everything I asked about on the menu. The food was GREAT! Probably one of the best foods youll have in Davis for sure. The lamb was so good, and the beef just right. Would highly recommend. —AlexKang

2006-05-26 15:46:37   This place is really good... I love the Sabzi Chalau... spinach with lamb or chicken sauteed under long-grain Basmati rice. The staff is friendly and not in your face. I went in recently to get food to go — it was a short wait, and the food was yummy! For taste, one of my favorite restaurants in Davis. —GreenThing

2006-05-30 09:08:01   I stopped in yesterday to try the lunch buffet and apparently it's gone. The lady behind the counter said "no more buffet" and it was crossed out on all their take home menus. —AlexPomeranz

2006-06-11 14:33:14   Stopped by the day for their advertised weekday buffet and they got rid of it! Very lame. Was looking forward to trying it, but their meals prices look out of sight. Am thinking no. (note: My fiancee wrote this) —AlexPomeranz

2006-06-17 10:42:55   Went there last night, and told the big guy we were in a hurry to catch a movie. He said they'd get us food in time to make it. We had the chicken kabob and an eggplant dish (waiter picked it with our approval, not sure which it actually was). The food was really good, we liked that the portions are not gigantic. Rice was good, spinach side was excellent. There was a belly dancer - don't forget to bring a few dollar bills! ;) Turns out, we were five minutes late for the movie, but the food was worth it. We plan on going back when we have a little more time. Oh, and all of the employees were pleasant. —JeffieBaby

"2006-08-04 10:32:14"   When Hing's closed down in Davis, I was visibly upset. This was the very first restaurant I had ever been to in Davis, and in my opinion the best Chinese food to. Soon many years went by, and I never dropped by the old haunt.

"Let's go get Aghani food."

I sat a little dumbstruck for a moment. Afghani? First off, I had no idea what this style of cuisine consisted of. Second, there was a new Afghani restaurant in Davis? And I didn't know about it? "Sure, sounds good. What kind of food is Afghani food?"

"Afghani food." I could hear her smile over the phone, amused by her own little snap. "I'll see you at 6."

Apparently, Kabul Restaurant had moved into Hing's old place, and right away I was more than glad. The inside had been lavishly decked out in ornate and richly colored rugs, a slight ersatz, but enjoyable and garunteed to put a smile on your face. The smiling hostess led Sarah and I up stairs to the raised seating area. We left our shoes behind us and sat on the floor amongst some squishy pillows on another rustic rug.

Afghani food definetly stands out in my mind amongst the various styles of middle eastern food. Each ingredient has been cooked to leave it feeling light, allowing each flavor and texture to be delicately dissected by your mouth. No dish is to glitzy or esoteric, relying on only three or four complimentary flavors to bring the whole dish together. It's quite amazing really. Plus, many of the dishes were IBS okay, and the kitchen was more than happy to offer veggie dishes, or alter any they had for you veggies out there.

I decided to start my meal with sheer chai. I heart chai. I even grind my own once in a blue moon, and love to make chai chocolate cupcakes, and chai truffles. Of course I would have to try a different variety when presented with it. The full flavored black tea, milk, with hints of sugar and cardamom and sugar, it tastes like a drink only a child's imagination could create. Refreshing, cool, sweet, and *sigh* can I even go on?

The Kabul Special Fish was a perfect example. Cat fish that was lightly flavored with saffron and admittedly, a spice completely foreign to us both, but heavenly. Served with rice and light veggies, the whole experience transported you to a little Afghani grandma's kitchen.

The Quabuli Palau was awesome. It's a traditional meal of sauteed lamb underneath basmati rice with slivers of carrots and raisins. Mint and turmeric gave this a definite pop, with a slight cool undertaste waiting to surprise you in the back, only to calm you down with the sweet pulp of the raisins.

Service was quick, prices were perfect for generous and tasty portions, and the hostess was able to awnser any and all questions I threw at her about the food and the establishment. Props to the knowledgable staff.

One visit was not enough, I soon returned with Rob to sit down once again, this time to a full house and belly dancers. Lots of patrons and belly dancers do make this place a tad bit loud, and we had to struggle a bit to hear each other, but I had a feeling this was an exceptionally raucous evening.

The Bolani Grandana were delicious turnover and eggplant, filled with chopped leeks, cilantro, and "special seasoning" which I didn't bother to ask about as I doubt the waitress knew sign language and I wasn't about to shout out my inquisition.

