Visit some locally owned websites. Live in Davis and have a website? Add it here. Davis is also mentioned on other wikis. There is also a list of Davis related Blogs.

UC Davis Oriented

Locally Oriented

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Used to be based in Davis, but have since moved. You can take the website out of Davis, but...

  • CACE Technologies — A company specializing in low-level computer networking. They were the guys behind WinPcap and Wireshark. (Acquired by Riverbed Technology based in San Francisco. An office is still located in Davis.)
  • Inoculated MindKarl's Science-oriented weblog and podcast. Now in Madison.
  • — Delivering wireless news to the consumer since 2003. Moved with MechaWorks to Silicon Valley.
  • SweetPea Studio — Web Design Service by JenniferKucich, Relocated to Sacramento
  • Tekify — Local, professional, web and email hosting services. Offers Linux web hosting, Microsoft Exchange business email services. Also offers on-site residential and business computer repair services.


Anyone have an idea what is all about? It seems really dead.

2007-12-10 19:55:30   Is Daviswiki locally owned anymore? I mean surely it is 'owned' in a sense by the community, but legally I believe the owners are all now no longer local to the city. —DavidPoole

  • The content is owned wholly and entirely by all people (seriously — including legally!). That's that whole Creative Commons license thing in Copyrights. The servers and such are run by Wiki Spot, a non-profit devoted to fostering and hosting such communities. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards