7:30am - 5:30pm M-F
Heather Wong-Xoquic, Owner/Director
YouTube Channel

Magikal Child is a story and art based family owned preschool licensed for 12 children from ages 1 1/2 to 5. They offer a full preschool curriculum and have been in Davis since 1999. There you will find natural playthings in a beautiful 'Waldorf Inspired' school with a large yard & garden, chickens in coop, tricycle track to race around and around during outdoor playtime.

They believe that intelligence comes from an abundance of loving attention, listening and being present to each other, and giving gentle yet firm boundaries.

Direct inquiries to info@KiDoKidsYoga.com to request an interview or for more information.

They teach KiDo Kids Curriculum which includes:

  • YogaRhymes children's yoga book taught through rhymes, written by the director, Heather Wong-Xoquic
  • Spanish instruction
  • Alphabet and numbers with the four mysteries
  • Color distinction and mixing
  • International dance
  • Games
  • Puppet shows
  • Days of the week
  • Months in a circular 1-12 pattern

Older Students' (3+) days are filled with busy hands and learning:

  • Yoga on Mondays
  • My World on Tuesdays (social studies)
  • Language, Letters & Logic on Wednesdays
  • Numbers, Shapes & Values on Thursdays
  • Science on Fridays



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2016   Please inquire at info@KiDoKidsYoga.com —HeatherKamala

2011-04-04 12:59:16   My two children have been attending Magikal Child for over a year. Heather and Felipe are my children's 2nd parents. Heather is calm, peaceful, respectful, energetic, and a beautiful child at heart. Felipe is a wonderful male role model in my children's lives and we just love his gentle giantness, sweet playfulness with the babies, soccer skills with the older children, and musical skills. Heather and Felipe speak spanish to the children and interact with each other in the same way. I love coming by in the afternoon and hearing Felipe walking around with his guitar just playing to who ever is listening. They are both successful in keeping the kids active all times of year with their large back yard and car track, or indoors hanging from the rafters of the ceiling (literally). You can note my son in a perfect 2 year old table pose. It is the perfect small environment for many fortunate children in Davis. Thank you Heather and Felipe for all you have provided for and taught to my children. —JenniferA

2011-04-06 09:38:42   Magikal Child Preschool has been wonderful for our two children. It is great to have them in a structured, yet not rigid environment where individual development is encouraged and fostered. We highly recommend this preschool and certainly feel fortunate to have found it. —Sarahlejeune