Majors are programs of study for Undergraduate Students. These may be different from the actual departments, detailed on each College's page. This list doesn't get updated too often; for an up-to-date list, head over to the official UCD majors list.

The list of minors is slightly different from available majors. Check out the list here.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

There is a new major with an interdisciplinary curriculum: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. It becomes operational in Fall 2011.

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences divides their majors into three categories, with a couple that don't really fit:

Agricultural Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Human Sciences

College of Biological Sciences

This former division is a now a college. Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB) should probably be renamed "The Pre-Med Major".

College of Engineering

Pretty much everything here is hardcore. Ask some people in The Dungeon to see why. The College of Engineering only awards B.S. degrees.

College of Letters and Science

The College of Letters and Science is the catchall college for anything not covered above. It's also the largest, educating over half of all Undergraduate Students at UC Davis. It is divided into three categories, excluding the following which could be in any of the groups:

Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Division of Social Sciences