The kinnari in the window is a half-woman, half-bird creature from Buddhist mythology.

238 G Street in the old Strelitzia Flower Co location

Dine In: Mon - Tue 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wed - Fri 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sat 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Sun 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Delivery: 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Lunch Specials: Mon-Fri: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM & Sat-Sun 11:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Happy Hour: Daily: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Live Music: Friday 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Night Club: Thurs - Sat: 10:30 PM - 2:00 AM
Live Jazz: Sunday: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
(530) 759-2255
Ketmoree Yungvanitsait
April 8th, 2009
Type of restaurant
Casual Elegant
Price range
Lunch Specials: $7.95

Happy Hour: $3 Wells & Drafts

$4 Long Island/AMF/Tokyo Tea;

$6 Appetizers

Dinner, average $12
Non Food Features
Full Bar, Night Club, Live Jazz
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & cash
PDF Menu
Menu, including Happy Hour

KetMoRee is one of Davis' several Thai food restaurants. In addition to Thai food, KetMoRee operates as a bar and nightclub starting at 10:00pm Thursday through Saturday nights. The nightclub consists of top 40's with some oldies thrown in. Happy Hour specials go until 11:30pm, sometimes even Midnight.

Want to avoid trouble while eating and/or drinking here? Check out the Bar Taboos page before entering.

2K Thai Food closed its doors early April 2009 and moved down the street to the old location of Strelitzia Flower Co. The new restaurant, KetMoRee, is owned and operated by the same staff, and many favorite 2K dishes remain, with some new additions. It is named after the owner. They also own Red 88 Noodle Bar, which is right across the street from KetMoRee, in between Woodstocks Pizza and Ground Zero Boardshop. The bar was opened first, followed by the restaurant on April 14, 2009.

There is Live Jazz every Sunday, and the Dolanc String Quartet plays at KetMoRee every third Thursday of the month.

The restaurant has a deal on their lunch menu Everyday from 11 AM-3 PM where 12 items on the Menu start @ only $7.95

Every Tuesday, you can get $2 Tequila Shots and $3 Margarita for Lime, Strawberry, and Mango flavors all day!!!

KetMoRee has recently started Trivia Night, which takes place every Wednesday night and it starts at 8pm And it is ALL AGES Check out the facebook page for more details on KetMoRee Trivia:

They have Happy Hour, everyday, twice a day, 7 days a week at 3pm-6pm & 9pm-10pm! Menu and details here.

This restaurant will not accept a military ID for age verification as the sole form of ID. This is because they are confused as to what constitutes an acceptable form of ID. California used to require that acceptable forms of ID have a physical description (height, weight, color of hair, etc) of the person the ID was issued to printed on them. Since 2010 government issued passports and military IDs that do not include such information are considered valid forms of identification as long as they have a photo and a date of birth. This issue came about because US passports and newly issued military IDs no longer has a physical description of the person printed on them in plain text. KetMoRee wrongly insist that all military IDs are unacceptable for age verification. While KetMoRee may be able to refuse alcohol service to someone who only provides such an ID, that would be a company policy requiring stricter verification than what the law requires. Someone who took issue with them rejecting her perfectly valid military ID took issue with this policy and posted about it, leading to all sorts of condescending remarks directed towards her from the staff. Please see Proof of Age for Alcohol for a list of establishments that sell alcohol and their age verification policies.

—Just to clarify on the above policy, I was told by management while patronizing during their Club hours that their Company policy dictates they will "not" accept a Military ID as the sole form of ID.This is due to the fact that there is no physical description on certain forms of Military Identification. They will however accept a Military ID in conjunction with any other document containing a Full Name (ie. Credit/Debit Card, Student ID, Birth Cert.) Again, this is a company policy independent of ABC Law.

Gratuity: The menu says "For convenience, parties of six or more will have an 18 % gratuity added to their bill." And on the receipt it is labeled as service charge.

Many years ago, the American Hotel stood roughly where KetMoRee stands now. The current building was originally made in 1937 for the Davis Lumber Company. The architectural style is Streamline Moderne.

KetMoRee's Bar

KetMoRee has a full bar with beers on tap, and a variety of drinks you will not find anywhere else. The cocktail area is open to all ages during the restaurant hours, and has 5 tables in the cocktail area. KetMoRee recently made renovations to the bar area, and opened an extra room which is an extension to the bar.

You can order any dish that you would order in the dining area at the bar area as well during restaurant hours.

While there is a cover charge on Club Nights, it can be avoided by coming in during the Happy Hour they have from 9pm-10pm and grabbing a cheap beer right before the DJ starts spinning. And cover usually is not charged until 11pm, sometimes even later. The cover charge may be higher on special events such as Picnic Day. Yet somehow, there are plenty of nights when people line around the building to pay cover to get in at this and other establishments that do continuously charge cover.

If you are a UC Davis student, you get discounted cover as long as you show your valid student ID along with proper identification.

KetMoRee has "$4 U-Call-Its", every Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night from 10pm-11:30pm! (any drink up to $9 is only $4!). $1 Jello shots are still around.

And you can stop by all 7 days of the week from 3pm-6pm AND 9-10pm for Happy Hour.

Trivia Night takes place at KetMoRee every Wednesday night, starting at 8:00. You can swing by and enjoy some Happy Hour before the Trivia starts, and a couple of drinks while Trivia is going on. There is a special trivia menu from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Fraternities and sororities sometimes rent out KetMoRee during the late night to party, and if anyone else wishes to do so, you can come in and talk to Management.

September 2015 Incident

A Tragic Event happened here on September 19th, 2015 when Peter A. Gonzales, 23 (of Los Angeles) was stabbed at KetMoRee during its Saturday "nightclub" hours and subsequently pronounced dead at UC Davis Medical Center. As of September 27th, five persons from Vacaville (all with alleged Norteño gang ties) have been arrested and booked into the Yolo County Jail on suspicion of homicide and other gang-related charges, and a sixth suspect is being sought.

Further reading:

Davis Enterprise Article

Fox 40 News Article



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2009-03-27 11:00:15   Personally, I cannot wait for this restaurant to open. As an employee of 2K Thai Food, I thought I would take the time to write in some basic information for those of you interested in knowing: Ketmoree will open sometime mid April (before picnic day) and will include twice the floor space for tables, a full bar, and a private room for large party reservations and events.

The menu will be similar with some minor differences and new additions; however, count on most of the same favorites being there with some fun and interesting changes. The management is not changing despite the change in name, so expect the same quality of service you know from 2K Thai Food. Feel free stopping in at 2K Thai Food, picking up an application, or just chatting with a server about the fun and new changes happening as our company grows.

Thanks for reading. —seanyb47

2009-04-10 17:16:57   this will be nice, 2k thai gets to spread it's wings —StevenDaubert

2009-04-13 21:49:56   Their soft opening was tonight; they'll be open to everyone tomorrow. The new interior is gorgeous! Really exciting. The food was prepared perfectly tonight - moist meats, crispy veggies, complex sauces. They'll do really well in the new location. Same friendly service —Deacon

2009-04-14 20:54:27   If I had to describe my experience at KetMoRee in one word, it'd be "gimicky". I feel like the owner of this restaurant is infinitely more interested in creating a trendy, hip place than making a quality dining experience. This is the same indictment I had of 2K Thai, but it's become so much more grossly exaggerated with KetMoRee.

The service was atrocious - I sat down, ordered a Thai Iced Tea, and it took them 10 minutes to make it. From when I sat down, it took 45 minutes for my appetizer to come out, and 55 minutes for the entrees. I'm stunned at the genius it takes for satay skewers to take 45 minutes to come straight from the kitchen, and still come out lukewarm. Lovely. Again, the restaurant tries to be contemporary and use square plates, and ovoid rice containers, but falls flat on its face in presentation. You have the carefully placed skewers on the beautiful white plate, then you have this amorphous glob of peanut sauce unceremoniously plopped onto the plate.

Tonight was the first night, so I can forgive the laughably bad service. Our waitress was never around and vanished into the recesses of the restaurant whenever we needed something. I can even forgive the servers haphazardly pouring the Spicy Lamb dish all over my hand (and on the table) - I'm a clumsy guy, and I'd want a break on my first day of work too. The spiciness of the Spicy Lamb seemed like an afterthought. You know when you have really good spicy food, like at a quality Indian restaurant, the spice melds seamlessly into the taste of the food. In this case, it just seemed like an excuse to slap on some heat.

In all fairness, my expectations of their Spicy Eggplant dish comes from the delicious version of this dish at Sophia's Thai Kitchen. Unfortunately, this version seems inspired by the deep-fried fish served in Chinese restaurants. However, the way they fried the eggplant left it incredibly soggy and with no crispiness. When you layer on the shoe-leather tough stir fried beef, it makes it even soggier and more unappetizing.

If you've taken the time to read this entire rant, then you'll bear with me when I say that there's beauty in simplicity. They have these stupid tilted bowls to hold rice, when the vessels that most other restaurants use would serve so much better. I know it's not as trendy, but the goofy looking things at those other Thai restaurants, or even those simplistic ones at Chinese restaurants serve the purpose of keeping the rice WARM.

In summary, their service was horrible even though the restaurant was only half-filled. I would be okay with this if it didn't seem like the vast majority of their staff were brought over (and should have already been trained) at 2K Thai. The food is even worse than what I normally expect from 2K Thai. Now not only is the food still overpriced and pretentious, it's bad and takes forever.

I think the owner really needs to figure out if she wants to run an art gallery or a restaurant. Do yourself a favor and give Thai Nakorn a try. —silloh

2009-04-16 00:29:32   In responce to silloh's rediculously long comment on a brand new restaraunt that has only had its doors open for less than 24 hours

i was there the very frist opening night, which was a Tuesday.I thought for an opening night things ran very smoothly, and everyone seemed calm and ready to work. Unlike many restaurants in davis i think this place has a great decore, that gives dinning out alittle more class, and it also has good food.

He seems like a complete complainer. I have had much experance dinning at 2k thai, and had great food, and experances there. If you have ever been in that building you would relize very quickly that there was no need for such a big staff, so the comment about how employees should already be trained is small minded. My server was actually a former employee of 2k, and he told the whole table that everyone from over there is now working at KetMoRee, and they are happy to be helping the new people learn the ropes. I dont think anyone should make an association with the latest comment, he is just hot headed, and a complainer. —paulaVDL

2009-04-16 22:25:41   I don't know why you think your experience should be considered any more valid or well formulated than mine, considering my "hot headed" remarks were at least coherent...but that's neither here nor there.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to judge a restaurant on its performance opening night. Isn't that when they should be trying to impress customers the most? For example, Mikuni's this evening was excellent. The service, food, and drinks were all fine.

