Lemon Trees grow very well in Davis. Many a Central Davis yard has a lemon tree so if you ever need some, just stroll around the area.

The lemon tree produces, well, lemons! A lemon is a citrus fruit, usually tart or sour in flavor, and has a peel and rind, as do other citrus plants. They seem to be a popular plant with Davis citizens. The lemon can also be used as a flavoring in food, and the London Fish'n Chips serves lemon wedges with their fish, as it enhances the flavor. That's just one example, and there are many ways to incorporate lemons into cooking.

The fruit of the lemon

Two quite different varieties of lemons are grown here. Eureka lemons are the usual, very sour, kind. They have lots of seeds and a hard, thick skin. Quite different are Meyer lemons, which are probably a hybrid between a lemon and a mandarin orange. These have thin skins, fewer seeds and an amazing fragrance. Their juice is not as sour as juice from traditional lemons. Meyer lemons have a pretty short season, from December to February, and since their soft skin means that they don't travel at all well, people who are not from California may get really excited to see them. They go terrifically with salads and fish.

Lemons are sold at the Farmers Market, and at grocery stores. Small children often make lemons into lemonade and sell it by the cup during summer. If you're sly enough, you can distract the small children and snatch a free cup of lemonade. But that would be mean.

Visit here for a google map of fruit trees in Davis. The map is public and collaborative, so please add trees if you know of their locations. You must have a Google account to add trees. Use push-pins to mark the locations of trees. If the tree is on private property, please indicate that in the note, and only mark it after getting permission from the owner first.