Knights Landing is a small agricultural town (Pop. 846, Elv. 46) north of Davis where County Road 102 merges with Highway 113.

The first thing to greet you as you approach the town from the southwest is the cemetery. As you continue into town the road veers to the northeast, becoming Locust Street. This is the main drag — 1/2 mile long, which has several small businesses and residences, including a couple of gas stations. The road then bends north, crossing the Sacramento River into Sutter County. As you get close to the bridge you'll see one lot with a large boat sitting in it on the right, looking a little like it has pulled in to dock with the street. The bridge itself is a drawbridge dating from 1933 and of the sort where cars drive on a metal grating (slippery when wet!) rather than pavement. Slow down and enjoy the view as you cross. The boat dock is over the bridge and on the left. The river is good for water skiing here.

Also across the bridge and to the left is Sting Rayz, a great bar! It's a converted garage and garden overlooking the river. So peaceful, and the bartenders are friendly, and there're old-timers at the picnic tables. $2 Bud in paper cups (it's REALLY COLD). There's also a great taco truck on the town end of the bridge, next to a gutted barn.