Maybe you just had a different dining experience than I did, and that's perfectly acceptable. —silloh

2009-04-19 17:14:34   I went to KetMoRee on Thursday night, what a joke. I meet up with some friends who had dinner there. They had about 15 staff members standing around getting the place ready for the "bar scene" as we were told by one of them as they took away our chairs. Several minutes later the bouncer came up and said that my friend had to take off his hoodie. This was after they had eaten dinner there which took forever because their order mistakenly given a differnt table. After being told that we were no longer appropriately dressed for this casual elegant restaurant we decided it was time to go down the street. We got up to find that the bathrooms were out of order and were told to come back in 30 minutes. They should look to other similar restaurants such as Bistro 33 and Little Prague and figure out how they run their business. The place is obviously very popular and probably will be for a few more weeks until everyone realizes that it is just the same old thing for Davis. If you want to make it a real club with dancing please do it, Davis is in need for that. —bmoeller

2009-04-19 23:13:36   So we (the whole family, Aaron, Princess, 'lil Aaron & Alex) went here for dinner tonight (Sunday). I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up so that I could be pleasantly surprised rather than utterly disappointed. But leave it to my kids to sum it up. As we were walking out, they said, "This place looks nice Dad, but the food wasn't as good as Sophia's or that place by the Movies (Thai Nakorn)" I just smiled and nodded in agreement. Yes the decor is nice, w/ a slightly trendy "Midtown" or "City" feel to it, but the food was not worth the time or $$$ ($80+ incl Tip).

We had:

Thai Iced tea... Too sweet, but OK. Som Tom (Papaya Salad)... No flavor at all... needed fish sauce, lemon/lime and spices... actually kinda sweet... not right at all Duck Curry... was pretty bland... something was missing Coconut something (seafood curry in a young coconut shell)... sauce was good (best of the dishes we ordered), but ALL the seafood was overcooked and rubbery Roasted 1/2 Chicken w/ side of Sticky rice... chicken was dry and flavorless... really disappointing since we used to get this all the time a 2KThai Phad Ki Mow (sp?)... not spicy, bland Steamed Rice... can't really skrew that up, but I did like the cool off set bowl

In hopes to make my meal taste a little better, I asked for a spice rack. The waitress brings out some chili past... I was really hoping for the fish sauce w/ chopped up peppers in it like over at Sophia's (Don't get me wrong, I use the spice rack there a lot too, but at least I can make it better rather than just hotter)

I have to admit, the waitress and the rest of the staff were very nice and helpful, but the food just wasn't up to my standards. I'm not saying that Sophi's is the best Thai food around or anything, 'cause I actually like Thai Nakorn better. But I'm Cambodian and know a little bit about South East Asian Cooking... The food here was just too "Americanized" for my liking. I'll probably stop in for a drink with the guys at some point, but I doubt very much if we'll come back to eat again.

"No-MoRee" for us thank you.


2009-04-20 18:35:15   Well we were there on the 16th at around 6pm. We sat at the bar since the floor was packed. Considering only 2 days since launch our service and was well above par. From personal experience I have been to well known restaurants in Sacramento in their first week's launch and experienced far more commotion including missing orders. Guess it all depends upon the expectations, haven't seen anything perfect on day one so far. Or maybe I have, Dark Knight was perfect on day 1 ;) —13urningMonk

2009-04-22 10:49:57   I ended up here after wanting to go to Thai 2K (I know it's actually 2K Thai now, but prefer to call it Thai 2K) and discovering it closed with signs directing us to KetMoRee. The food was tasty, service was mediocre, and the interior is gorgeous, but I don't think I'll be going back. The new place also comes with a new price tag, so many of the dishes that I have come to know and love at Thai 2K are on the menu at inflated prices. For a curry dish with chicken, Thai iced tea, and cucumber salad, plus tax and tip, I paid almost $25 when the exact same meal would have only been around $16 at Thai 2K... A $9 increase for the exact same meal? While the portions were slightly larger (but not enough to justify the price hike, in my opinion), I think the new atmosphere and increased prices might alienate some loyal customers—it certainly has alienated me :( —evergeneva

2009-04-23 01:44:49   Thank you for all who have posted on the Ketmoree Wiki. As am employee at Ketmoree, it is both informative and interesting to read the feedback thus far, and I wanted to take the time to perhaps provide a perspective that may be slightly different and hopefully more informative to both our current and prospective customers.

First I want to make it clear that I am not a manager at Ketmoree. I did in fact work at 2K for over a year and miss it very much. As a server at Ketmoree, it has been a very interesting transition as we have incorporated such a large staff, made many drastic menu adjustments, and implemented various new policies (ie. rice with nearly every on). We are a restaurant that prides itself on two basic principles: amazing, well-portioned, and appropriately priced Thai Food AND exceptional service. Now I will be the first to admit that like anything in life, perfection is impossible; however, save the few exceptions, I honestly believe that the management at Ketmoree—and 2K for years before i—has truly gone above and beyond to live up to these principles both in the examples they set as management and in the expectations they clearly and precisely present and come to expect from their employees at all levels. To those of you who have been long time customers of the 2K/ Ketmoree family, I thank you for your continued friendship and business, and I hope Ketmoree will continue to provide you with the same quality of food and service that you have come to expect (as I will do everything in my power to see that this happens). And to those of you out there who have had sub-standard or even mediocre experience with us in the past, I apologize. We are a brand new restaurant, and although it may seem like a simple "transfer"—I assure you that that is a gross misrepresentation of the hand work that has gone into making Ketmoree the best it can possibly be.

Thank You —seanyb47

2009-04-23 02:13:08   To build on the previous comment, I wanted to answer a few comments previously posted as well as address a few issues that have come up in the restaurant since our soft-opening.

1) The restaurant is doing very well so far. Our soft opening was a tremendous success overall, and the night scene has emerged as one of Davis' premiere night clubs, which I personally find to be unbelievably fun. The restaurant is blooming as well. 2) Yes, the prices have gone up! But considering the changes to the restaurant, I feel as though they are not as severe as one may think. For example, the price of Thai Iced Tea has only increased .25, and as always they are FREE refills. I also remind customers that the tax rate in CA did go up a full percentage and that the new dishes (except noodles) come with complimentary rice on the side (which was not the case at 2K). 3) It is our goal to provide the best service in Davis or even possible for that matter. It has always been a cornerstone of the management. With a new staff expanding from around 20-30 to approximately 100 employees learning a new menu, new serving/ cooking style, new sections, and a new computer system, errors are bound to occur. I know I have made some myself; however, I encourage you to give us feedback and help us grow. You may think that your comments go by the wayside, but I think our guests would be very surprised how high up the chain your comments are considered and how incredibly willing the management is to ensure that every customer has the best dining experience possible.

As for now, our quality of food and service increases daily as our staff strives to perfect your dining experience. Come by and enjoy good food and a fun atmosphere. —seanyb47

  • Minor side comment : "As always" free Thai ice tea refills isn't accurate. Up through at least 2006, maybe into 07, it wasn't free refills at 2k.
  • That is absolutely true. I was more referring to my personal time there, rather than speaking to the history of the restaurant. —Seanyb47

2009-04-25 19:17:17   I was excited to try this place out, and it did not disappoint. I dined here with a friend last week, and while I spent a little more than I would have liked, my overall experience was great. The food was really good, the service as well, and the restaurant's interior is gorgeous. I like that it is unlike anything else in Davis-it is a spacious, well designed space. I also love the Thai tea free-refills. I will definitely go there again when I want a nice night out dining experience. —dgirl

2009-05-03 16:06:33   Came here last night, the atmosphere was very comfortable. Thai Iced Tea was good. Both red and green curry seemed diluted compared to other Thai restaurants we've been to (outside Davis). But, it was decent and still delicious. Service was great, not bad at all. —kg18

2009-05-04 09:42:17   We tried to eat here last night. After the hostess told us the wait would be 10-15 minutes, then seated us after 25 minutes, we should've been suspicious. 10 minutes before anyone on staff said a word to us...and that was to pour us some water. A few more minutes, then the server took our order. She was pleasant and seemed to be very focused on her work, but there were plenty of servers everywhere...why did it take so long to visit us? Another 25 minutes of waiting for our appetizer, with the server saying she had checked and the kitchen "was about to bring it up." Ten more minutes...nothing at our table but water (still). I asked to see the manager. It took him 5 minutes to come out to see us. I had seen him earlier (during our almost-one-hour total wait time without any food), chatting with the hostess. He never made rounds to the tables to check on customers. Almost seemed naive or perhaps cavalier to the fact that many "hopeful" diners were staring around quizically, all wondering if they would ever get their food. The server later explained to us that it was a "Murphy's Law" kind of evening, and we felt bad for her, as she was clearly trying to work hard to keep customers happy despite the dismal output of the kitchen and the lackluster management style. When the manager finally met with me, he was apologetic and explained that they had "just opened." Almost a month ago. Does it really take nearly 30 "dress rehearsals" for dinner, matching the right amount and pacing of kitchen staff to meet the service requirements of a known set of tables? I think it's more likely (as was aluded earlier in the comments) that 2K Thai sold out to become a "hip" nightclub, that is pseudo-trying to be a restaurant for a few hours before opening for their new, real business.