The Shaami Kabob was a skewer of ground sirloin served with sauteed vegetables, yogurt, a cilantro sauce, and topped with sumac. Honestly I never had sumac before, and all I knew was that it could cause blindness if it gets in your eyes, but damn, there's no way to put it. It has a slightly tangy, fruity, tart flavor with a subtle undertone of pine.

Sarah was dead on the money with this place. The only real downside I found was the afghani bread. Dry, hard, and really flavorless. Adding just some herb, salt, or oil would dramatically improve this.

For a new flavor at a great price (between $8-$13) and great portions, I highly suggest you kick off your shoes, sit down with some sheer chai, and order yourself some kabobs from Kabul. —ProtoGarrett

2006-09-17 13:21:12   i really like this place. the presentation is clean, the service is good and the flavors are great. i certainly reccomend anything lamb here. ive had bad experiences with lamb in the past, usually it is quite chewy, but here it is as tender as any piece of beaf. the egplant dish was great, so were the chicken kabob and the turnovers. the kormas were ok (i perfer the indian style myself), but their pudding was surprisingly good and so was there sambosas. will come back again. its nice to finally have a medium priced upscale place in davis. The only con is the buffet, i found it quite underwhelming on both of my mid day ventures. —MattHh

2006-10-28 22:21:09   At first, we were dissapointed. The belly-dancing advertized only a week ago was discontinued. The host said they may start it up again, but was unsure when. However, I was so-o-o-o-o glad that we stayed. The food was AMAZING! So my only complaint would be that they should keep up on their advertizing. —KellyEvans

2006-12-20 22:36:50   One of my favorite restaurants in Davis (and I don't have many favorites). Food is delicious. Service is best on slow days. On busy days, they are somewhat understaffed, but no one has been rude to me. I usually come here once a week, when I'm too lazy to cook. —ThucNghiNguyen

2007-01-07 12:44:37   I've been here several times and their food is delicious. I haven't been there in a while so I dont know if they still have their buffet, but I prefer their entrees rather than their buffet. —BeeBooBee

2007-01-27 12:53:27   The Teka Beef and Lamb kabobs are excellent and accentuate the natural flavors of the meats. The Chicken Kabob was good, the Bolani kachaloo was too much for one person but very good to split with others, the Korma was hearty for a vegetarian dish. The Kofta challow (meatballs) didn't do anything for me. The meat Mantoo dumplings were delicious, the Quabili fallow was a good combo of sweet and savory flavors, and the Sabzi challow had a sparse amount of meat. If they have the special bone-in Lamb Kebob, drop everything and get this— this is some majorly awesome meat. As with any hunk of meat this tender, there are huge globs of fat in it, but that's a small sacrifice for such a delicious payoff. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-04-02 00:14:28   My boyfriend and I went here last night, and we were not impressed. His lamb korma was okay, and my bone-in lamb dish was only so-so. What was weirdest was the belly-dancing — although we did enjoy the entertainment, one of the servers stuck a 'tip' in her waistband, and a couple of kids dining with family followed suit. This can't be customary?!?!

2007-04-14 13:37:10   It's my first shot and I tried Kofta challow and Korma but it tastes ok but not impressive. Maybe the buffet would be a better choice for the first visit. —ShawnYe

2007-05-02 20:35:13   I really like this Afghan restaurant quite a bit. They have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and regular dinners. The atmosphere is comfortable, the waitstaff is friendly, and, most importantly, the food is delicious — it is wonderfully spiced and flavorful. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-17 23:38:43   We ate there today and the buffet is back. The food is good, only it's generally too salty. The solution to that is to drink plenty of water. As for for service, there was only one guy looking after the whole restaurant, but he was a nice guy. For an inexpensive buffet, you can't really complain.

No wait either. More people ought to eat here. —GregKuperberg

2007-05-25 17:36:24   Very very bad!! I ordered the Mantoo.. it was basically Costco potstickers in a bland, watery, salty gravy. Also, the vegetables on top were obviously straight out of a bag of frozen veggies a la 'Green Giant' or S&W or the like. If you like this place, tell me what other places you like so I can avoid them as you obviously have terrible taste. The aush soup was better but tasted like it came out of a can. Also the service is terrible and slow. Sorry, I really wanted to like this place. Do not go here. —BillyBudd

2007-05-30 18:30:43   Go to For Brooks and Kristen's review of our experience at Kabul


