2010 F Street
at West Covell Boulevard
go down SpeeDee's and All Stars Rent's driveway.
Open 24hrs
(530) 757-7775

Li'l Bears Car Wash is a coin-op... AKA selfserve car wash. It has 5 wash bays and 6 vacuum machines. If you want a full service wash, there is a team of cute fuzzy little bears who will wash your car for you. Some people have questioned the ethics of enslaving young bears into forced labor, but you can't argue with the results! The car wash features standard wash options such as high pressure soap, wax, rinse, and low pressure foam brush, tire/engine cleaner, presoak, and spot-free rinse. The canopy over the vacuum area provides good relief from the sun/rain. Conveniently located on site are vending machines that sell car care products, as well as snacks and cold soda for your enjoyment while you pamper your car. The change machine is only given out tokens, but wash, vacuum, and vending machines are programmed to accept tokens, U.S quarters, Susan Anthony B., Sacagawea, and new presidential dollar coins.


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2008-10-05 10:09:51   An excellent car wash. The space between vacuum stations is rather slim unless you drive an economy car, but the actual wash facilities are incredible for the money it costs. Beware that the dollarbill changer only gives tokens. —Aggieanthony

2009-09-12 14:29:19   I went here and was kind of annoyed that I could only put two tokens in at a time, and to buy more time I could only use quarters before the time ran out. I found myself scrambling to find quarters (because I couldn't use the token I had on hand) and therefore wasted my paid time.

Oh, and one other thing: The stall that I used was covered in grease, and I kept slipping as I was washing my car. I've been to similar car washes and yeah, sometimes those are slippery too. However what I didn't realize was that the grease saturated my shoes, and so after I drove home I noticed there was grease all over the inside of my drivers seat floor. I ended up having to buy carpet cleaner for that, too. I guess that might be normal to some car washes and I should have paid better attention, I'm just pointing it out because I've never had this happen before at any other self-serve car washes.

The car was itself was OK. Just be sure to have quarters on hand as well as tokens because 4 minutes just wasn't enough time for me to wash my pontiac. —BrookeB

2013-02-24 10:33:28   This place is your usual everyday self-serve car wash facility (wax, foam, tire/engine cleaner, vacuum, car shampoo) however the pressure on the 'pressure washer' gun was really low and it wasted a good 2-minutes trying to wash away all the foam/soap off the car as opposed to the 25s it would normally take me at a different self-serve facility. —RobertGonzalez