Lily Starling, CMT

617 G Street in Suite A1
Directly across from the Davis Food Co-op)
Not Currently Taking Clients
(530) 400-7646
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Lily Starling, Nationally and California Certified Massage Therapist
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*Please note - Lily is not currently seeing clients . She highly recommends the massage therapy of Mereb Habtetsion, CMT and Eloisa Flores, CMP, available at the same location and on the same online scheduler.

Lily Starling grew up in the Davis area and is back in town after 13 years away.

Lily specializes in Deep Tissue and Deep Swedish massage, but also understands that not everyone needs deep work at all times. Sometimes we all need a lighter touch when our nervous systems are fried from a long week. Her list of services, prices, and online scheduling can be accessed at her webpage (just follow the link above). Additionally, if you are interested in exploring a therapy that gently treats trauma to the central nervous system, consider booking a craniosacral therapy session.

Lily attended Heartwood Institute of Massage, a renowned healing program in California. Started as a social experiment in the late 60s, the Heartwood community organized in the following decades around massage therapy and Asian healing arts training. It is now known as one of the most intensive and prestigious certification programs for massage, nutrition, and wellness. She completed 780 hours of training over 9 months. Last year she went to Thailand to study the Royal Traditional style of Thai Massage. Next on her continuing education agenda is Mayan abdominal massage in Belize, where she lived from age 20-22.

Mereb Habtetsion, CMT and Eloisa Flores, CMP work with Lily in her business, Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness.

Mereb and Eloisa offer student discounts of 15% off per massage.

Gift certificates are available for purchase online.

Recommended complementary health providers:

Chiropractic: Dr. Michelle Chu, Active Family and Sports Chiropractic Physical Therapy: Jason Marvin, PT (916) 952-5911 Acupuncture: Itay Neta, LAc Yoga: Kaya Yoga and FIT House Power Vinyasa Yoga Personal Training: Lisa Herrington, FIT House (530) 219-8459 Pilates: Lift Pilates


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2011-04-18 20:18:44   I love a good massage, but in reality _GOOD_ massages are hard to find. Look no further - Lily provides an awesome massage. I went through a number of other therapists before finding Lily and I haven't seen anyone else since. I enjoy doing physical things that beat up my body and thus tend to really like deep massages that work out tight knots and deep spasms and break up scar tissue. Lily is not afraid to put the pressure on high when it is required, but at the same time she strikes a nice balance between that perfect deep tissue massage and providing an extremely relaxing and calming overall experience. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and 10 times better than when I walked in. On top of that, Lily is really friendly and an awesome person and so overall she's pretty hard to beat. I can't recommend her highly enough so go ahead and check out her work for yourself. —SteveSchwortz

2011-04-21 22:39:13   Lily is fantastic. I haven't had too many massages but of the few, her massage was the best. Nice location, relaxing atmosphere, and great massage. Lily is super friendly and accommodating as well. Plus, she has evening times available and a discounted student rate - yay! Try her out. —ChristyMarsden

2011-04-23 18:54:29   Thank you for the positive feedback! Davis is a very supportive community for massage therapy and complementary alternative medicine practices in general. I'm happy to be part of the gang! I'd also like to thank Ernest Maningding for reaching out to me via the wiki and asking me to speak at Filipino Association of Health Careers on campus last week. It was a lot of fun and a great example of Daviswiki putting people in the community more in touch with each other. —LilyS

2011-05-01 12:31:33   I'm not kidding when I say that Lily's hour and a half hot stone massage added YEARS to my life... It was one of the single greatest and most relaxing experiences of I have ever had. The only bad part when I had to leave her massage table and go back to my life. I wanted to just lie there forever. I have been going to Lily for a long time but never indulged in the extra long massage with hot stones before. Boy, was I missing out until now! I have since become a convert and will do nothing less for myself than the 90 minute hot stone massage!!! Do your self a giant awesome favor and book now, you and your body will not regret it! She is absolutely the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to! Thanks Lily! —dina2901

2011-05-08 08:12:41   I have been getting professional massages for many, many years and most of them have been great, but when I went to Lily the first time (a few years ago) I was so impressed. She really knows what she is doing. She can do massages to get rid of migraine headaches, she can relieve and help prevent sciatica, she can just give you a total feel good, pleasure massage if that is what you need. Her space is beautiful and calming, and you can tell you are in good hands, that know what they are doing. —DjinaAriel

2011-05-19 09:49:07   As a second year veterinary student my neck and shoulders are a constant mess of tense muscles and knots. I have been to several massage therapists in the area and was REALLY impressed with Lily. After a one hour massage my tension headache subsided and I could sleep again. I found that Lily has the ability to find and relieve points of tension, while still providing a very calming massage. The practice was clean, professional and relaxing. Furthermore Lily offers a great student discount ($60/hr)! Overall I would highly recommend Lily Starling as a massage therapist. —EmilyFyfe

2011-06-17 14:15:03   I just had my first massage (ever) from Lily and it was fantastic! Thank you!!! —JustinLowenthal

2011-06-18 20:04:22   A wonderful experience with a truly talented massage therapist. I highly recommend Lily to anyone who is looking for a deeply relaxing and revitalizing massage. Great location with a soothing atmosphere as well! —KMassoudi