As other 2K Thai fans have already posted: we won't be back, either. —Buzz

2009-05-08 00:03:30   If this is the place I'm thinking of, there were ~100 really hip people waiting in line tonight; it curled around the building. Reminded me of when the ill-fated XFL started and all these "fans" showed up with face/chest pain screaming for a team that hadn't even played yet. —sjoe

2009-05-08 15:55:30   Came for lunch, service was slower than Thai 2K. Food was ok but price is much higher than other Thai restaurants in town. We had 5 people at our table and had a service charge totaling almost $12. We're not sure why but considering I paid $15 for my Pad Thai and didn't even order drinks, appetizers, or dessert, I felt that was a little too much for lunch. Its a little TOO fancy for Thai food and I do miss Thai 2K and its cozy environment. I understand the increase in price for food, I'm much more surprised by the service charge when we had only 5 people. There are other Thai restaurants in town that serve great Thai food at a cheaper price and faster service. Definitely miss the Thai just doesn't taste the same here, environment doesn't feel as nice, and although the waiter was nice, the vibe is just different. I don't know if I'll be going back —BeeBooBee

2009-05-14 17:32:02   What a disappointment! I was a huge fan of 2K Thai, and was glad their food would still be around. It's not— it's the blandest thai food I ever had— I never dreamed I could think of Thai food as flavorless and boring, but that sums it up. Sure, the interior is gorgeous and it makes you feel like you're in a swanky place in SF, but the food is terrible and expensive. I miss 2K Thai already! —odg7

2009-05-14 17:41:01   I enjoyed the bar at ketmoree- all the drinks my friends and I have ordered have been great. We also dined at the bar side right before the the establishment "turned into a bar/club" for the night and we had no complaints about the food. We will definitel be back. —LizMelack

2009-05-15 11:14:45   We went there on Thursday for the first time. I love the decor and the feel of the place. We had excellent service and the food was very good and fresh. We went with a light dinner of the cucumber salad and mango salad with the sole fish. Both were wonderful. Light and full of subtle flavors. I didn't think the prices were that much higher than 2K. But, maybe that just goes with what we typically order. —LokiAbbi

2009-05-16 20:58:59   This place is lovely, but they are not speedy. Waiter Collin was good, but food other than salad was huge disappointment. Beef salad was delish but a wide noodle dish was soggy. Noodles were overcooked and almost paste. Citrus chicken was "okay" but it was fried as were the veggies [deep fat fried]. Menu doesn't indicate that is the case. It just describes that as crispy. If I wanted fried food, I would go to KFC. I will give it another chance, but will more than likely just continue going to Thai Nakorn which is consistently excellent and reasonable. And I ate once at 2k and it was awful. —divagirl

2009-05-24 14:14:37   called in wanting to pay with cash. refused to take my order until i provided a credit card. disappointed, this is new as 2k never did this. order was under $25. —shraken

2009-05-29 03:07:16   the night club gives some pretty bad vibes at night. so much energy and some of it feels so negative. but i guess most people arent sober enough to feel it. and the trashcans smell bad. I do miss thai2k and the homeliness feeling. oh well, ill give this place a try when im in a celebratory mood, otherwise i know ill feel guilty coming here and burning cash. —chand3123k

2009-05-29 10:41:58   I haven't been to this place in the day time but this place is definitely overrated at night. The lines are ridiculously long and for what reason i have no clue. once you get inside it is so packed that you can't move around and forget trying to get to the bar unless you want to rub up against 30 people on your way there. the manager and bouncers are WACK. they think they are the police or something...get over yourselves you oversee a fucking restaurant. on a scale of 0-10 i give this place a 0 because they have bad service and they care more about filling up the place then actually providing quality for the people. i would rather go to sogas, g street, and pasta anyday. i predict that the bar/club scene of restaurant will die out pretty soon when everyone realizes how bad this place really is. —Unidentified

2009-05-29 13:21:28   Ketmoree is very nicely decorated. However, there are 2 problems: (1) the prices are way out of range for most Davisites. There are no special $6.95 lunch menus, which means we can't bring a group of co-workers to celebrate a birthday; the average price for lunch here per person is $20; the average dinner cost per person is more like $30 with appetizer, entree and dessert. (2) every entree is way too sweet. This is like PF Chang posing to serve authentic Chinese food, which is laudable, but futile. It appears Ketmoree wants to be a yuppie destination more than a real Thai restaurant. —szeleung

2009-05-29 19:42:22   Their Massaman curry is gone :( It was our favorite in town. —Catan

2009-05-29 21:30:57   KetMoRee is one of a kind, food is so so, but the bar is what this town has needed for a while. Although there manager who stands behind the bar and thinks he's god should mellow out his complex a bit, it might scare customers away. —BEEGEEFREE

2009-05-29 21:57:30   worst customer service ever..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the Thailand Asian guy who think he is the boss to all the security guy for club at the night time... not recommend to that club.. they think they are the best in town... hell no.. is just because there is no clubbing in Davis... trust me guyss... we will have a better clubbing place coming up.. later on you guys will dahh... u know what happen... shit placeee —sexyqueen

2009-06-01 15:18:56   I have to agree with the commenter who compared the food to PF Chang. The food is bland and overpriced. My meal came with a lot of sauce and very little meat. The appetizer was only so-so. I think you could find better food at any other Thai food place in town. —nkristis

2009-06-10 21:00:07   The customer service was...over attentive, to say the least. For starters the wait staff kept using "we", "us" and "our". I was unaware that I was going out for dinner with so many people! "Just the two of us?" "What would we like to drink?" My friend and I were asked by several members of the wait staff how things were, if we needed refills, boxes, etc. It seemed like we had 5 waiters instead of one. When the food was brought out (not by our waiter but by another server) our waiter barely let us look at the food before walking over to ask if we liked it. I know it's annoying to be avoided when you are waiting for service but this was ridiculous. It felt like we were in some crappy, low budget comedy movie. On top of that, the food was bland. I got the Thai fried rice and felt I was in dire need of salt, lime....anything. My friend had the Pad Thai, which was too sweet and unimpressive. I know it's new, so I'll probably give them a chance to adjust, but as it is, I don't think I'll be heading back. —RandiF

2009-06-10 23:48:11   everyone usually gets pretty excited when a new venue opens in town... not me...mainly because the times i have been here i have received horrible service. the bouncers are rude and think they own the place. the little thai owner walks around with his little walkie talkie telling people they cannot get in... my friends held the line for me on my bday for a few mins... and when i went back they told me that i was not allowed to go inside because i 'cut'... we told him that it was my birthday and the fool had the audacity to tell me that doesnt make me special... WOW. i was appalled... i mean its okay that u dont let me cut or whatever... say it nicely.. tell me that regardless it is unfair to others.. ill politely move... but telling me that my birthday doesnt make me special? thats bs. its okay tho. because even if i did go in. i would not be able to move or breathe anyways. the bartenders are not that great. one word to sum it up. RUDE. i rather go to twentyone7, or g street ANYDAY —angryface

2009-06-13 21:38:13   I finally got around to checking KetMoRee out today with my family. Not only was the food fantastic, but our waiter was fantastic as well. Great experience all around! —JohnDudek

2009-06-20 14:18:35   Went here last night with a friend to check it out. Loved the atmosphere and decor, very fun, however, there were hardly any people present. We rather enjoyed ourselves. I did miss seeing massaman curry on the menu, but instead I had the yellow curry and found it to be flavorful enough for my tastes. The drinks were a mild disappointment, but I was told that a new bartender was being trained. I would definitely go back again to try something new. —KaitlinSufit

2009-06-23 10:42:10   Wow! I can't believe all of these negative comments. My 1st experience was 2 days ago at lunch. We enjoyed our selves very much. Although the eggplant was soggy in the spicy eggplant dish it was great. I came back the next day with my son and we had pad see ew and the coconut dish with sea food. Very good as well. Service was good prices were high. Both times we were one of the VERY few tables in the restaurant. My advise to the owner: 99 percent of the comments posted here are terrible! Before your place goes down the tubes perhaps you should pay attention to these comments! Although I had a positive experience most have not. You might consider making some changes! —sherrilynn5

2009-06-29 00:24:52   I'll admit that I made an account here to comment on this place, because I really enjoyed 2k Thai. This place has been open for a while now, so I guess they're beyond the adjustment phase excuse. Bigger location and nicer decor, no doubt, but far worse service and much higher prices all around—and prices were already up there when it was 2k Thai. I don't really care for the nightclub. All I ever looked for in this place was a relatively quick, decent Thai meal, but it seems like Ket Mo Ree forgot its roots as a restaurant and is trying to be everything else. The food is of the same quality, but wait times are typically 20-30 minutes in my experience. Forgot my order once and it was 45 minutes, though I guess everybody's allowed a couple goofs. I hope service improves here, because there are definitely other Thai places to eat at in Davis. —ashb

2009-06-30 10:22:11   Unfortunately, I was never able to go to Thai 2k, but KetMoRee is all righttt. The ambience is nice, but honestly, it's pretty pricey. The bill can go up very quickly. Also, one time, when I took my friend for her birthday dinner, they mistook our order as Thai tea without the tapioca. It took them a really long time to get the tapioca in the Thai tea... at the time, we didn't know that they had free refills, so the fact that they "gave" us the un-tapiocaed (I know, but I had no choice with the wording) tea, we thought it was a service for them. We ordered the pad thais, and I'm pretty sure Maruchan ramen is more flavorful. Maybe I ordered the wrong dish that time. I ordered Pad See-Ew recently, and that dish was significantly better. I would probably come back only for special occassions- not really a place I can afford often. —aileen

2009-07-07 18:48:38   I went to KetMoRee for my graduation dinner in June with friends. After about ten minutes of digging into our dishes that we were all sharing, one of my friends found a metal nail (YES LIKE THE ONES YOU HAMMER) in a fried rice dish. The hostess and assistant manager apologized, and discounted our appetizer and brought out new food. But that is not acceptable. I mean, a metal nail should not end up in your food, period! We were all so disgusted and couldn't even try to enjoy the rest of our newly cooked meal. I felt like throwing up once at home.

