This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


965 Olive Drive , Suite H
Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
(530) 756-5006
Daniel McGarry
Payment Method
Visa, Discover, Mastercard,
American Express, checks, cash

One of the sources of car repair in town.


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2006-10-17 16:46:19   Once I came and asked to check coolant leakage. But mechanic told me that he can't find any. Then I went to University Autorepair - and they found a leak and fixed it. Now car working fine. I returned to first mechanic and asked to returne me money back - but he told me no. I tryed to speak to owner - but mechanic alway tell story like "come tommorow he will be here". I came couple of time and after that I told that I will go to judge - only after that he afraid. But he returne me only half because he write on check that he found oil leak, even I didn't ask him to find that one. So - don't go to that auto repair shop!!! The mechanic isn't honest, and he don't know his work well. —ArtZy

2007-08-21 13:52:56   I was sold a $60 "coupon" by these people that had "free" services: oil change, A/C check, radiator flush etc...I needed some work done recently and tried calling to schedule an appointment and the number has been disconnected…I drove by a few times the garage is closed with no signs or return time up. This is a very shady situation—I’m guessing the guy skipped town. —Davisguy

2007-12-24 11:05:32   The mechanic was rude, and got irritated when I kept coming back to tell him that he hadn't fixed the problem. He had replaced a part with another faulty part and refused to reimburse me for the repair, of which I only asked for the cost of the part. Said he'd call the manufacturer first for more information and would call me back the next day. He did call, but at an insanely early hour. He wouldn't return any calls after that. If this place is still open, stay away. —WakeForest

2008-02-21 19:25:21   Knockout auto repair is no longer there.Now there is aggie smog that do smog inspections only and open to public 7 days.You can reach them at 530-757-2995.Also look for aggie smog in this wiki. —jasen