880 Alvarado Avenue (North Davis, between Anderson Road & Sycamore Lane)
Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm 
(530) 753-5155
(530) 753-4649

LaSalle Apartments is near The Marketplace, features a clubhouse, pool/spa, three laundry rooms and a nice courtyard area for having barbecues. The complex offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments as well as three-bedroom townhouses. The 1200 square foot two-bedroom apartments include a 9'x10' loft, so the loft can be used as a third bedroom. The laundry room does not take quarters, but uses a card system so no more grubbing for quarters! La Salle is on the Unitrans G bus line and J bus line.

There have been some disputes over security deposit refunds from the management; see the comments below.

Features and Amenities

  • Central Heat and Air Conditioning in all Apartments
  • Fridge, Dishwasher, Stove and Oven Included for all Apartments
  • Handicapped access available only in several units
  • Three Laundry Rooms Open 24 Hours. $1.50 per load to wash and $1.50 per load to dry
  • BBQ area
  • Exercise Room. Open 24 Hours/day
  • Patios and Balconies
  • Pool and Spa
  • Clubhouse and Study Room
  • Security Patrol by Patrol Plus
  • Cats and Dogs are allowed with an additional deposit

Rental Rates

One Bedroom: $1,095
Two Bedroom with Loft: $1,845 - 1,895
Three Bedroom Apartment: $1,995
Three Bedroom Townhouse: $2,095

Rental rates as of 2013, but may not reflect current rates. La Salle changes their rental rates once a year (usually around December), so call their office for most up to date rates.



To learn about more rental housing options in Davis, check out the Housing Guide as well as the Apartments pages.

Photos (As Provided by Management)

Pictures of Amenities

One Bedroom

Two Bedroom

Three Bedroom Apartment

Three Bedroom Townhouse


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Let me start off by saying that I know times are hard and money is tight for many students and their families, the last problem you would want is to have an unpleasant living situation. I have lived in five different apartment complexes in Davis, and this one was by far the worse. I'm very easy going and have almost nothing to complain about my previous residencies. During signing period, the manager Carlos and his staff presented themselves as the friendliest people I have ever come across. Shortly after I found out that this was all an acting job to lure me into signing a lease. After you sign your lease, EVERYTHING GOES DOWNHILL. I can count on one hand the number of times I went to pick up a package from the office, and each time they were rude and gave me funny looks. Same thing for the two times I needed a repair. However, I will say the maintenance staff are very prompt and genuinely friendly. They acknowledge and greet me every time they see me, the polar opposite of the office staff. Then renewal and signing period emerges, I started getting the "friendly" office staff once again. They offering snacks and coffee in the office to supposedly help students through Finals. This is all just a facade to get you to sign the dotted line. Don't fall for it. Don't get stuck in a miserable 1 year lease over $2 worth of cookies and coffee. They will try anything to get you to sign, posting flyers on your door, pestering you every time they see you, sending out e-mails, etc. I was walking across the street and Carlos honked at me, and then pulled down his window to tell me "only a few left, if you want it sign now". Another time I was watching TV in the lounge and the short lady with the glasses came up to me and started small talk with me, and was trying to convince me renew. In my head I was just thinking, "why aren't you so nice when I actually need your assistance"? My neighbors have told me stories just like this and were calling Carlos all sorts of names. And for the amount of rent that this place charges, you don't get what you pay for. The appliances are older than most of the college students and the rooms are very small compared to other places in Davis. Around June, La Salle sent out flyers offering residents extra money on top of their deposit if they move out early. This was obviously done to make more time for them to fix the apartments for the upcoming tenants. I was not interested because I needed to stay for the remainder of my leasing period. Here's the part that upset me the most about La Salle. During the last few weeks, they were constantly finding loopholes to get into my apartment to do renovations, such as replacing the sink and doing some touch up work on the walls. These things were in perfect working condition, and I had no complaints. My question is why did they wait until my lease is almost up? Why not earlier? It was not to help the current resident(me), it was selfish and unprofessional on their part to interfere with my time here to do renovations for the next resident. And on the last day of the lease, they showed up half an hour early for my move out inspection. I told the lady with the glasses, I wish to use the time left to do some last minute cleaning and she gave me attitude. Finally my deposit check came to me about 1 month later, and I got 25% of what I paid originally. I left the carpet and walls flawless so I definitely got ripped off. But hey what can I say, that was no surprise to me at that point.

