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La Crêpe is great if you want a crêpe from a real Frenchman, as the owner is from France. Though housed in the The Silo it is not run by Sodexho but is a small rendition of what the crepe bistro used to be, minus the soup. The owner of La Crêpe used to own the Crepe Bistro, and at least one other employee is a past Bistro employee as well. Prices mainly range from $2.25 for a simple sugar & butter crêpe to $6.95 for the hearty Poulet Provençal. First of all, you can choose a "Breakfast Crêpe," a "Daily Specials" crêpe, a "Make Your Own" crêpe, or a "Dessert Crêpe"! (exciting isn't it?) In addition to the type of crêpe, be prepared to tell them whether you want a white or wheat crêpe upon ordering, if you want jack, swiss, or cheddar cheese, and what type of sauce you'd like (pesto, mornay, or curry). Most of La Crepe's savory crepes are available ovo/lacto vegetarian style, but both the mornay and curry sauces are prepared with chicken broth & white wine.

A crêpe has been described as a tortilla that has a consistency similar to a pancake and has been folded and filled with various goodies. An alternate description would be a really thin omelet with lots of flour mixed into it to create a eggy soft wrap. Depending on the filling, they can be sweet or savory.

Breakfast Crêpes

For Those who want a "Breakfast Crêpe" the following choices are available:

  • Sugar and Butter ($2.50)

  • Sugar and Cinnamon ($2.50)

  • Maple Crêpe - plain crêpe with maple syrup. ($2.50)

  • L'omelette Crêpe - These come with three eggs, salt, and pepper. For an additional charge per addition (depending on which you choose), you can also get your choice of:

    • Cheese ($5.25)

    • Cheese and Mushrooms ($6.25)

    • cheese and Spinach ($6.25)

    • Cheese, Pesto, and Tomatoes ($6.95)

    • Cheese and Ham ($6.75)

    • Cheese, Ham, and Mushrooms ($7.50) (and you can substitute bacon on any order with ham)

  • Piperade - This vegetarian Crêpe is an Omelette over Ratatuoille(Veggies) and Cheese, wrapped in, you guessed it, a Crêpe. For a description of "Ratatuoille" look under the "Daily Specials" section. ($7.50)

Daily Specials

Now, for that eager diner who would like to try one of the delicious "Daily Specials"...you are in for a treat! Enjoying your savory Crêpe is easy! All you have to do is choose from "white flour" or "wheat flour". That is your first step! Cheese comes in ALL the savory Crêpes, so you get your choice of either Jack, Swiss, or Cheddar cheese. :) YUM. There are also three sauces available with these savory Crêpes. They are: Mornay*, Curry*, and Pesto. The first two are free of charge, but be warned! Pesto costs extra! So, anyway...back to the yummy. Next, you pick your crêpe, and there is quite the selection!

  • Fromage Classic - Cheese wrapped in a Crêpe. ($3.95)

  • Crêpe à la Tomate - Sliced Roma Tomatoes over a bed of cheese. ($4.95)

  • Crêpe with Mushrooms - Mushrooms over a bed of cheese. ($4.95)

  • Spinach OR Broccoli & Cheese - Self-explanatory. Ask for their yummy Mornay sauce with this one; it complements the Crêpe nicely. ($5.45)

  • Spinach Special - Spinach, mushroom, and cheese. The Mornay sauce is good on this if your not vegetarian. (6.25)

  • Ze Ham Classic - Ham and cheese. ($5.50)

  • Spinach OR Broccoli & Mushroom - Comes with cheese also. Ask for the Mornay sauce on this one too! ($6.25)

  • Gaetano Pesto Crêpe - Tomatoes and cheese with Pesto. ($5.95)

  • Ham, Mushrooms, and Cheese - Self explanatory as well. You can ask for Mornay on this one as well. ($6.95)

  • Tahiti - Pineapple, Ham and your choice of cheese. Just like an Hawaiian pizza, but put into a Crêpe! (6.25)

  • Spinach OR Broccoli & Ham - You know the drill. It comes with cheese, and Mornay is yummy on it! :) ($6.95)

