Mantown (or by the lesser known Mantown & Sara)

Steve Walter partakes of the giant Icee Lamp at Mantown, August, 1995

Mantown Beatdown, 1995: L to R-AdamFlowers and Matt Lawrence. Note giant Icee Lamp in background.

Mantown is the legendary bachelor pad in South Davis on Newport Terrace off of Drummond Avenue. This is the site of the infamous 30 Foot Inflatable Gatorade Bottle Incident of 1994 and numerous instances of excess, debauchery and vomiting.

Notable former residents include Ian Sierchio, Justin Polanich, Mike Williams, Dave Jeffries, Dave March, Roubald, Steve aka Pigpen and Mantown's namesake Sara Laprezioso.

Nikita and Ian Sierchio at Mantown


30 Foot Inflatable Gatorade Bottle Incident

It involved a 30-Foot Inflatable Gatorade Bottle, mass quantities of alcohol and just a pinch of the stuff that dreams are made of!