By the way, when I read this wiki page during my apartment searching, I noticed the wiki moderators had a problem with the La Salle staff editing anything any negative comments posted on this PUBLIC forum, where people can post whatever is on their mind. Then posting their own sugar coated words. I should have taken these insecure acts as a hint before I chose to live here. I won't be surprised if they added their own fabricated comments under fake names. You can clearly tell most of these comments were home cooked by the way they do excessive praising. —MikeMorrison

I have friends who live here and have seen two one bedroom units here and one multiple room unit here. Decent sized room, dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The places are cute, moderately priced for the condition, and are near bus lines and shopping centers. I would live at a place like La Salle.

2006-04-13 13:32:42   Is it true that they are lowering their rental rates? —MindyYang

2006-04-13 16:02:34   I lived here for two years in a 2b+loft, and it was one of the better apartment complexes I lived in in Davis. The general complex is fairly quiet, the layouts are nice and airy and have good lighting, and we didn't have many problems. It's in a good location too. The management was great and very responsive (dunno if it's changed since). Good location too. Overall, I'd highly recommend this place based on my experience there. —AlexPomeranz

2006-08-08 21:45:57   whatever you do, don't live on the first floor. opt to live in an upstairs apartment as downstairs apartments are more susceptible to roaches, mold, and lack onf sunlight. i'm happy to be moving out of la salle—it's not all that great. —EmilyTung

2006-11-01 20:06:15   woo I paint le salle on lease turnover if you live there chances are I've been in your unit!!!! —StevenDaubert

2007-04-22 11:40:48   I have lived here for two years. When I moved in the condition of the carpet and paint were horrible, and the apartment had not been cleaned well before. So I had to spend my first day there doing what the cleaning crew should have. However, I think this was because the people did not move out early enough and we moved in so soon after, but still it should have been taken care of. The old manager was great; the new one is okay. He is responsive to the residents. However, I fell one night out front of the office and when I called to tell the maintn. person all I got was attitude. Trying to make me feeling stupid for slipping on a drainage crate in the middle of the walkway. All I was asking was they do something like put a cone there so no one else would fall. All and all I think the place is too expensive for what you get (but I did not want to deal with moving) and the people are average. —Shanita

2007-12-01 14:10:37   I found this to be one of the more affordable 1 bedroom apartments in davis that had a good location. I love being able to walk to get groceries. The apartment (the 1 bedroom) is SMALL - but not bad. The carpet had pet damage when we moved in, but the manager was nice enough to let us know that we wouldn't be charged for that. They give a complementary carpet cleaning around november of each year, which is good. I mean, it protects their carpet and it helps the residents as well.

I wish the office was open at more accessible hours - it is 10am-5pm, which makes it hard to go in if you have a job with 8-5 hours. Aside from that, the Manager is really responsive to residents, full of information, and always e mails me back promptly. We sent in a maintenance request and it was fixed pretty quickly as well. So far, living at la Salle has been good. —RohiniJasavala

2008-02-18 02:46:14   For the price it is VERY bad. When we moved in there were a ton of things wrong and the management wouldn't fix them until they became a health hazard (and some things that started out as hazards were ignored). the rooms they show are WAY nicer than what you actually get. Don't get fooled. The manager is a nice, and the bus lines are very close, and you are close to two shopping centers, but I would suggest trying Pepperwood or Almondwood instead if you want to be on Alvarado. —willowspirit10

2008-02-26 19:04:11   Just FYI, I and three of my future house-mates put down their $800 deposit and filled out two forms including our phone numbers and other information. We were relatively high up on the waiting list. The management assured us they would call us as soon as there were any openings. A week later we decided to call them to see if they had any new information. They had lost our phone numbers, and therefore went on down the waiting list. There was no housing left. Be careful! If you want to live here I suggest calling them all the time and being very persistent. —MarielleBerman

2008-05-23 06:41:45   Do not live here! I was here to help someone more and i parked over night. They towed my truck. There were a ton of empty spots in the parking lot, the manager was mad because i had parked next to them. Way to spit on some kids that are not hurting anyone. —saju83

2008-06-09 19:32:17   I love this place! I moved in with my boyfriend - now husband in Sept. 2007. Carlos (the manager) was so helpful to us the day we moved in, he made sure that everything was up to what it should be. Later on that week I made a note of improvements that it needed and they were fixed with in a reasonable amount of time. Just a few months ago, I complained about the kitchen sink, a few days later I got a brand new sink and faucet put in. Carlos always tells my husband and I that if we need anything then they'll take care of it.