2007-06-19 01:00:47   The food was fine, but it was very expensive. I particularly liked the sambosa—there's not much, but it is flavorful and comes with an interesting sauce. The bread was different enough to please me. Everyone enjoyed the chicken dishes. The waiter was overworked. —MisterProfessor

2007-07-13 20:49:27   The lamb kabob is hands down one of the best I've ever had—very juicy and flavorful with Afghan spices. However, you ONLY get 5 pieces of meat for $16. They try to compensate with mounds of rice, but that was a huge disappointment. You'll need to spend a lot of $ to feel satisfied or expect to eat a snack when you arrive home. —Jennysmilowitz

2007-07-19 18:33:08   I am known for harsh criticism kabul is very good but this is my first ever afgan meal was very good not the best service but good food i will come back —dickjones

2007-07-22 18:20:00   It wasn't very busy when I went there with my friend. Both of us were very impressed by the food. The decor was nice, not too much but not too plain. Everyone should try it at least once. —AlexandraDeGrange

2007-09-17 21:02:21   My wife and i had a very nice time here. The food was very good, and the people were great as well. We frequent Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian places as much as we can, and this one was very good. 8/10. —BC

2007-10-12 23:28:14   I had the Sabzi challow and did not like it because the beef was hard and not very tasty. Overall I was disapointed, I had high expectations for this one. —ingrid

2007-10-24 15:51:32   I loved this place. I sat on the dais on the floor, which was very neat and pillows to sit on are very comfy. The bread was so good (if you like hummus, get it, and an extra order of bread!) My dish, the typical dish of the region (Quabili) was not bad, but my boyfriend had the weekend special of the lamb which is marinated for 24 hours and served as a kabob. It was honestly so good and I was so full after leaving. They need more waitstaff, though. All together, a great experience. —LolaTorney

2007-11-03 13:09:58   I had the misfortune of suggesting this place to a group of friends and I don’t think any of us will be going back anytime soon. We were there on a Friday night and there were a number of guests, albeit zero atmosphere – e.g. no music. We were seated for a long time without getting water or any other attention from the wait staff. When they took our order, several of the menu items were unavailable. We ordered some simple appetizers (falafel, hummus and yoghurt) and as these arrived, we were informed they only had French bread. Not ideal for an Afghan restaurant, but even worse, when the bread finally arrived, we literally got 4 pieces of dry toasted bread and were told that this was the end of it – 4 tiny pieces of bread for 8 people, which makes it pretty tricky to eat your hummus and yoghurt appetizer!! We finally got some water and our drink order. (Of course, they also ran out of the beer we were drinking). The food itself was mixed. My wife’s dish was way too oily, but to be fair, some of my friends did like their entrees. Ultimately, after an evening of miserable service, they still had the indecency to charge an 18% gratuity. Honestly, the place felt like they were going out of business…no bread, no beer, several dishes unavailable, not enough servers, and no music. Would not recommend this to anyone. —Rune

2007-11-15 08:12:31   Dear Kabul Restaurant, I have noticed many cruel comments about you...evidently you do not know how to please your American customers. Here are a few pointers: (1) Most Americans are incredibly mean, spoiled and self-satisfied. Therefore expect to see cruel, non-constructive and obscene criticism such as "the waiter was a complete asshole," "the food was like food from the freezer section of Trader Joe's," etc. Don't expect civility or kindness. (2) You will be expected to provide food equal to the finest, most expensive restaurants in San Francisco or Napa, all for only $8 per plate, even though the aforementioned S.F. and Napa establishments charge more than $25 per plate. Don't ask me why...yes, I know it's illogical. That's the way people are. (3) The meaner and nastier an American is, the more he or she feels like a "real" food critic, and the more "sophisticated" and "prestigious" he or she feels. So expect lots of snide put-downs. (4) Most Americans are incredibly obese pigs. Therefore if you don't give them a mountain of food, they'll complain about the "small portions for the price," as though one goes to a restaurant to store up fat for winter rather than to taste something interesting. (5) Most Americans have no cultural sensitivity, though they congratulate themselves on their acceptance of "diversity." So expect that people will keep requesting "belly dancers," even though your restaurant is one of only two halal (Muslim kosher) restaurants in town, is owned by Muslims, and attracts lots of Muslim clientele. Don't expect, above all, that your customers will have any respect for women or for other people's culture or beliefs. (After all, it's fine to leer at scantily-dressed women as long as they're from an exotic Eastern culture.) I certainly hope you'll successfully "improve" your restaurant in order to satisfy our wonderful Davis citizenry. —Patricia