DO NOT GO HERE! I will not be going to this restaurant again. They have good food, but really bad sanitation problems. My sister found hair in her food at their old 2K Thai location. I will have to look for another Thai place because I will never come here again, I'm just so disgusted. —davisgirl10

2009-07-09 10:08:31   I used to get dinner at 2K only when I was tired enough to resort to delivery - I have always otherwise preferred Thai Bistro and Thai Nakorn to 2K, in every respect I can think of. I made the mistake of placing my regular order for delivery with KetMoRee a few nights ago, and the cost was almost approaching double what the same order was at 2K. (What are they thinking, in a recession?!) And yes, the food was too sweet, and yes, the food was lukewarm by the time they got it to me. I doubt this place will last. The competition's much better both in quality and in price. In this town, you can eat at Tucos, Zen Toro, Osteria Fasulo, etc for these kinds of prices. —calvin2

2009-07-09 14:57:28   I went here and ordered the pad thai. When i got it, it was red and spicy, unlike the normal pad thai's i ordered. i contacted the waiter regarding it and gave a complaint, and the best she could do was offer an excuse. rather than fight with her or argue, i decided to just live with the food that was NOT edible by anyone at the table. i asked around and looked at various other pictures of pad thai and none of them looked remotely to what i received here. it was AWFUL. and the waiter did nothing to please the customer. —TomYi

2009-07-09 21:14:40   This is a great place! I love the food, service and the new location is beautiful. They are really nice to my 3 year old too, one of our fave places to go! —jwendt

2009-07-12 08:06:20   I used to love Thai 2K. My favorite place to eat lunch when I could afford it (prices at Thai 2K were reasonable). I ordered some food a month ago because I was craving Thai 2K yellow curry with chicken. Service was fast, but the food was expensive and I didn't really like the curry. It had no flavor. What happened to old Thai 2K food? —flyec

2009-07-21 22:20:05   My friend picked this for her birthday with five couples. After reading the reviews, I was a little skeptical that it was a good pick for an evening out without kids, but I was pleasantly surprised. The service was polite and prompt — the server was helpful with menu choices. The group agreed that the favorites were the 2K Thai lettuce rolls, the lamb special, and PaNang chicken curry. Based on the reviews, we avoided the pad thai dishes, and the only complaint was with the eggplant dish, but in general, the food was delicious. I am sure we will be back. —2kids4me

2009-07-22 05:01:56   Restaurant is good, though I've only been once. Nightclub is good, but definitely can get a bit crowded at times. Overall a nice addition to Davis and worth checking out. —longboardlover

2009-07-22 14:29:29   Good points about the nightclub: happy hour until 11:30 and frankly it's a place to dance in Davis on weekends.

Bad points: the DJ's pretty much suck, although they sometimes suck less than at other times. It's pretty much the same mix of music every night, even when it's different DJ's. They seem to be very stuck to their playlist because when I've requested good songs (I guess that's all relative, but I consider M.I.A. better than Chris Brown) they somehow never get around to playing it. They won't announce birthdays, making me think that they're trying to pretend to be more upscale than they are. I know it's a little tacky to announce birthdays, but it's a college town...c'mon. The bouncers (like many of the bouncers in Davis) seem to hate college students, and have such big sticks up their asses that they won't make pleasant conversation with sober girls. I understand that drunk college students get annoying, but man, these guys are just looking for reasons to throw people out.

All in all, keep your expectations low and get there before 11:30 so you can get the cheap drinks from the pretty cool bartenders. It's not San Francisco, but it'll do. Until they start charging a cover (which I see happening in the future)...and then it just won't be worth it. —Kiran

2009-07-22 17:27:45   the first time we went to ketmoree, it was pretty good. I loved my pineapple fried rice. today we went there again just because it was my friend's birthday. I ordered the fried rice with pork and my friend ordered the pad thai. the pieces of pork was so tough and chewy, and i tasted freezer-burn. I looked at the pork and it looked as dry as jerky. I felt like throwing up and i had to have some of my friends soda to wash the bad pork out. I had my friend's pad thai which doesn't have the same flavor as it used to. in addition, they removed the peanuts they used to serve along the pad thai. and what the hell, the chef just stuck a giant sprig of green onions in the middle of his plate. I don't think it was for decorative purposes, I think the chef was messing with his food. other than that, the food has changed as well and has gotten at least 3 dollars more expensive for each plate. I think I'm done with this place. I really missed Thai 2k —chand3123k

2009-07-24 02:25:14   Haven't been to the restaurant, and I don't intend to unless they lower their prices. The night scene is ok if you want to dance, but their DJ's talk way too much in the middle of the music, and have a tendency to turn up the volume to the point where the bass interferes with your breathing. On Thursday night, I noticed that their 'specials' bulletin on one of the TVs advertised various prices for tequila shots, and was very surprised to see that a shot of Don Julio costs $151,942. —JoePomidor

2009-07-25 19:17:11   This place is pretty terrible. I can't believe no one has commented on the smell of sewage that permeates the restaurant! It hits you as soon as you enter. Is there a broken pipe or something? The place is supposed to be new. Not sure if it is indicative of generally unsanitary conditions (hope not!) but it certainly is unappetizing! It smells horrible! Also, their website is persistently broken. What sort of professionals can't keep a website operational? Even those idiots who sell the 'acai colon rinse, loose 45 pounds off your gut-' thing can negotiate their way onto the internet. Fools. —bpwhite

2009-07-26 01:03:14   Luckily, I never smelled sewage in the restaurant! Way gross. I've been here 3 times and enjoyed everything, food and staff. Things my friends and I have ordered in the past include 3 flavors of fish, seafood coconut, coconut soup with tofu, spicy noodles, and mango salad and I recommend all these dishes, especially the soup. —toothpicks

2009-07-27 00:39:25   Wow... no offense to all you that have posted negative comments about this place, because you're obviously entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion you've probably been in Davis too long. This is one of the few spots in town where you step in and actually feel for a moment like you're NOT (thank god) in town, which to me you can't put a premium on. The nightlife is also drastically going to improve soon, I guarantee you, because we have started throwing electronic music a.k.a. "real club" a.k.a. non-top 40 a$$hole nights there. So give the entertainment aspect of it a shot; soon it will not be matter of driving to Sac or SF to find a good place to dance ;) —NamitJain

2009-08-22 10:18:00   I was treated with the utmost disrespect by this establishment last night.

I was told that I could not enter with a military ID, there were another few choice comments made by THREE bouncers, and almost turned away. I spoke with the night manager who claimed this was due to the Alcohol Beverage Control rules. From the ABC website: "Examples of legally acceptable I.D.’s are: a driver’s license, State-issued I.D. card or Federal military I.D. card." Clearly what I was told about my id not conforming to the law was total bunk.

Federal Military ID cards contain all of the information present on a State issued id (Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Age) and I have never in my life been refused with this form of identification. It is accepted at airports, every other establishment in Davis (bars and other) as well as at all the casinos/bars/clubs I have visited the past few months in Las Vegas. There is NO excuse for how I was treated.


2009-08-22 15:55:52   Follow up to my earlier comment:

I called today and spoke with the day manager who apologized but was still rude about the entire situation. She informed that ultimately it is up to them whether or not they will allow military identification and her tone said "suck it".

In other words, a form of federally issued id that is accepted in all 50 states across the country, that grants me access to military bases and has never been a source of trouble in VEGAS is not good enough for Ketmoree. They just lost a patron and I will most definitely be letting all other representatives of the armed forces/ROTC in Davis know about their attitude. —OliviaY

2009-08-23 03:32:01   hello you cant get mad at them because they are trying not to get into trouble with ABC. I am a bartender in midtown Sacramento and Military Id and Passports are not suppose to be taken, it sucks but that is what ABC wants. I took this straight from ABC web site"Bona fide forms of identification are those that are currently valid, reflecting date of birth, physical description and photograph. Identification must be issued by a federal, state or municipal government." And since US Passports and Military IDs don't have height, weight, hair/eye color they aren't acceptable. And ABC will send around decoys to make sure businesses are follow there rules.

Anyways I went to the nightclub the other night for the first time and it was fun. —pauljones

Paul, as I stated in my comments above, I checked with the Alcohol and Beverage Control. They specifically identify Military ID as an ACCEPTABLE form of identification. Military IDs DO have height, weight, hair and eye color listed. Your own quote states "FEDERAL" government issued ID, and that is what a Military card is. I spoke with other military officers that evening who showed me their ID cards which also had all this information. They were horrified to learn of Ketmoree's abusive bouncers and vowed never to go back. —oliviay

2009-08-23 12:11:51   (4) Checking Identification (I.D.)If you ask for and see, bona fide (legally acceptable) I.D. before you sell an alcoholic beverageto a customer, you can defend yourself against a charge of selling alcoholic beverages to an underageperson. An I.D. is legally acceptable if it:•Is issued by a government agency (such as Federal, State, county or city)•Contains the name of the person•Contains the date of birth of the person•Contains a description of the person•Contains a photograph of the person•Is currently valid (in other words, not expired) ABC-299 (11/03) Examples of legally acceptable I.D.’s are: a driver’s license, State-issued I.D. card or Federal military I.D. card. Caution: The picture and physical description on the I.D. must match thecustomer. If the I.D. is altered or mutilated, it is not acceptable. You must check a customer’s I.D.every time you sell alcoholic beverages to that customer. Examples of unacceptable I.D.’s are:temporary driver’s licenses, non-photo driver’s licenses, birth certificates and school or work (Section 25660 Business and Professions Code)

2009-08-26 08:31:49   The management is young but they know what they're doing there. I was one of the first bussers to work there when they first opened, and they are pretty legit when it comes to preparation and guest hospitality. —VanMenz

2009-08-28 04:10:51   olivia- military ids dont have height, weight, eye/hair color listed. nice try. seems like you are just trying to bad mouth a business because they wouldn't serve you. Also any business with a liquor license can decide if they want to serve someone. —pauljones

2009-08-28 12:46:27   I am a military brat and have grown up knowing the rules regulations. military id DOES have all that information on the back, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get on base. sounds to me like you don't know anything about state or federal law and I find it odd that you are only interested in defending ketmoree but claim to work somewhere else. I will scan and upload a photo of my ID which contains all that information. Would you also like to see the ids of the five other members of my family or maybe I should put up ids from people I know in every branch of service, including coasties, all of whom have that information. You clearly don't know your own line of work very well. —OliviaY

2009-08-28 13:04:33   I would also like to clarify for people like paul what a military id is. It resembles a driver's license however it also contains other personal information such as active or retired duty and ssn. There is a different ID that some military personnel use in ADDITION to military id. This is called a CAC or common access card (notice that it is not military id) this is used in certain department of defense facilities and does not have the listed information for the Abc reqs. A CAC card also does not say that it is a military id and looks instead like an employee badge. A military id in BIG CAPITAL letters says "United States Armed Forces" at the top, "Identification and Privilege Card" at the bottom, and is specifically identified as an example of acceptable id in the link I provided so unless you can't read I don't know what the problem is. —OliviaY

2009-09-01 16:08:44   The pad thai and the fried rice are no good and if you want something delicious you have to spend those extra dollars. it seems like the fish, mango, and coconut dishes are always good but to me, the three fish dish seems like glorified chinese food. i havent tried many of the mango or coconut dishes and still the prices are ridiculous. and yes the sewage is scary. i couldnt help but wonder about the pork i ate and why it felt like jerky and tasted like frost-burn. but i let my mind wander and thought it had connection to the sewage and that was bad. still it surprises me how so many people eat here. im always reminded of the term "giffen good" when i see this place so crowded. and with prices so jacked up it might actually be worthwhile to invest in a thai cookbook and trying a few recipes. —chand3123k

2009-09-04 19:06:38   The food was good and the drinks loaded (which I like). Me and my friends went for a birthday thing at around 8:30, intending to be out by 10pm (when the place turns into a club). Our food (two courses plus drinks) didn't come fast, but it was nothing to complain about since it arrived in order instead of all at once. However, this also meant us not being able to leave in time. We weren't too worried about that, except for the fact that they were already setting up for the club scene at 9:30pm and were blaring the music at 9:40pm (there was about 5 other tables of people still eating also). The service was excellent, the bartender attentive, and food tasty. But the switch-over to the club scene was not my cup of tea considering we were trying to have dinner and celebrate an occasion. —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-12 01:09:28   breaking news: while showing my friend around davis I decided to give this place another chance after I gave the day manager an update about the abc policy. Apparently because I exercised my first amendment right by giving a negative review the management has banned me personally from the bar (a fact I discovered after passing one of the bouncers who quoted back my earlier comment to me). I am flattered that I am so notorious and will just spend my money at g st instead. BUT fair warning if you leave a bad review you may too find yourself banned. —OliviaY

2009-09-12 15:33:19   Followup from last night after speaking with someone related to the owner. I was told to email but as there's no contact information for email I could find and last night demonstrated this site is read by the staff I assume this will reach the correct people if I have the wrong gmail address for my message.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is my last communication with the management staff at Ketmoree. I spoke with someone whom I presume is related to the owner today and was told to email so the managerial staff could discuss this issue.