And P.S. Parking has been sooooo much better since they inforced the permits, for a little while I was having trouble finding parking. And just so you know, friends can still park here they just need a parking pass. —Adaleen

2008-08-19 14:29:06   Cable NOT included. —someday909

2008-08-21 20:49:50   Do they allow pets? I mean little animals, like hamsters etc —someday909

2008-11-09 22:43:12   I'm starting my second year of living here. I was kind of dissapointed I didn't find a new place when I renewed my rent, just because I thought this place was kinda pricey. But once I started looking on daviswiki for other places with similar/lower prices for 1bed1bath and similar utilities, I couldn't find any. This place comes with just about everything except a microwave and a computer. When I moved in they had just replaced all the carpets, and the walls were clean.

Pros: Safe [I have never had my bike stolen here, and I dont always lock it] quiet complex many utilities for good price [well, in davis] near 2 big supermarkets on 2 bus lines, and 10 min bike ride to campus good amount of space great management

Cons: loud piping [I wake up when the people above me turn on the sink, the shower sounds like an annoying waterfall] sound can get in easily little light for 1st floor apts [though when the trees are trimmed more light gets in] 50$ fee if you dont pay your rent on time my friend's cars have been towed here before after they had been here for ~2 hours

no, I don't work for la salle. I just have been looking at other apartments and they all look expensive and bad, which made me appreciate my choice of la salle all the more —alyssap

2010-03-09 21:20:27   I lived in La Salle from Fall 2006 to Summer 2009 and completely loved it; I only left because I had to move out of state for work. The management and maintenance people (Carlos and Dana) are extremely pleasant, helpful, and quick to respond to problems. Overall the complex is one of the quieter ones, though the shower system can be a little noisy (like you can hear through the walls when your neighbors use the shower). I never had any problems with cockroaches or mold or anything like that, but I kept my place pretty clean so I think that helped. The central heat and AC were great and the appliances were in good condition. Also, it's really nice to be within walking distance to Marketplace and the Save Mart shopping centers and right next to a bus stop for J, G, and F lines. I've lived in many different rental situations and La Salle was definitely one of the best. —RoseC

2010-07-24 13:46:13   Some of my neighbors here are douchebags that burn out their tires loudly in the middle night while blasting polka music. —ToNu

2010-12-04 12:27:04   The times are wrong; they are not open at all on weekends. Beware UPS. I was waiting all day Friday for a time-sensitive package. They delivered it to the office without knocking or leaving a note, so it was delivered while we waited at home. By the time we realized what had happened the office was closed and we could not get in touch until Monday. UPS is so stupid! —Sabrina

2011-01-17 15:46:40   this place is not too bad it is quiet and close to the market place and save-mart. I just don't like it here mainly because the one bedroom apartment is quite different than other rooms and doesnt really let for too much room between two people. my neighbors are really loud and run inside their apartment and since i live beneath them it sounds like the ceiling will fall. the appliances that we have in our apartment are old and seem to breakdown a lot, they come and fix them but its just a hassle that they break down every two months. we do not get much sun inside the apartment since its the bottom floor so its basically dark all day. also you can hear the plumbing really loud and you can hear when your neighbors use the bathroom- the walls are very thin! the model that they show is not what they give you. the times that i try to see the manager they are not there so its not a great help if you have questions and have work and class. i think they might raise their prices for rent this year not sure though. i would save the trouble of not renting the one bedroom apartment maybe try the two bedroom i hear those are better but who knows i dont live in one. —edna5

2011-01-17 18:12:05   Still waiting to get my cat deposit back, we moved out on 12/19/2010. According to Civil Code Section 1950.5 the landlord mus pay back the deposit within 21 days after you leave the unit, the landlord must refund your full deposit, except for limited deductions which must be itemized in a accompanying notice.

It has now been 28 days :( —SarahS

2011-01-21 10:25:52   I just want to respond to the previous comment from Sarah. You are completely correct about your security deposit. However I signed the lease with you and I know that your lease did not end until January 1, 2011. I personally mailed you the security deposit refund for your pet deposit on January 19, and you should have received it by now. You are correct that management has 21 days to return your security deposit effective as of the day you move out, but I was never informed of your move out date. When this happens we have no choice but to consider the end of your lease as the day you moved out. I apologize for the delay, but you should have your $500 pet deposit back in full by now (No deductions were made) :) —chernandez

2011-01-21 10:29:04   In response to Sabrina's comment regarding her UPS parcel. Management is always willing to leave any time sensitive parcels inside your apartment, but they must receive permission from the residents. —chernandez

2011-01-21 10:29:50   Office now open Saturdays 12pm to 5pm —chernandez

2011-03-01 00:07:47   Are pets allowed at La Salle? It says above that no pets are allowed but the comments about the pet deposit have me confused? —jasonn

