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Kaplan Educational Centers have nearly 70 years of tutoring experience, claims to be the world leader in test prep and has helped more than 3 million students prepare to take the tests necessary to achieve their education and career goals. Kaplan offers complete preparation for entrance exams for secondary school, college, graduate school as well as English language and professional licensing exams. Kaplan also provides private tutoring and admissions consulting services, as well as K-12 programs for school districts.

At one point there was much discussion about boycotting Kaplan.

How was your experience with Kaplan?

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2007-01-30 23:45:49   Excellent, Best prep I have ever recieved! Lori is an emaculate teacher!

  • WHO ARE YOU?! PLEASE LOG OUT!!!! —The REAL Max Mikalonis
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2008-11-12 15:05:28   I know nothing about Kaplan's LSAT course, but once upon a time, I had medical school aspirations and i took Kaplan's MCAT course (circa 2002). I took the full classroom course and it was fantastic. All of the instructors were effective and dynamic teachers. They were also interesting people. Kaplan had to teach me physics because I hadn't learned from UCD's horrendous Physics 7 series. Even now, i believe I'm richer for the experience.

I credit Kaplan for my good score (35, which was decent at that time, anyway). I was not a cookie-cutter "pre-med" with perfect grades and perfect everything. Standardized tests were never my thing as I am severely attention-deficit.

So for all of you wanting to got medical school, I highly recommend Kaplan's MCAT course. Especially, for those of you who are determined to apply to medical school, but have borderline/low science grades. The MCAT can turn things around for you. Take Kaplan and take the classes seriously. A strong MCAT score is a great way to prove to the admissions boards that you have academic potential to succeed in medical school. —CurlyGirl26

2009-01-16 15:39:46   Has anyone taken Kaplan's MPRE prep course? I think I'm going to need something as I suck at multiple choice, and standardized tests in general. —CurlyGirl26

2009-04-08 17:37:20   I can't say enough about these people. I took their LSAT prep course and raised my score by 5 points. In addition to score improvement, you really feel more comfortable the day of the test. These guys are consummate professionals. Not only do they care about you in class; whenever I wasn't in class I was getting texts and IMs from the instructor asking me how studying was going and if there was anything he could do to help. Now that's going the extra mile. They also offer free classes on personal statements when you're a student there and the support staff always made me feel welcome. Cannot go wrong with these folks. —condemned2bfree