I am writing only because as someone who cares deeply about the armed forces, and the presence of military/ROTC on campus, I hope that Ketmoree will recognize what went wrong with the bar staff over the last few months.

I initially came in one night in late August and was confronted by three bouncers at once (a bit overkill I might add for a 5'4" 130 pound sober female) who told me military ids are illegal to accept at a bar. I was shocked because that specific phrasing is incorrect according to Section 25660 Business and Professions Code of the Alcohol Beverage Control board according to their website here: [WWW] which states that: "Examples of legally acceptable I.D.’s are: a driver’s license, State-issued I.D. card or Federal military I.D. card." I have had no business in Davis (Bistro 33, G street, Froggy's, Burgers and Brews, 24/7, Sogas, Woodstocks or Uncle Vitos) make that mistake nor has it ever been said in Vegas. I tried to inform the management later on when I was finally admitted in that clearly there is a simple mix up which I thought I was being helpful in cleaning up.

Instead I was rudely responded to that your business has the right to refuse service to anyone and insistence that Military ID is invalid. While the former is true, and as a Libertarian I fully support the autonomy of a small business, I was continued to be presented with misinformation. As a result I called the next day and spoke with Nate, the same rude manager from the night before and was told off. As a result I decided to not come back. I left a review stating my frustration and disgust on (information I am including as it became apparent last night that this has resulted in my ban from the establishment which is VERY poor business maneuvers) and then decided that if there is more than one manager on staff perhaps someone else might be less abrupt.

I came in another day and spoke with a day manager who was not aware any of this had taken place as he doesn't handle bar issues. I gave him a printed copy of the ABC site as well as a photocopy of the back of what a military id looks like. The back has all the required information such as height, weight, age, eye and hair color. As Nate told me military ids don't have that information, and he was clearly wrong, it seemed clear that he was misinformed. As I told the day manager, the military has a certain camaraderie and I was following up because as UC Davis hosts ROTC I was concerned about other military officers being treated in this manner. The day manager apologized and promised to follow up and fix the error.

As a result I approached the bar last night when an out of town uc davis alumni wanted to see the new bars that had opened since his graduation. Since I had a pleasant experience with the day manager I decided to see if the saga of the military was over. Apparently not. I had my credit card so there was no problem with secondary id. Although I do think it's funny that my age would even be an issue at this point as I wouldn't follow up if I weren't 21. The bouncer commented about my review of the business online. I explained that while he personally hadn't been rude at the first incident, the comment by someone else that "just because you think you're cute doesn't mean you're getting in" or "What's wrong with you, why don't you have state ID?" were made I was offended. After getting my seal of approval on my ID the night manager came out and informed me that I am not welcome. I can only assume that it is a personal grudge since the id part had seemed to be a non-issue and indeed when I called today to find out (rather than make a scene at the bar last night) I was verbally berated by Nate yet again informing me that your company doesn't want my business, nor that of my friends, AND that military id is illegal.

So since my first amendment rights to vocalize my displeasure with your business has resulted in such a policy, please do not worry about an attempt by myself or any party I socialize with to give you our dirty money. I only wish to let the managerial staff know, so that you can re-evaluate your policy, should any military officer approach to enter your establishment the ABC policy specifically approves military id that has the required information as a valid form of id. Since I was yet again told that it is illegal this morning I can only assume that your company is still misinformed. —OliviaY

2009-09-12 16:13:35   As someone who has been a frequent patron at both 2K Thai Food and Ketmoree as well as an employee, I have to say that my experiences here have been fantastic. The owners here spare no expense on training. They assign personal trainers and brutal tests before allowing an employee to work on their own. The staff is knowledgeable, fast, and polite. And the cooks are held to the highest standards of perfection when it comes to preparing your food. I am always greeted with a smile by a hostess and seated immediately (I hate waiting to see how long I am going to have to wait). The food comes out fast and in HUGE portions compared to many other "fine-dining" restaurants in Davis that are 90% garnish 10% food. I love that on most dishes I get my choice of rice and meat, AND I am able to leave out items such as fish sauce or oyster sauce (as my girlfriend is a vegetarian). In fact, the servers their even ask if egg or fish sauce is okay when I order a dish with tofu and offer the option of soy sauce instead. And need I say anything more than Ketmoree has the hottest night club in Davis hands down!

Overall, Ketmoree has huge portions, a smart and well-trained staff, a hot night-club, and the BEST THAI FOOD IN DAVIS. —seanyb47

2009-09-12 19:24:04   Honestly, this place is overrated. Everything is so expensive especially for Thai food. And its just mediocre Thai food. There are so many better Thai places to eat in Davis. (Thai Bistro, Thai Dynamite and Thai Nakorn) I suppose the food is expensive because the money you pay is for ambience. I've been there twice and gotten the pad thai (not good at all), seafood in a pot(the only good thing I've had there), spicy bamboo (I think it's ok?), panang curry (Big fat EH), and other non-memorable dishes. Also, for me, the portions were not big at all. I guess it would depend on the dish. I don't know what all the fuss is about so if I ever get a Thai craving, I'll patron elsewhere for more authentic Thai food.

Perhaps I should look at this place as a restaurant/club. I've never been to Ketmoree's club scene so I cannot comment on that but maybe that's why there's the appeal to this place that I never understood. —KimN.

2009-09-13 17:12:58   Olivia- I have read over your complaints and I just wanted to inform you that it is entirely up to the establishment and managers whether or not they want to accept military IDs as your only form of ID. While I sympathize with you and understand your complaints, you have to understand that they are just doing their job. The ABC standards are serious concerns, especially in a college town, and the managers were only trying to protect their jobs and their restaurant. The severity of breaking these laws are more detrimental to their business then it would be for you to find another place to drink. Also, it seems foolish that you would not carry a standard California Driver’s License or ID card with you. Their policy clearly states that they WILL accept a Military ID with another form of ID. I also feel it is childish for you to continue to bash this establishment simply because you came unprepared.

On another note, I love the food and atmosphere at KetMoRee. The nightlife scene is clearly the best in Davis. Although there is always a line around the corner, their bouncers and security are really on top of the crowd and the line. I recently ordered their bottle service and the guy that took care of the security in our private booth, Nick, was really cool. Also, I never have to wait long for drinks at the bar, not to mention that the bartenders are really cute- especially the bar manager. KetMoRee is the only place you will see me on the weekend.


Urbrwneydgal: I do not have a state issued form of identification. I do not have need for a driver's license as I do not own a car and do not need a state issued ID because I have a federally issued form of identification. I have used this my entire life at airports, train stations, bars, vegas clubs and any establishment that checks for ID with credit card use. In 21 years this is the only establishment that has had a problem with this. I did not come "unprepared" as my form of ID is legally accepted everywhere within this country, in fact it is in some ways a better form of ID because unlike State ID which is unique by state, I have a card that is standard in all 50. Thank you for your interest in my situation.—OliviaY

Have you even been paying attention? This has nothing to do with "the ABC standards" that are "serious concerns." The California ABC considers military ID to be entirely sufficient for age verification. The policy at KetMoRee is entirely due to management, not due to any regulation dictated by the State of California. Edit: urbrwendgal shares an ip address with methman23, the supposed manager of the bar. This is likely sockpuppetry (creating an account solely to support your cause), or at the very least meatpuppetry (getting someone else to edit on the wiki to support your cause). Both are heavily frowned upon here. —wl

2009-09-14 13:30:40   I'm pissed. I go to check my bank account and yet again, KetMoRee managed to charge me more than I signed for. This is the second time this has happened and I'm not at all happy about it. If this happens again, I'll sue because it is unlawful for any establishment to charge ANY amount more than what I signed for —aggie22

  • Is this overcharging for the whole meal ? Extra tip added on? Is it the fund hold that the bank / credit companies put on the charge before it gets settled in a couple days? —StevenDaubert
  • Daubert is referring to an authorization hold, something so commonly misunderstood, it has a whole entry on Davis Wiki about it. Of course, there are cases of overcharging, but a normal charge at bars and restaurants (or anyplace that accepts gratuity or opens a tab, like a gasoline pump you swipe your card before pumping) will always look like an overcharge for awhile. It doesn't affect your account for purposes of bouncing checks or anything like that — it's a "worst case notice" charge that is corrected and made final at a later date when they close out their tabs for that day and send the final amount to the card company or bank. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-10-04 22:22:10   I strongly dislike the management. They were quite full of themselves and more than a little rude. —Benito09

2009-10-12 12:06:25   DavisWikians, I was looking through bills passed and vetoed by the governor today, when I noticed one that directly related to OliviaY's experience at KetMoRee. AB 59 would "provide that, if the military identification card lacks a physical description, but does include date of birth and a photo, further proof of majority shall not be required." and was based on an incident where marines from Camp Pendleton were unable to attend a banquet in the City of Temecula due to only having military ID. This stands in direct contradiction to the KetMoRee policy, and overrides the current management policy. Management should consider themselves notified before someone walks in w/a military id, a copy of the bill, and a lawsuit waiting to happen. -M.MaxMikalonis