2011-03-24 10:03:16   La Salle's Pet Policy has Changed. They now allow dogs and cats with an additional deposit. —chernandez

2011-09-19 11:00:22   They rip you off, dont get anything close to your deposit back no matter how much you clean. —ElleBeit

2011-11-18 09:33:03   I Love this place! I moved in about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. everyone is supper friendly and helpful. Maintenance is great, when i call in a repair they are there that day or the next day. most importantly it's quiet. Good Location. I like being able to take a short morning walk to grab some coffee. I would defiantly recommend La Salle to anyone. —NancyNguyen

2011-12-12 17:10:04   La Salle has been a great place for my roomates and I. Management is always polite and responsive when issues come up. The place is clean and spacious with a HUGE balcony. I would highly recommend this place for anyone that is looking for an apartment. It is a great community, great location (two grocery stores within walking distance), on two major bus lines (j and g) and has been a great place to live for the last few years! —StaceyHorn

2012-09-18 19:44:23   Great apartment! I love their roommate program, so I could sign early and have my friends sign later when they finally decided. The staff are pretty nice, albeit a bit ridiculous... They would sometimes mail us letters, and when they posted notices they feel the need to give it to you several times via both email and hard paper, so I feel like they're pretty wasteful. Can be difficult to get a straight answer from them. I told them that in 2 weeks I would need help with a repair, and they told me not to worry about it, that they'd be there the entire weekend so I should just grab them whenever. The weekend came and I went to get them and I guess they decided to take the day off and not tell anyone... Pretty ridiculous. But the rent is fair, decent place close to school and multiple bus lines, and location for shopping is perfect (savemart and safeway just a block away!!!) Move out was incredibly easy and done correctly. They had some movie parties that were really nice and fun to do. I was overall very happy with La Salle. Typical college apartments. Nothing too fancy or amazing, but definitely gets the job done! —SabrinaMuerle

2013-10-30 20:25:46   Typical college apartment complex. Layout of the 1 bedroom is nice, huuuuge living room. Bedroom is tiny but fits two beds and a desk if you don't mind it being a bit cramped. Electric stoves. Friendly management. It is not a particularly quiet complex, next to Covell and a number of parties happen here. But residents (at least this year) are super friendly and willing to get to know one another. Plus you can't really expect a quiet complex in north davis, they're much more crowded and are cheaper so higher proportion of undergrads. —AnBan

2014-01-13 16:21:15   Currently living at La Salle and although I like the apartment (spacious, decent appliances, great maintenance people) I have nothing positive to say about the management. There is a complete lack of responsibility regarding theft and safety. Within the first week of school, locked bikes were stolen from the bike racks directly in front of the complex. While bike theft is a common problem throughout Davis, there are zero measures taken by the apartment management to prevent theft or compensate for the loss. There are no video cameras to monitor the perimeter of the apartment, and you can look up Davis Police Records and see that there are numerous instances of theft and occasional violence in the parking lots. Another issue is mail theft, meaning that packages which are dropped off at the doorsteps of each apartment are often stolen by either neighbors or random passerby. The management does absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening besides blaming UPS for dropping the package off on the doorstep. If you value your property (bike, mail, and personal safety), I do not recommend choosing La Salle. I have lost hundreds of dollars this year from stolen textbooks and a stolen bike. I am not blaming the management for the theft, but I am blaming them for not taking measures that could easily prevent certain issues from occuring. Unfortunately, I am not the only one who has experienced these issues and I hope that by posting this review I can prevent others from having the same trouble that I am currently experiencing. For the price I am paying to live in this apartment, I expect management to show some respect and regard towards its tenants. —ashleygreene

2014-07-18 14:16:37   I have lived here in a two-bedroom apartment since September 2013. The apartment manager, Tracy Montoya, is rude and unprofessional. When we just moved in, our toilet got clogged. So my housemate called Tracy and asked if the toilet could get fixed, but Tracy started yelling at her. Tracy said my housemate was supposed to call the emergency management as soon as she found out that the toilet was clogged. Indeed, my housemate did not call her right away, because we have two full bathrooms. However, I do not think it is the reason to yell at my housemate. In addition, Tracy is very reluctant to answer residents' emails. A lot of times, when she does answer, she will NOT answer all of your questions; instead, she will just answer one of your questions and make you keep emailing her. She expects residents to talk to her in her office rather than over email, but she fails to consider that students have busy schedules and if something can be addressed through email, why would we want to waste our time to go into her office? What annoys me the most is that Tracy AlWAYS leaves her office earlier than scheduled business hours. They claim that their business hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm. However, she always leaves before 5pm on weekdays. So if you happen to need to talk to her in her office around 4 or 4:30pm, expect to see an empty office.

