MONUMENT was a shortly lived literary magazine conceived of byDan Masiel.The first mutterings of MONUMENT were heard around the spring of '04. It then ballooned into a vast and poorly understood conspiracy whose members identified themselves only through a complicated series of facial gestures and hand movements. Masiel said of the magazine:

"Monument was a lot of talk and very little action. Or should I say, very slow action. It is actually fully laid out; I've screen printed 140 really nice covers and I still haven't gotten around to printing the insides of the damned thing. I am just too lazy to jack photocopies from somewhere and too cheap to pay to have it printed. But you know what, I'm willing to bet that someday it will be released and a whole lot of people that I ranted at long ago will be very surprised. I'm keeping my fingers crossed..."

Monument ended up being been published and distributed as part of Masiel's joke Monumentalist Movement. He claimed that whoever did not receive a copy was not intended to have one because they were deemed a risk for being able to decipher the zine's "carefully encoded messages" and stood a chance of fouling up Masiel's (presumably top-secret) plans (for world domination?)