  • Ratatouille - A vegetable stew of red and green bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other spices with your choice of cheese. ($6.95)

    • Haters of onions and/or bell peppers BEWARE!!! This Crêpe contains them...and the staff probably won't pick them out for you. :(

  • Coq au Vin (loosely pronounced "Coke Oh Van")- Chicken and mushrooms covered in the homemade white wine Mornay sauce, with your choice of cheese. (YUM CITY! My 2nd Favorite) ($6.95)

  • Kathmandu (loosely pronounced "Cat-man-doo")- Chicken, mushrooms, and your choice of cheese, covered in a curry sauce, and served with a dollop of mango chutney. (This is my FAVORITE crêpe!) ($7.25)

  • Acropolis - Tomatoes, cucumber, artichoke hearts, and olives over feta cheese! This is their "Greek Inspiration". ($7.25)

  • Spinach OR Broccoli, Ham & Mushrooms - Again. Self-explanatory. Comes with cheese, and ask for the Mornay cause its good with this Crêpe. ($6.25)

  • Alain's Avocado - Tomatoes, mushrooms, and half an avocado with your choice of cheese. ($7.25)

  • Florentine - This is basically, the Coq au Vin with spinach as well. ($7.25)

  • Poulet Provencal - Ratatouille, chicken breast, and cheese covered in Mornay sauce. ($7.50)

ALSO! *Note for the Vegetarians in da house: both the Mornay and Curry sauces contain chicken broth. Just FYI!

Make Your Own Crêpe

Finally, there are a variety of choices available for the hungry student who wishes to create his/her own perfect crêpe. There are 2 easy steps. 1. Start with a plain crêpe. (White or wheat flour) ($1.95) 2. Pick the fillings...each filling has its own price; pay attention before you add $10 worth of fillings! Also, make sure that each thing you pick complements each other, or just be aware if they dont.

  • Cheese (they suggest it!)- Jack & Cheddar ($2.00), Swiss & Feta ($2.50)

  • Meats - Ham, Bacon, Chicken, & Turkey ($1.75), 3-egg Omelette ($2.00)

  • Veggies - Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, Broccoli ($1.50), Avocado ($1.75), Artichoke hearts ($1.75), Olives ($1.00), Ratatouille, Parsley (Free), Onions (Free)

  • Sauces - Pesto ($1.00), Mornay (Free), Curry (Free)

And now for the...

Dessert Crêpes

All the dessert Crêpes are topped with powdered sugar and can be topped with whipped cream if you request it! (No charge!). You can also add Chocolate or nutella for an additional cost of $0.75.

  • Lemon Crêpe - Freshly squeezed lemon, sugar, and butter. ($2.75)
  • Preserve Crêpe - Your choice of either apricot, strawberry, orange marmalade, or raspberry preserve. ($2.95)
  • Chocolate Dream - Ghiradelli chocolate chips wrapped in a plain Crêpe. ($3.95)
  • Nutella Crêpe - The infamous hazelnut and chocolate spread in sinful amounts (Nutella is SOOO good, and addictive...). ($3.95)
  • Apple Crêpe - Sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and bedded with brown sugar. ($4.95)
  • Banane au Chocolat -Sliced bananas and chocolate. ($4.95)
  • Banane au Nutella - Sliced bananas and Nutella! :) ($4.95)
  • Peachy Keen - Sliced peaches on a raspberry preserve, garnished with rasins. (Seasonal Special)

La Crêpe also has a seasonal Strawberry selection for their dessert Crêpes. These are:

  • Fresh Strawberry Crêpe
  • Strawberry and Chocolate
  • Strawberry and Nutella
  • Strawberry and Bananas
    • Prices vary during season.
    • Chocolate and Nutella can be added for an additional cost of $0.75.

So anyway, I hope my little (BIG) menu helps you with all your Crêpe selection needs! As the take-away menu says, "Merci et bon appetit!" -JulieLujano

Prices corrected as of mid 2008.


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A bit expensive for breakfast, but the people are nice and the food isn't bad. Try an Orangina while you're there.

