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The Little Green Coupon Machine is a coupon booklet that is distributed quarterly by mail throughout Davis and on the UCD Campus. The Fall 2014 issue was 72 pages long. There is an alphabetical list of advertisers on the last page, for whom the Little Green Coupon machine is a business to business service. You can also print coupons from their website.

Ad rates and promotional discounts may vary, but a Summer 2011 advertiser said her ad cost her $459, minus a $100 promotional discount.


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In every one I have received in the mail there has been a coupon for a free Subway sandwich or something toomyabrn

  • At least in the Fall 2010 issue that is not true.

2010-06-01 14:26:56   You can print coupons for the green machine from their website:

2011-06-06 14:58:43   I am working with this company for this summer's edition(first time printing with them) and I found Paul Seif very easy to talk with, very professional ,and an overall good businessman. I will update the success of placing an advertisment with this company at a later date. —ElizabethBarthel

2011-06-06 16:41:02   The green machine has been around for quite some time! The bike store coupons, and the DAC guess pass were always awesome —StevenDaubert