  • Wow, that is a remarkably nasty, vicious note. —jw
    • Yes, it makes me wonder about my positive comment above. Does that mean I'm not a "real" American? —CovertProfessor
      • Does this even belong on the Wiki? This is essentially an attack on people who have left comments, which, if more direct, would be an obvious violation. I don't think it's indirectness makes it excusable. —AlexPomeranz
        • You're certainly proving your point by demonstrating how "dumb" we Americans are. —NickStrand

2007-12-09 19:20:11   We have been our first time at Kabul in September 07 we loved the restaurant, although the portions are fairly small for their price. When we came back in December the food was still great but the service sucked badly. After we finished eating we were sitting and talking for quite a while (note: the restaurant was pretty empty) the restaurant staff started looking at us so that I could not feel at ease at all. When we left the restaurant they did not even respond to a "good bye". This totally ruined me night and I will definitely not recommend the place to anyone and for sure I will never go back! —Pia

2007-12-14 13:46:32   If you like Indian buffet, you'll love this Afghan cuisine. For 8 bucks, this buffet is head and shoulders above the lunch buffet at Kathmandu. By the way, if you want to taste the most delicious thing ever, try the chicken korma. —MrJonny

2007-12-19 19:31:21   I went for their buffet one time. The selection was small, but tasty and reasonable. —thelonepiper555

2008-01-07 03:31:48   Came here for the first time on 11/08/07 to try their lunch buffet. Much to the delight of my fiance & I, they had plenty of tasty vegan options. However, the big guy working that day was not very friendly. He appeared to be the only one working that lunch, but there were only two other tables in the restaurant (one of which was a woman who must have worked there because she went into the back after eating). I had to go up to him to ask for two ice teas, as he never came back to the table after he seated us. Our plates from each trip up to the buffet just sat in a pile next to us the entire meal. I had to go up to him to pay as well. I don't expect a full-service dining experience from a buffet, but I am used to someone at least taking drink orders & removing dirty plates. A smile would have bee nice too! We are planning to give it a second chance though. Everyone has bad days, I suppose. —AprilAries

2008-01-24 13:18:28   I went here with a friend in December 2007, deciding to give them a chance again after a two-year hiatus due to a very bland and boring entree I once had there. We came in to check out the menu, which looked liked it had enough veggie options, but although there were two waiters there they didn't let us know that they were out of most veggie dishes, supposedly because the only supplier of a certain Afghan vegetable had a crop failure. We had already ordered drinks when they told us and thus decided reluctantly to stay. I don't remember what we ended up getting, but I recall that the samosas and one entree were subpar, and one entree was so-so. The Indian beer I had also wasn't great, but I guess that would be too much to ask for anyway. I will never go here again. —JoFeuerstein

2008-02-06 18:56:26   I work near this place and was going to go there for the first time ever only to find it closed up, the windows papered, and no signs saying anything. Is this place to be added to the Departed Businesses List? —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-02-11 13:54:07   It seems like Kabul has moved on. I always went there for their buffets. The remark made by Patricia about muslims was totally inappropiate and does not belong here mainly since ITS NOT TRUE!! SUCH IGNORANCE!! Im a muslim so i should know what im talking about —LionelVo

2008-02-18 21:26:06   What exactly happened to the place? —thelonepiper555

2008-02-18 22:27:18   According to the Feb 08 issue of Davis Life Magazine (following their review of Kabul), it seems to be turning into a "Japanese" restaurant serving an all-day sushi buffet. —PopsicleGirl

2008-03-15 19:45:03   This place finally closed up shop? I can't say that I'm surprised. I tried the lunch buffet circa 2006 and didn't like the food at all. It was just. . .gross. It was disappointing because I really wanted to like this place, too. Davis needs more restaurants like this, but this place, for whatever reason, wasn't doing it right. Every time I walked by (including around lunch and dinner) the place was completely empty. I would walk by and make the same comment to whomever: "This can't be a good sign." Sad. Ah well, off you go. . . to the Departed Business List! —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-11 11:18:52   So sad this place is gone. This is one of the first restaurants I ate at when I came to Davis to tour UCD... shame I didn't get back before it closed up shop, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was nice :) —BrandonBarrette

2008-08-14 23:40:42   :'( KABUUUUUUUL!!!!! —ArianeMetz