I recommend the Florentine or the Coq au Vin crepes. Or, if you prefer, any of the omelette ones are good. - AndreyGoder

My fav Crêpe place in Davis, IMO better than Crepeville or even the now defunct Crepe Bistro. Spinach and/or broccoli and/or mushrooms crêpes with swiss cheese and mornay sauce were my favorites. - JevanGray

I recently tried Bacon, Jack, Avocado, and Mornay Sauce - YUM! But I miss the cool guys behind the counter :-( - LizaAbeja

I personally prefer the crêpe cart (also referred to by its formal name "La Crêpe") to Crepeville any day...but hey, thats just me. - JulieLujano

I HIGHLY recommend Alain's Avocado crepe. It's fantastic.— AnnaHamilton

2005-10-20 10:09:59   I like Crepeville's hours and coffee refills (ooh there's an idea for a page), but the Crepe Cart is amazing. Although I have few reasons to go on campus since graduation, this eatery is perhaps the best one I can think of—at least around lunch time. —JaimeRaba

2005-10-20 13:00:04   I'm a fan of the Kathmandu crepe too. —AlexPomeranz

2006-03-08 16:21:11   I love the french kiss... I just wish they heat it a lil longer so alllll the chocolate melts —JoAnnaRich

2006-06-02 01:22:06   The Kathmandu crepe is what i've blown almost all my pseudo-cash on. It is delicious... —PaulArden

2007-04-13 19:16:43   I missed Crepe Bistro, and was so glad I found them here. Delicious! —EdHenn

2007-05-08 11:28:00   If the owner is there watch out, he won't let you get "weird" crepes as it is insulting to his style of food. By weird I mean ingredients that wouldn't normally be seen as going together. —StevenDaubert

2007-09-26 16:49:38   I have never had an onion soup as delicious as the one they used to have at Crepe Bistro. They should bring the recipe over here. —CalamityJanie

2007-09-29 12:11:54   I agree that the French Onion Soup from Crepe Bistro was some of the best. Great idea to bring it over. —CJSD

2008-03-18 23:16:57   Deelish. While it's not the healthiest thing you can get, it's also one of the few places in the Silo that doesn't come deep-fried and dripping in oil. Ask for wheat crepes! The guy who works the cash register is so happy and friendly. —RoseRed

2008-05-06 01:08:32   The Florentine crepe is really good . . . and pretty filling :) —phyrephox

2008-05-11 22:03:10   These crepes are damn delicious! Especially since I'm a veggie maniac, Woo-who! Go wheat! I just don't get the tall guy sometimes who is very loud...his voice is very deep when he screams customers names and then it becomes very high like a little girl when he says "enjoy!" Order the Ratatouille with feta cheese. It's amazing! Just like that mexican guy with the hair net. The asian guy is funny too...he reminds me of the old little chef in the movie Ratatouille. —LupeDaya

2008-05-19 21:23:49   I enjoy the crepes here, but mostly it is the outgoing staff that makes this place special. I recommend the pesto tomato crepe... —BradKern

2008-05-29 08:21:09   Anyone know if they stay open during summer? —EdHenn

  • 2008-06-06 23:34:37   I think if they are open, it would be during the summer sessions only. —LupeDaya
    • Both summer sessions? —StevenDaubert
      • 2008-06-09 21:05:51   I guess we'll have to wait and see...I know I'm going to see if their open. Its worth —LupeDaya

2009-10-06 17:00:56   I tried the La Crepe for the fist time today during lunch. I ordered a simple tomato, onion, and cheese crepe. And i have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was skeptical at first since it's a crepe place in a university dining hall (next to Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc), but the crepe was as authentic as the ones I used to love scattered around the les boulevards de Paris. Next time I'm getting une crepe avec du citron et du sucre, c'est magnifique! —ben8jam

2009-10-15 13:00:09   Just had a coq au vin crepe. Delicious. Highly recommended :). —Keegano

2009-10-27 19:28:12   DELICIOUS! I love it way better than crepeville. The people who run this place are super nice. If I could, I would eat here everyday. You have to try something with the mornay sauce. It is amazing! —Larissa

2009-10-28 14:47:01   I had the Crepe Dujour, a crepe with pesto sauce, chicken, and tomatoes. Other than it being absolutely delightful, the service was fantastic. The guys working there are great. —syxxshooter

2009-11-03 17:34:03   The crepes here are very good. And the big white guy is funny.

