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Amy Hillman-Siracusa
March 2010
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Ladle & Lotus offers holistic nutrition consultations, health education classes, and private yoga sessions.

Holistic Nutrition Consultations approach food as a healing modality. Based on your interests and health goals this might take the form of: diet analysis and recommendations based on your metabolic assessment; assistance with meal planning; augmentation of recipes to make them healthier; individualized supplement recommendations; tips on label reading and grocery purchases; and strategies for implementing a seasonal and whole foods diet.

Health Education classes are held periodically at Kaya Yoga Studio. Past classes have included: Detox & Digestive Tune-up; Immune Health; and Weight Management.

Private Yoga sessions can be done with individuals, groups of friends, families, or at the workplace. Private sessions honor the unique needs of the individual or group and tailors the session accordingly.


Amy first began studying holistic health in 2004 while living in India. Since then she has continued to expand her knowledge in the field by studying Ayurveda, massage therapy, yoga, nutrition, and integrative health more in-depth. In August 2011, she completed a 75-credit Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education, with a specialization in nutrition, from John F. Kennedy University. Amy has also receieved extensice training in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT), which she weaves into her work with clients. 


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2011-09-11 17:12:02   I've taken Amy's yoga classes, both at work (as part of the Wellness Program) and also at Kaya Yoga Studio. It's been a great experience! She's knowledgeable about both yoga AND human anatomy (which isn't always true with yoga teachers). She can also readily address concerns about past injuries affecting how one approaches yoga. I have wrist and lower back issues but was able to feel comfortable in her yoga classes, knowing she could make suggestions that helped me adjust. She is also a natural teacher who is friendly, accessible, and most importantly, truly passionate about what she teaches, someone who continues to be assiduous and humble in her own practice. Having experienced a couple of yoga instructors who were (unconsciously) judgmental and/or bossy, I am really happy to have found Amy as my teacher. It is my feeling that anyone can benefit from her instruction, but I particularly recommend her classes to beginners who may feel intimidated about starting yoga, or to those who feel they haven't found a good instructor yet. —ErikoMiura

2011-09-12 14:59:37   Amy is a wonderful resource for personalized nutrition information. She is flexible and sincerely invested in her client's success in leading a healthy and fulfilling life through activity and a diet that works for them. She is incredibly knowledgeable in many disciplines and schools of thought within nutrition. She can speak to a practical, yet holistic approach to overall health. Despite moving out of town, Amy has still kept in contact and made sure that I am doing well in my transition. She is fantastic, full of wonderful information, and I happily have recommended her to many of my friends! —KCollins

2011-09-17 18:12:09   I'm fortunate enough to have had Amy as a yoga instructor at my workplace in Davis. I've practiced yoga off & on for about 8 years (okay, more off than on), but Amy's instruction has really given me a lot more enthusiasm for my practice. I've learned more from her than from any of the other yoga instructors/studios I've been to in town - she's got a strong understanding of anatomy, which is really helpful in adjusting poses or focusing practices to accommodate injuries or other physical limitations. But more importantly for me, Amy obviously takes a lot of enjoyment in teaching, and her classes are infused with humor. She also seems to be a good instructor for new or returning yoga students, based on the interactions I've seen in classes. —TrayBiasiolli

2012-01-05 14:41:59   I have learned so much about myself having Amy as my yoga instructor. Under her instruction I have been able to accomplish the unexpected and to accept and embrace my own physical (and mental) limitations. She has taught me to breathe. I can’t recommend her enough.

Her webpage also offers delicious and healthy recipes.