  • I ought to note that most laws signed by the Governor become law on the first day of the next year. So by 1/1/2010 this will most certainly apply. There are exceptions but I sure don't know what they are! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-10-14 16:16:55   @MaxMikalonis Does this apply to passports too? —evilforestgnome

  • I carried my passport briefly after losing my license and was turned away at several bars, which I thought was ridiculous until a bartender explained to me that some people who get too many DUIs have a driver's license that is a different color or labeled differently. So some bars choose not to accept passports because they think you're being sneaky and may be about to down a couple and hop in your car. Sensible or moronic, that may be the reason why if you get turned away. —jmofro

2009-10-18 15:19:22   KetMoRee, since there opening has been great for me. I give them a 9.5/10 - except for one incident within the first couple of their opening, where I ordered a dish to go and they forgot to include the rice. But, other than that, service for dine-in and to-go ordering has been fantastic. I can't believe all of these negative reviews. I love KetMoRee. And, I'm loving the Live Jazz event! —irregularadverb

2009-12-31 10:26:01   I don't tend to leave negative reviews, but I must say that although the food was OK, the service was exceptionally slow, even though we were one of only two families seated in the restaurant. For example, it took 20 minutes for the waiter to package our leftover food. Getting a bill was difficult, as the two servers working tended to disappear completely. From sitting down to getting the bill, we spent almost two hours in the restaurant—way too long for lunch. The food was pricey for its quality. —LeslieMadsenBrooks

2010-02-13 20:19:56   Tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago. Ordered Pad Thai, and it was disgusting. Literally, the chicken was dried out, and the sauce they used is unlike anything I have ever tasted at a Thai restaurant. It had an "off" flavor to put it mildly. They did let me order some soup instead, so that was cool I guess. Overall, overpriced, subpar waitstaff; I won't be back. —ibirdie

2010-02-15 11:26:48   My wife and I recently ate here and had an overall excellent experience. The key lime Martini was great as was the food and service. Also thought the interior decoration created a warm, welcoming environment. —Robo311

2010-03-05 11:01:19   I'm only speaking about the night scence, not resturant. I wish the people who work here can be a little bit more courtesy to its customers. I've seen several times people getting kicked out for falling on the floor because they tripped and security interpretted them as being drunk as well as people unable to get in because of their ID, even though it's obviously a legal form of identification. word of advice - BEWARE of the ugly bouncer with the braces and strange accent (i guess he's the half asian guy that previous comments have stated.) he goes on EXTREME power trips and can be VERY very rude. the other bouncers are his little minions, but once he steps away, they all become really friendly. —Laney

2010-03-09 10:05:00   I miss 2K.... —LokiAbbi

2010-03-12 20:48:53   There is something very wrong with one of the bartenders (ugly one with red pimple marks, usually on the right side of the bar). He ignores my order for almost 10 minutes, then tell me that he's not taking my order because I'm not tipping enough. That was the first time I bought my own drink. I have no idea why it would be my fault when the guys buying me drinks aren't tipping him. Totally UNREASONABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL. —Clarissa

2010-03-1 20:48:53   So despite reading all of the negative reviews on this place I decided that I would try it out for myself. I ordered chicken pra rom, spicy pork ribs, and pineapple rice to be delivered. I didn't have high expectations, though I hoped that for $45 it would be worth it. I was very pleasantly surprised that all the dishes were hot, flavorful, delivered on time and exactly as I had ordered them by a friendly guy. Perhaps not completely traditional but none the less very tasty, this is saying something because I am a chef myself. Also nice that white rice was included. bonniebug619

2010-03-23 18:21:42   I have very mixed feelings about this place. The food is usually very flavorful but overpriced. The service, more often than not, is outrageously slow even if there's more wait staff than there are tables to serve. I often order a dishes with fresh tofu and every single time (yes, every single time) the tofu tastes near spoiled. I have to give them credit that their food is packed with flavor, I just wish they'd have fresh tasting tofu. —halona

2010-04-06 22:14:49   Not a family style restaurant. A bit too pricy. Food good. Night club manager and staff not friendly. —klent

2010-04-15 01:27:59   The food here is marginal at best, and the service is absolutely horrible. They also consider a party of five to be a "large party" and will tack on a service charge of 18 percent. There are better options in Davis. —david1000

2010-04-20 18:26:48   At roughly $15,000/mo. in rent, your prices would be slightly higher too. Restaurant is good for relaxed service when in no rush.. Bar is a different matter entirely, crap. —WesOne

2010-05-06 15:09:19   This place has a split personality. It is a restaurant and a wanna-be hangout for college students. Somehow it doesn't quite work here. The dinner atmosphere, food and service is usually excellent. The menu is innovative and I've never disappointed with my meal. That said, however, I won't be back. Why? In the desire to cultivate its nightclub business, Ket MoRe has has lingerie parties. Women who show up in scanty lingerie get in free and are eligible for prizes. Let's exploit young broke college women by feeding them drinks if they show up wearing little more than a thong. I can't support that. a great restaurant....or a late night club that exploits the very college students who put Davis on a map. Pick one. I did. —toriac

2010-05-13 22:50:32   WARNING: My family was charged a 20% gratuity at "Ket Moo Di-A-Ree-A" tonight. At the end of the $100 meal, we were shocked to find that the waitress had given herself a 20% tip on all food and alcohol (over $22). When we questioned her about why five people were being treated as a large group, she gave a perplexing answer. Apparently, the restaurant chooses to seat people in a nice booth they did not request (even when the restaurant is virtually empty) and then slip a 20% tip onto their tab and hope they won't notice. The waitress tried to play the "poor waitress" card by saying they make people pay extra for the booth (after the fact) to ensure that "servers left with something in their pocket." Her explanation fell flat as American legal custom dictates that the seller communicate a price for the purpose of attaining true (i.e. informed) consent to the terms of the sale and only then expect compensation. For example, that is why menus have prices. I guess KetMooReetards would rather rip off customers than pay their servers an honest wage. Or perhaps this was just shady B.S. Luckily my mom chose this moment to tell the waitress that her salmon was over-cooked to shoe-leather quality and if it weren't for the $22.50 charge, she wouldn't have complained about the sub-par food. No one should engage in these types of unethical tactics, not even a nice restaurant, much less a wannabe upscale with mediocre food served on modern chinaware. Dear 2Ks - I wish all crooks like you were put in jail and then you would know how it feels to be raped. I am a student but I'm not dumb. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER be your victim again. —DavisCritics

  • (1) Gratuity is 18% at KetMoRee

(2) KetMoRee does not charge for anyone to sit at a booth

(3) Every servers are required to circle their 18% gratuity to the table

(4) Every business in the country, including California is required to pay any employees at least the minimum wage

  • (not true, Only a few states, California being one, require the minimum wage to be paid to tipped employees. Most other states require that they pay even less sometimes as low as $2.45/hour and the servers depend on the tips to stay alive. In California, it is a mandatory minimum wage paying state and so many feel a required tip is bogus and feel they should pay only what they feel is deserved or earned, not what the establishment feels is required. Top it off with many foreigners here in Davis who, for various reasons, are new to the idea of tipping since, in many cases, they have nothing of the sort in their home countries and it gets difficult for the servers here. Wes

(5) If the Salmon was a shoe-leather quality, why did you mom ask for it to be boxed up after you complained to the server about it and it was taken off the bill?

(6) Your mom also got extra asparagus on her Salmon plate.

(7) If the waitress really care about her tip, she wouldn't have the manager taken the Salmon off because it lowered her gratuity. Looking at the way you complained she probably know you and your family are not going to come back to the restuarant anyway. —nu1985

2010-05-20 13:52:44   the food was gross! —cherryr

2010-05-23 14:25:41   I used to really enjoy 2K Thai Food — but since the move, I have been terribly disappointed. The focus for this restaurant seems no longer to be on food but rather on hosting night club events and selling alcohol to college students. I am especially disappointed in some of the events this restaurant holds (including lingerie parties where young women are allowed in free and men are charged large sums of money to gawk at the girls... a truly classy event). I'm all for letting people go out and have a good time, but let's try to to find a way to do it without exploiting young women. —cfb

2010-05-24 07:06:46   This comment is in response to “DavisCritics,” who left with un-controlling diarrhea on May 13th (three comments before mine) DON’T BE DUMB AS SHIT. Your family was SHOCKED by a GRATUITY on your bill, even after the menu specifically says that GRATUITY is charged for parties of FIVE or more? Please. If you eat at restaurants, you’ll KNOW that some type of gratuity is charged for parties. Whether 5 people is considered a party is subjective, but the menu specifically says that there will be an 18% fee. If you didn’t agree with this your family could have left and gone elsewhere to eat. That, or if you really didn’t believe that the server deserved your 18% you could have refuted it. No big deal. It’s not unethical or anything, that’s just the way things work. Rather than being rude and disrespectful to the server (who was just doing her job), you could have picked it up with the manager or supervisor. Nor was there a need for you to talk about the “shoe-leather quality” of the salmon (also, as if the server had anything to do with that). Don’t be an immature little shit. Yes you are a student, but so am I. If I were in your shoes I would have handled it differently, probably maturely and respectfully. Don’t be dumb as shit. —caligirl

  • You've made your point in a measured, reasonable way, and it's not offputting at all, honestly. I have never eaten at Ketmoree, but if the menu is like any other then having a very small thing at the bottom of the menu does not really constitute fair warning, at least in my mind. Couple that with a relatively low number of people to trigger the gratuity and that seems vaguely unethical to me. —JoePomidor
  • With all due respect Joe, I've eaten at many many restaurants and the menus are generally in the same format. Any notice of a gratuity is located at the bottom of a menu, around the same area where you would find the symbol for spicy or vegetarian dishes. No restaurant would put that information in a size 20 font, that's just a bit ridiculous (but I suppose it's relative right?) The number of people, still I believe, is very relative. Maybe the general gratuity is for 6 or more.. something like that? Bottom line is, the print is there. It's not entirely Ketmoree's fault if customers miss it. —caligirl
    • From what I've seen, 7+ seems to be about average. I agree that noting it at the bottom of the menu is normal and reasonable. Anyone dining in a large party knows to expect it. The only thing that's unusual about KetMoRee is that I've never heard of 5 being considered a large party, and certainly wouldn't expect service compris while dining with a group of such modest size. But I always leave at least 18% as long as the service is decent. —TomGarberson

