All of the community colleges in the Sacramento area are part of the Los Rios Community College District, and with the exception of Folsom Lake College (named after a reservoir), are named after regional rivers. Sacramento City is the oldest, founded in 1916, and American River was next in 1955. They were founded independently, and the district was formed by public vote, joining them in 1964. Cosumnes River was founded in 1970 and Folsom Lake College in 2005. The colleges are:

Addresses and phone numbers of various sites in the district, including the district office, is at this page:

The district has a unified registration and student identification system, and students in all of the colleges receive the same identification card, the Student Access Card. Students in the district passed a measure in 2003 increasing student fees to pay for reduced rate passes for "all public transit bus and light rail systems in Sacramento, Yolo, Folsom, El Dorado and Elk Grove". To get the pass, students must present a printed report showing that all fees are paid, with a zero balance owed to the district. The pass is in the form of a sticker that goes on the students card showing the valid period. For more information on the pass, see describing the card.