The Lounge Lizards is UC Davis's oldest a cappella music group. They are one of the most prominent a cappella groups on campus, amongst  The Spokes, The Liquid Hotplates, and The Afterglow.

The group originally began in 1995 with a group of friends in the Integrated Studies Program, living in the Tercero dorm building B at UC Davis. Magic happened in the dorm lounge and UC Davis' first a cappella group was born. Now, after seventeen years, the Lounge Lizards are thriving more than ever, performing at a wide variety of events around the city of Davis, including the Farmer's Market, Picnic Day, and other benefit performances. Thus far, one of the Lizards' proudest moments was performing the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants game in 2001. They competed alongside the Liquid Hotplates at the Varsity Vocals International Championship on February 2nd, 2008 at UC Berkeley, and they were the only group from UC Davis to perform there on February 21st, 2009. They performed with King's College London's "All The King's Men" in a spectacular showcase this past February, 2012. Look for the Lizards this year at the Farmers Market.


Our next auditions will be held during Fall Quarter 2015. October 6,7 in Olson 6 starting at 7pm! We hope to see you there!


Current Lizards

The Lounge Lizards at the Los Angeles Acapella Festival in UCLA. The 11-12 Lizards singing for the Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser. Sopranos: Kajsa Evardsson, Alicia Allen, Madi Brawer

Altos: Jolene Won, Ariana Cesare, Sarah Poplack, Kellina Doerr, Maddy Pettit

Tenors: Miguel Guerrero, Ryan Chen, Samuel Lai, Ryan Wong

Basses: Patrick Tierney, Jessie Hernandez



President: Kajsa Evardsson

Music Director: Jolene Won and Ryan Chen

Business Manager: Sarah Poplack

Public Relations: Kellina Doerr

Sunshine chair: Maddy Petit and Ryan Wong


Current Repertoire

Anna Sun/Shut up and Dance Mashup (Original artist: Walk the Moon) Arrangement: Jolene Won Soloists: Ariana Cesare and Kellina Doerr

All of Me (Original artist: John Legend)  Arrangement: Soloist: Miguel Guerrero and Kellina Doerr

I Want You Back (Original artist: The Jackson 5) Arrangement: Jessie Herrera Soloist: Alicia Allen and Samuel Lai

Drift Away (Original artist: Dobie Gray) Arrangement: Soloist: Jordon Wade (alum)

I Wish (Original artist: Stevie Wonder) Arrangement: Soloist: Jerssie Herrera and Sarah Poplack 

The One That Got Away (Original artist: The Civil Wars) Arrangement: Jolene Won Soloists: Kellina Doerr and Jolene Won


Past Repertoire

The 2011-2012 Lizards performing Happy Ending

F*** You (Davis Version) (Original Artist: Ceelo Green) Arrangement: Alyssa Parsons (Alum) Soloist: Vika Mlonchina, Taylor Snow

Gravity (Original Artist: Sara Bareilles) Arrangement: Alyssa Parsons Soloist: Meliza Varsovia

Nice Guys (They Finish Last) (Original Artist: KevJumba and Nigahiga) Arrangement: Jesse Doty Soloist: Jesse Doty, Colin Frederick, Mark Burnside

Happy Ending (Original Artist: Mika) Arrangement: Jesse Doty Soloist: Caity Tremblay

Let Me Take You Out (Original Artist: Bryan J) Arrangement: Jordon Wade Soloist: Jesse Doty, Taylor Snow, Colin Frederick

I Want You Back (Original Artist: Jackson Five) Arrangement: Jessie Herrera Soloist: Jessie Herrera, Stacy Kim

90's Medley (Original Artist: Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync) Arrangement: Meliza Varsovia Soloist: Janice Light, Ellen Labitzke, Vika Mlonchina (Overlaps: Taylor Snow, Meliza Varsovia)

Sabor A Mi (Original Artists: Luis Miguel) Arrangement: Jessie Herrera Soloists: Taylor Snow

Some Nights (Original Artist: Fun.) Arrangement: Meliza Varsovia Soloist: Erika Chaconas


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2008-05-03 20:07:58   I saw the lounge lizards perform at the Davis senior center. The percussionist Kevin did indeed have krazy beats! I really enjoyed Brad Kern's solo! —StevenDaubert