La Palabra is the Chicana/o Latina/o community newspaper of UCD. It is part of AS Papers.

This UCD program receives ASUCD subsidies indirectly.

La Palabra is a bilingual publication organized and produced by Raza students for Raza and the local communities on the UC Davis campus. La Palabra was created in order to promote our ideals of education and progress.

Our mission is to educate our community about issues that profoundly affect us as a people. In addition, as a progressive publication, we seek to develop social, cultural, and political consciousness to our community. The name of our publication reflects our desire to establish a forum for cultural communication, utilizing the written word. Therefore, we hope that through La Palabra, we can not only inform, but incite community members to partake in the political process as active individuals of our society. As students and members of the community, we hope to offer our readers a publication that aims to present the truth about the current issues and realities. For those writers, artists, poets, and students that care about the community and truth, La Palabra serves as a stepping stone to launch your thoughts and ideas.