A+++++++ would buy again —JackWaller

2009-12-05 23:02:27   My experience with crêpes before this place was limited to Crepeville and Crepe House Uni. This place is just so much better. The actual crêpes themselves are just so tasty. The savory fillings and sauces are mouthwatering as well.

I have had

  • Kathmandu
  • Lemon
  • Sugar and butter
  • Poulet Provencal
  • Florentine

All of these were winners.

I think my main complaint about the place is price. A savory crêpe and a bottle of Orangina (which is highly recommended, btw) will put you back about $10. Still, it's worth it.


They haven't raised prices in two years —StevenDaubert

Good to know. -wl =)

Probably because there's not much room to go up :P -ES

2009-12-07 18:03:54   I'd recommend this place. The crepes are delicious, quite filling and the staff are friendly. —CraigEasdale

2010-01-16 20:23:16   Absolutely the most delicious strawberry crepe. I'm not a student and I pay for parking during the day just to go to the crepe cart! —LeeY

2010-02-11 13:39:57   Pretty tasty. I had their Spinach Special. It was way more dense than I expected, so I guess that means it is a good deal :-) There's a Davis Wiki sticker on the register. Nice. I recommend avoiding the noon-time rush and snack on something until about 1:30. Then you won't be waiting in a crazy long line (maybe). —RyanMikulovsky

2010-03-04 13:00:48   my experience with the butter and sugar crepe was good. but i recently got the spinach special. the spinach felt like it was thawed from frozen spinach. the cheese was just overwhelming and was so fattening and the crepe was soggy. i was so disappointed and upset for a 7 dollar crepe. i am probably never coming here again. —chand3123k

2010-03-18 14:34:53   The omelette crepes here are really really good... though they are a little pricy... and the last time i went there they got my order completely wrong... still recommend it though. —olwright

2010-03-27 16:36:38   I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE la crepe!!! the food is AMAZING and the customer service GREAT! the young guy that comes on at 11 is the BEST! he recommended me to try the Ratatouille crepe with chicken and now i'm addicted! it is as if i'm in paris eating an authentic French crepe. Trust me, once you try this place, you'll fall in love =) —dmp

2010-04-15 15:47:16   Amazing crepes and an even better customer service!! I ordered my crepes to go, and they gave me a can of whipped cream for free!! Don't expect to get a free can of whipped cream every visit, but you will get great crepes every time!! —JeffreySusila

2010-05-04 19:21:18   YUM. delicious! Wish they had more of the Crepe bistro menu including the quiche and salads. Looking forward to going back again and again. —HeatherMartin

2010-05-20 11:18:17   The mushroom and cheese crepe is absolutely amazing. I want to thank all the guys at the crepe cart and let them know that what they're doing is awesome. Props to Daubert for bringing a chill vibe to the place! —timchin

2010-11-03 12:56:30   Daubert came by the Baytel office and let us sample some of the crepes. I've been hooked like a meth addict ever since. Best crepes in town....no contest. —aroach12

2011-03-17 13:16:20   I'm a big fan of the Ratatouille and strawberry crepes and the friendly service. Gourmet lunch! You guys always crack me up too! Thanks for cheering up my day! —DerekDowney

2013-02-26 09:27:28   This place is absolutely amazing! I normally do the create your own Crepe option with Jack Cheese, Avocado, and Chicken - yum! The people who work here are really nice and friendly, and the crepes themselves are always delicious. Although it may appear a bit pricy, the crepes are very filling. I've even eaten half for one meal then had to save the rest for later. If you haven't stopped by La Crepe in the Silo yet, I'd highly recommend it. —MaggyRyan

2015-02-10 16:30:59   Anyone know where the owner went? It seems he doesn't work here anymore. —MichelleNguyen