Levale on the far left speaking at a rally in the ASUCD Coffee House

Levale Simpson was elected to the ASUCD Senate during the ASUCD Winer 2003 election with LEAD and served as a Student Assistant to the Chancellor from 2004-2005. He unsuccessfully ran for ASUCD President with Pam Palpallatoc in the Winter 2004 ASUCD election, despite being endorsed by the California Aggie. He was well known as a campus leader and as the person who recruited former ASUCD Presidents Darnell Holloway and Caliph Assagai to get involved in ASUCD. After graduation, Levale attended law school.

During his time as a campus leader, Levale championed issues of diversity and cultural awareness, K-12 outreach, student-police relations, and increasing ASUCD's interaction with the general student body.

Levale was a peer advisor in the Educational Opportunity Program and worked for S.T.E.P.

Levale grew up in Sacramento and attended the same high school as Darnell Holloway and Julie Hooper.