Marcus King is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement

My name is Marcus King, and I am a 4th year transfer student studying Communication, Psychology, and African & African American Studies. I am running on the SMART slate, which seeks to give a voice in ASUCD to students from all underrepresented communities on campus.

Platforms: AGGIE CASH IN THE COHO Aggie Cash is a convenient resource that many students enjoy using, but one of ASUCD's largest and most well known Units, the CoHo, doesn't accept it as a form of payment. As a Senator I will make the neccessary changes within our Unit to make buying your favorite snacks, meals and drinks faster and easier for you.

CHILDCARE PROGRAM FOR STUDENT PARENTS It is great that incoming freshman students will be guaranteed room in the dorms for their first two years; however Solano Park will be closing down soon, which services many students with dependent children. Students with children already have a hard time finding child care, and with one child care facility closing down as well, there have fewer options. Students should have to worry about grades, not babysitters.

Together, the SMART Slate will work towards the following:

MORE TEXTBOOK RESERVES We will work to save students money by creating a textbook reserve located in the new Student Community Center, supplementing the Shields Library Reserves and giving students much needed additional study space and free access to the most common GE books.

FUNDING FOR ETHNIC/LAV GRADS Community specific graduations celebrate the achievement in higher education of students from underrepresented and marginalized communities. By granting funds to these events we seek to actively create a safe and inclusive campus environment which celebrates the diversity of our student body.

Please vote SMART – Marcus King for #1 for ASUCD Senate, SMART #2-6, Bree Rombi & Amy Martin for Exec.


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