2010-05-24 16:16:14   i agree the food here isn't as good as when it was 2K but i used to like coming at least for the setting. my friends took me to try this bar out tho and i hate it so much i won't eat here anymore. the bouncers are rude, the drinks are expensive and not that good and who charges a cover in davis? the only place that does that is sophia's when they have LIVE bands...laaaame. the night manager is a total creep. he sneers at guests and when i complained about the bouncers to him, he basically told me to f*&# off because one customer doesn't matter so long as he has others who show up. What a joke. This is DAVIS not SF and youa re just catering to college students, not investment bankers. i'm not surprised that they have "lets exploit gilrs" nights with this guy running the show so just stay away is my motto —llew2011

I ate somewhere a couple of years ago, no idea where, that had a very cool alternative to an automatic gratuity. The bill read like any other down through the total. Below the total, though, it listed (I think) 15%, 18%, 20%, and 22% of the bill, with totals for each, making it very easy for a group to ensure that they're reaching the desired tip level. It looked something like this (using simple numbers for illustration):

[Various items]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For your convenience, we have calculated different gratuity levels for you:


It surprises me that more places don't do this. It's a couple extra lines printed on the bill, but I'll bet that it would address the problem at the root of automatic gratuities: large groups not stepping up as individuals and contributing adequately to the tip. When you can easily see that your total falls short of 15%, or that it's between 18 and 20%, you can easily assess whether that's in the desired range. Caligirl, it sounds like you work at KetMoRee and depend on the tips there. What would you think of something like this? —TomGarberson

  • If I recall correctly, Jusco does something like this. I agree it's a good idea, and I really do wish more places would do it. —JoePomidor
  • You're right, Tom. It's very efficient to have such an arrangement. However, please keep in mind that no matter how big of a party there is, there is still one main server catering to everyone, cooks in the back that have to work that much faster, and bussers that have to clean up that much more after the party is over. Not that I'm saying a gratuity is NON-NEGOTIABLE, because in the end the customer has the opinion of the service and will decide how much to tip (ie. how much % they want to give, whether or not to refute an automatic gratuity). Also, keep in mind that a gratuity guarantees that a server will not be stiffed especially if he/she deserves the tip. Your idea of the calculated table is convenient, and for that I recommend it, too. And also, for the record I am not an employee of KetMoRee, nor am I a server of any restuaurants anywhere. I am merely a new member of DavisWiki, and I do enjoy the food and at KetMoRee when I am there, as well as many other Davis restaurants. With that said, I'd like you to understand that I have no biased opinion and I respect all reasonable comments and reviews. It's just a damn shame that many restuarants in Davis are being highly bad-mouthed in a very unreasonable way, especially when the wrong people are blamed. —caligirl
    • I kind of hate to chime in on something so ridiculous, but what/where are all of these "many restaurants in Davis being highly bad-mouthed in a very unreasonable way"? On the subject of being unreasonable, using the phrase "don't be dumb as shit" three times in the same comment is a great way for new users to gain instant respect on the Wiki. And I'm wondering why you'd get defensive about the overcooked salmon if you're not affiliated with the restaurant... have you seen the other comments? Rubbery noodles, nail in the rice? —SRB
  • Baker's Square did this. Elsewhere I always just add 20% and round up. Then again, I tend to be a regular and know the staff by name. -jw
  • Tip pre-tax! pre-tax! It's generally pretty easy in California....sales tax used to be between 7.5 to 9% statewide, so there's never been a pressing need for much mental math: "just double the tax" and you're automatically at 15/16%. Well, you used to be. Now you're closer to 20% >.< I, on the other hand, routinely only leave a 4% tip and a family recipe for pickled strawberry chipmunk stew - no complaints yet! Seriously though, there's a wiki page on Tipping - shall this chunk of the page be moved over there? -ES
    • Sounds like a good move. -tg

2010-06-03 16:42:16   i love this place, but overprice —Hollen

2010-06-26 16:13:49   Went for a friend's birthday dinner a few months ago. Horrible service. The servers were slow and, as has been mentioned before the prices were unnecessarily high. What really got me was: 1) As we made our orders they asked everyone if we wanted rice with our meals without mentioning the extra fee. 2) We mentioned it was our friend's birthday and they told us they would bring something out for him. At the end of our meal they brought out a single fried banana, which must have been made of gold, because they charged us $6 for it.... $6 for something we did not order. 3) Gratuity was excessive. —HapEE

  • I think almost every Thai place in Davis charges extra for rice. I know Taste of Thai and Thai Recipes do. And the times I have gone they usually assume people know rice costs extra, so I do not think it is just KetMoRee. —hankim
  • (1) KetMoRee doesn't charge for white rice, it comes with all the curry and stir fry for each dish. On the other hand, if you are sharing the rice by ordering only one dish and sharing between the two or three of you and ask for a refill then the refill is extra.

(2) Also about your birthday dessert, usually the server has to ring it in and then the comp for the dessert is at the bottom. I don't know if you looked at the bottom of the receipt or not. If it wasn't comp then it was totally the server fault for forgetting to get the manager attention. (3) Generally rule of tipping is 15%, if 18% is too much for you then you should dine somewhere else that doesn't require automatically gratuity for a big party. —nu1985

This whole page is hysterical. As someone who has grown up in Davis and knows a lot of people that all of these people are complaining about, it's just really funny. I've never been here, I'm going on Thursday night to see what's the story. Truth be told, if you are "just" a UCD student, you don't have the same respect as a true "Davisite" (someone who grew up here). That will probably make a lot of people on here mad, but it's true. It's true at many of the locally owned bars and restaurants here in Davis. We grew up together, we are a small town, when the college students leave, it's still us. No offense, but maybe that's what's been happening here. —ElizabethKelly

  • There are quite a few other natives and Davisites whose names I see on this entry. I'm not really sure what you're referring to that is hysterical. (And I'm not being antagonistic or contrarian, just honestly asking!) —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-08-11 11:30:36   Ket changed the bar scene when they opened up with their more "club" feel. Granted, it's probably the closest thing Davis has to a club. The lines are always long, it's ridiculous to charge cover in this town (even though they don't in summer) and customer service isn't great. They are kind of like how Pasta was - they didn't really care and treated their customers badly cause they were the cool place to go to - until Ket opened up, which really hurt them. It's probably only a matter of time before the same happens to Ket unless they become a bit more friendly. —aggie2009

2010-08-16 00:43:50   I loooooove their green curry. Very, very delicious. There are quite a few gluten-free options as well. I just wish it was a little less expensive! —nataliesadler

2010-09-11 00:47:00   Just got back from KetMo. When we got there a little before midnight, the music was loud, but reasonable. Good for dancing. Over the course of about 5 songs, though, they cranked it WAY up, until it was painfully loud, and both the upper and lower ranges were distorted. I don't know why the hell DJs do that (it's not unique to KetMo), but it was pretty obnoxious. I think this was the first time my wife has complained about volume while we were out, so that's kind of a sign. We were there roughly 30 minutes, about half of which was significantly quieter than when we left, and my ears are ringing as badly as they do after any rock show at Freeborn or anywhere else. —TomGarberson

As a follow-up, my ears have just about stopped ringing as of 16 hours later. Seriously, not cool, KetMo. —tg

  • Hey, I was right across the street from you, doing nerdy things. —hankim

2010-09-27 09:59:58   Went in on Friday for apps and drinks—loved everything we had (veggie spring rolls and fried sweet potatoes) and the Key Lime martini was delish! I wish the place wasn't so expensive—I so detest having to pay extra for ambiance. —ArianeMetz

  • If you like appetizers and drinks, you could come in during Happy Hour and everything will be cheaper. Appetizer are about 50% off during Happy Hours.—nu1985

2010-11-04 17:52:50   Their potstickers are store bought Ling Lings potstickers!!!!!!!!

i was walking by the restaurant the other day and saw people unloading a bunch of groceries into the back of the restaurant. included in the items was about 20 bags of Ling Ling Potstickers that you can get from Costco. So the potstickers they are selling for $4 (for 4 potstickers) are just reheated from frozen, store bought, Ling Ling Potstickers. Far from fresh. Diners Beware!!!! —MattRedford

2010-12-19 14:12:53   The food at Ket is overpriced and not that great. Back when it was Thai 2K, food and service was much better. On the plus side, the club scene at night is cool and a nice change from the bars downtown, and also you don't have to drive to Sac or the City. —JasonS

2011-01-11 14:52:58   Just ate there (2011-01-11 or 1/11/11 in the old system) at 1:30PM. Place was mostly empty; only one other party in the restaurant. Had the $9 lunch special (chicken stir fry). White rice comes with it, but the server said I could "upgrade" to brown rice, which I did. The meal was warm and tasty. Nicely spiced. The spinach was fresh and artfully laid out. The portion was small, I thought. In conclusion: small portions of delicious food for a high price. —SteveDavison

2011-03-04 12:05:10   This place is off putting in so many ways. I get off of work around the time that the bar closes, and granted it's a bar at night so I understand that it's a given to have unattractively drunk females stumbling about, but there's just something about this scenario that DOESN'T make me say "hey I should eat there for lunch!". Negative reviews are expected at any establishment. People like to complain. However, I think the way in which the management and employees handle it is beyond unprofessional. Sure they have a right to feel a certain way about situations, but from my perspective, the customer is ALWAYS right, and KetMoRee doesn't demonstrate even a slight care for them other than getting their money. With so many other thai places in Davis, this would most definitely be the very last place on my list. —jwieland1989

2011-04-24 02:44:18   The nightclub management is SO UNBELIEVABLY rude. They obviously don't care about their customers or whether they return. Stay away from this place unless you like being treated like crap. —alissaw995

2011-05-13 12:15:37   The drinks are an incredible ripoff. An AMF is 9 bucks and is small and watered down. But that's not even the worst part:

The bartenders are total creeps. One was trying to flirt with this girl at the bar and was giving her free drinks, and I'm no bartender, but he sure packed that thing with more hard liquor than would be safe for a girl her size...

