The Northern Entrance. Takes a door code to get in on the weekends.

Lower Freeborn Hall is a fancy way of saying the basement under Freeborn Hall. Editors at The California Aggie and KDVS employees practically live down here.

Lower Freeborn is home to various campus organizations and services:

Lower Freeborn can be accessed via:

  • The south side of the building
  • The north side of the building
  • The MU — elevators and stairs

"Live in the KDVS Hallway"

  • The hallways of Lower Freeborn have also been used as a recording space by KDVS Engineers on occasion because of the natural reverb and interesting acoustics.
  • Notable Performaces Include: Christina Carter and Gown (Officially released under the title "We've" by Digitalis), Peter Walker, Jack Rose, Pumice, Tom Carter and Joel Pickard, Mi and L'au, and Dead Western




One of the hallways: home to The California Aggie, AS Papers and El Rodeo