Besides the unprofessional and rude manager, the apartment complex is not quiet at all. People have crazy parties at night all the time. And people always leave their dogs unleashed in this apartment complex.

As for the room size, I don't know about other floor plans, but for my apartment, the living room is way too huge, and the smaller bedroom is way too small. My two housemates cannot fit in their desks in the smaller bedroom, so they have to put their desks in the loft. HOWEVR, the loft is ALWAYS so freaking hot, so they never really go upstairs to study. Therefore the loft is basically a pure waste of money and room.

NOTE: this apartment complex does not provide microwave!!! My advice: try your best to avoid living here unless you have some emotional attachment to this apartment complex.


I agree that Tracy is extremely rude and unprofessional. Moreover, repairs are very slow to be processed (although the maintenance crew is super nice) and must be submitted multiple times. God help you if you sublet. The location is pretty good, but it's not worth it. We were 30 minutes "late" moving out on the last day of our lease (8:30 am rather than 8am), and Tracy threatened to *call the police* because we were supposedly trespassing. That is just nuts. If the police did come, what would they say? Then my computer got stolen from my doorstep (while I was standing right there, but had turned around) as I moved out because they don't control the roving hordes of looters that swarm La Salle from out of town on move-out day. Total nightmare.


2015-01-09 21:20:12   I am living in the 1 bed apt for 5 months, never had any major problems. 1 bed apt are downstairs, so you can hear people from upstairs walking (or jumping) sometimes. I don't really mind, but if you are a noise sensitive person you might consider that. Size is OK, maintenance people have always solved my problems. Parking is OK, pool is almost always clean (except maybe some winter weeks, when nobody really uses it), the hot tube is always clean and working. There are lots of washer and dryers in the complex, card operated, which is great. The price is within the expected for Davis (not cheap, but in the average). Unitrans buses (J,G, and also P, Q) stop close, if you are an UCDavis undergrad, that is great. Two supermarkets really close, and some restaurants. In general, a very quiet complex. Some people have cats and dogs, so I think they are allowed. Some apts don't get much light, especially in winter, but that is probably because of the big trees and the fact that all windows face the same side (so, it will depend on your unit). Appliances are not new, but they work perfectly. —Bea.MPP

Not sure how to do this but  Today is September 22, 2015



I am writing this review with the expectation that severe repercussions will follow from both Tracy and Carlos in the office as they are at liberty to exercise policies before Brad their manager. Rather than buckle down and accept the fact that they will charge me because of  a biased opinion, i would like to let all prospective tenants know what it i will be like to live here.

Please know that if you get a package from UPS, it will immediately be delivered to the front office and Tracy and Carlos  will not  let you know it was delivered, no phone call, no note...nothing (Even when they leave early at 3:30pm (And get paid ha), office should be open to inquiries until 5:00) What are we paying for?
Also know that if any other delivery service is used, if you don't get your package... well that's on you (fair right?). There is no security service here, so if your car is broken into like my girlfriends, expect the sincere condolences of your management to cover the thousands of dollars stolen.

Secondly there is no enforcement of parking on the premises, so if you happen to not get a space, park in the back and walk because even if people from Almondwood want to park in La Salles complex spaces its not a big deal, because Carlos doesn't like stress (according to the tow management that he discontinued because he cant take stress ha-ha).


My personal experience has been equivalent, sub par management. As with most management groups in Davis these ones are liars, especially Carlos, just let him talk. You might be able to deviate between the truth and lies.Tracy Montoya is perhaps worse, anti-male you know. I would suggest if you are a  male resident talk with Carlos if you can distinguish his rhetoric because Tracy will be flat out rude and obnoxious with you if you are male.(Who hired her?).

Let's get into specifics. I transferred into a living situation based on management's opinion that a dog in a roommate situation might be acceptable. (I expected trained chihuahua or Pomeranian) not a full grown, untrained border collie that barked at everything and an owner that neglected the dog(The dog even almost bit us when we first moved in). She even complained that she was unable to train the dog and it was my fault he was such an
(expletive) ... because she worked 16+ hours a day. Mind you she worked with management at the front office and never skipped a step in reminding me that she did.

And to get to the point of all of this, the roommates in the program i was in moved out and for some odd reason, without my knowledge, i was charged for their move out costs. So not only do i get to pay for their charges, but again when i move out on my own. It may be that I am charged for a portion for their move out charges, but when was i told this and when did i sign up for this, never.

How would it feel if after realizing this management said deal with it? would you want to live here?