And on top of that the bouncers are complete and utter tools. They epitomize the term MEAT HEAD. They are incredibly rude and objectify the women. They oogle girls are they walk in, damn near undressing them with their eyes. They, too, try to flirt with the girls but in a much less discrete way. As in literally spanking some on the ass. The arab with the chin strap (not a big guy) is the worst of all. It's as if his bouncer title empowers him... —Jasonty

2011-05-31 22:08:37   I went for lunch and had the $7.95 lunch special of yellow curry with chicken (and avocado hunks, yum) with brown rice upgrade (tasty stuff, it has a few different kinds of brown rice in the mix. They cook it perfectly, very tender). It was the perfect amount of food for me, and really tasty; next time I want to try it with tofu. I also had the Lychee Martini which was delicious, not too sweet but juicy, just like a lychee! —SamanthaWalzem

2011-06-05 04:47:40   The restaurant food is tasty but overpriced. The waiters/waitresses/hosts are cool, nice, and accommodating, no complaints about them whatsoever. Wouldn't recommend going for the night club, the management and bouncers are incredibly rude and there's usually a cover charge that's not worth paying. This place could use some shaping up, but then again, it may be one of the better night scenes in Davis, considering the options are so limited. I personally will NOT be returning, but if you're looking for some action in Davis this may be the place to go on Thur- Sat. —maryryan

2011-07-31 12:41:36   overpriced, bland food, incredibly rude management. Had an absolutely horrible experience. Plus they charge for any substitutions (even though I only wanted American broccoli instead of Chinese broccoli). They charged me $3 just to get broccoli!! that is the only place in Davis who I've seen does that. Manager was also incredibly rude when he was assisting us and made a snide remark. Food wasn't even that great. —JamieBeth

2011-08-14 20:26:20   This comment from 5/24/09 is still true: "called in wanting to pay with cash. refused to take my order until i provided a credit card. disappointed..." TO THE OWNER: Meet Yung Van Feat, the courtesy of a return phone call from you would be appreciated regarding the experience I had today with Sandeep about the above policy. Amber knows how to contact me. As a business owner, I am assuming you would like an opportunity to explain and rectify the issue with me. Sincerely, —ISmurfy

2011-08-15 13:41:01   Regarding the comment above mine, I am not in any way affiliated with KetMoRee, but a lot of places have you give them your credit card information on phone orders to ensure payment of the order. This is not a new method of handling this at all. You're a silly pants.

PS: This place is flippin' amazing. The fried eggplant and the fried ice cream are super delicious. Again, I am not affiliated with them, I just eat there often _nmendoza

—Really? Where else in Davis? Because I've ordered food (either for delivery or pick up) from tons of places (Oshio, House of Chang, Namaste Nepal, Taste of Thai, Thai Nakorn, Woodstocks, Vitos, Hometown Chinese, Davis Noodle City and these are just places that I'm sure of) and I have never been told to give credit card info when I pay cash. As a policy I don't think it's horrible, but it's definitely not the norm in Davis from my experience. I don't think the commenters are "silly pants" to find it odd. —OliviaY

Yeah... it's typical if you're paying with credit to have to give your number ahead of time, but not when you're paying cash. I'm pretty sure I'd refuse to give my CC#, or at least insist on speaking with a manager first to confirm that it's the restaurant's policy, and not just someone trying to scam a CC#—TomGarberson

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a violation of their merchant agreement. -jw

2011-10-25 19:09:09   I think this place suffers from an identity crisis. During normal restaurant hours, the food and service are quite good. It is one of the best Thai restaurants I've ever seen. However, they also want to be a nightclub—and I think that leaves a bad taste in your mouth no wonder how good that mango salad is. I get that Davis doesn't have much of a nightlife. Do you really want to turn a Thai restaurant into a nightclub? How about a night club where women who wear lingerie get in for free and the men pay a huge cover charge? Yep, KetMoRee did this. I find that kind of thing exploitative and offensive. I would not go to a bar that pulls stunts like that. Unfortunately, that bar is also a fantastic restaurant—but I just can't support such bipolar business practices. —toriac

2011-10-31 13:19:55   We used to love Ket Mo, long before it was ket mo. Last night we went there and were very disapointed after a long hiatus.The live jazz was way too loud, the serving of rice was minscule (especially for $2!), and we never received our leftovers. Overall I don't think we'll be coming back, as Thai Canteen has the same quality food for a better price. —jadeeyes1113

2011-11-26 21:50:13   For those interested in public driving safety in Davis, please don't order delivery from KetMoRee.

I've seen the KetMoRee delivery car driving dangerously on many occasions, tonight it affected me first hand. Driving down Mace, their delivery car suddenly swerved into my lane, nearly side-swiped my car, then swerved back into the right lane, cutting off another car, then tore off down a side street. This was the last straw. I won't ever call them, the roads are safer if that person isn't out driving around.

A tip for the KetMoRee management: If you have maniacs out driving around in your company car, it probably shouldn't be labeled so well with your restaurant's logo. —JasonDeeson

2012-06-02 22:59:09   I got to say, this place is actually pretty good. The food is good, but I wouldn't want to go there occasionally. It's too expensive (This has been said before but seriously, $2 for a small bowl of rice). Customer service is pretty slow, even though there were only 4 people down on the floor, it took them forever to serve me. I was with a bunch of friends, and I thought I was the only one but even my friends said that the people who worked there seemed like they were having a bad day or something. Kinda rude and not caring... —JaceWinter

2012-07-09 10:34:51   Overall I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere is really nice, our waiter was very fast and attentive, and the sunday jazz made the kinda high-ish prices worth it. I will say that I had the pad thai with tofu, and it tasted exactly like the kind at Thai Canteen, which I'm pretty sure is a little cheaper. —StanSwitek

2012-07-22 16:04:20   I just ordered delivery and couldn't be more satisfied. The person on the phone was very helpful and polite. My order was 6 dollars away from 40$ (which is the cut off for free delivery), he notified me that if I spent a few more dollars a could eat the delivery charge instead of paying it. All the dishes we had were delightfully tasty. I recommend this place highly even with the ample Thai options in Davis. Good food, good service! —marshallwalters

2012-08-03 03:22:02   Food is good, although a bit on the pricey side. Service was fine, but the food took longer to come than expected (about 30ish minutes. They only had three tables to serve, not including the bar). I enjoy the food at Taste of Thai better, however. —Adalwolf

2013-02-23 09:01:32   A friend and I received some takeout from Ketmo the other evening, it arrived, tasted good, spiciness was what we asked for. No meat in the dish, red curry. The next day however, was not feeling so hot, it was clear from what went on in the baño that the food was not of quality somehow. Never eating here again. —bunsey

2013-11-22 18:32:17   My wife and I regularly eat here or order out from this restaurant. One of my favorites in Davis. I have never had a problem with the food or service. Probably my favorite Thai restaurant in Davis. Maybe a bit pricey for the students. —WilliamMead

2014-08-02 15:55:53   Mr. Sandeep Dahal broke my Bank of America debit card, verbally harassed me and said he didn't know why he did it....... Very bad experience at this establishment due to Mr. Sandeep Dahal. He is listed on the Better Business Bureau as the bar Manager for KetMoRee. I was visiting Davis on a Saturday, July 26th. I was with a group of about 20 people. We had stopped by at KetMoRee nearly 15 minutes before they closed. They were still charging a cover fee to get in so we decided to go somewhere else. I did not see Mr. Sandeep Dahal until a little later that night when my group had decided to go to Red 88. I got in line just like everyone else. Mr. Sandeep Dahal allowed everyone in front of me entrance into the restaurant. When it was my turn I smiled but he immediately put his hand up to my chest and stopped me. He asked me "what do you want?" I said we were all together and we were getting some food. He said I needed to order something and pay for it before he could let me in. I didn't have a menu yet so he pointed to the small pictures of the plates posted on the windows. I pointed to a number 3 and I handed him my Bank of America debit card. My debit card has the San Francisco Giants logo on it. I waited outside as he walked inside the restaurant with my card. I, along with the rest of my friends waiting outside were very confused. As I waited, a friend that had been allowed to enter before us came out and informed me that "that guy just broke your card." I walked inside to where he was and told him I wanted to cancel my order. Mr. Sandeep Dahal returned my card in two pieces and said "your money is no good here. Get out." I asked him why he did that and he responded with "Because you're a ****ing ***hole and the Giants ****ing suck!" I informed Mr. Dahal that he does not know me and I do not know him. I'm not even from Davis. He asked what I wanted once again. He asked if I wanted money. I said I didn't want any money, I just wanted to know why he did that and I wanted an apology. Instead, he continued to verbally harass me about the logo on the debit card along with calling me an ***hole. At this point we were outside. I had my hands behind my back and against the wall as not to appear threatening to Mr. Dahal as he was very agitated. I asked him to calm down and he told me to shut up. Some other employees, including Mr. Dahal's brother came outside. Shortly after, Mr. Sandeep Dahal noticed the owner's son approaching us. (I know this to be the owner's son from witnesses) Mr. Dahal immediately walked over to him and told him not to listen to us and that we were just drunk. (Which was not true Mr. Dahal!)They walked back across the street to KetMoRee without acknowledging us any further. I attempted to call the restaurant the next day. He was not available. I left my name and phone number. To this day I have not received a call. I paid $5 for a new debit card. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I have talked to my bank about the situation. I will also be filing a complaint with Mastercard as a merchant violation. Never again will I, nor my friends, step foot inside of Red 88 or KetMoRee. I don't know why Mr. Sandeep Dahal became upset with me. —MartinB

2017-07-31 00:17:45   Horrible customer service!! Totally disappointed with the very rude service at KetMoRee today...:( We used to eat here regularly but our impression has hit rock bottom. After picking up our take out order and sitting for dinner at home, we realized that the green curry w/organic free range chicken order had no chicken in it despite being charged for it. So we called them and the person was polite and said that we could pick up the right order in 5-10 minutes. Up till this point, the service was reasonable. However, 5 minutes later, we got a call that we also needed to bring the "incorrect" order back. Upon reaching, we asked to speak with a manager since we felt it was very impolite and odd to ask us to bring the container back after they screwed up the order. It's hard to think what reasons they could possibly have except customer distrust and on top of that, in such a rude fashion. An employee claiming to be the manager asked us what the issue was, and calmly we explained the incorrect order and the followup call from them. At this point, another employee chimed in and told us we have to discuss this with the manager. Once again, this was confusing because the original employee had claimed to be the manager. At this point a female employee came and claimed to be the manager and was very very rude. Instead of apologizing, both for the screwed up order and the rude follow up call to bring the order back, she was trying to justify why they were right. She had the audacity to tell us that we should have asked to speak to the manager which is exactly what we had done and multiple employees claimed they were the managers..:( WILL NEVER DO A TAKE OUT OR CATER from them ever again!! Not only they screw up your order but behave very rudely and have horrible customer service. —Davisite517