Jewan Shaki Kaur, Ram Rai Singh, Kewalpreet Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Davis is a growing collective of Kundalini Yoga teachers and students inspired to offer yoga and service outreach to Davis and the surrounding areas. The Kundalini yoga offered is as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Hatha and Integrative Yoga Therapy are also offered. Kundalini Yoga is an excellent technology for the modern world. It assists to create true glandular balance, nervous system strength and vitality which are key to operating with optimized ability and radiance. Kundalini is the creative potential of the human being . Kundalini Yoga consists of Pranayam (breathing techniques) , Kriyas (exercises), Mantra (sound), Mudra (hand gestures), Relaxation and Meditations in combination to bring deeper awareness, health and wellbeing to the practitioner. Davis classes are offered each week at various locations.


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