watch mark play an improvisational arrangement of chim-chim cher-ee on piano: youtube clip

Mark Chang first appeared in Davis in '87 to attend UC Davis. He graduated in '94 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Psychology. Mark has since become a familiar person within the Davis community.

To some he is known as a genius, to others he is known as a friend. Some just know him as the "piano player" and have seen him tickling the ivories in various places. A long-time resident of Davis, people seem to be constantly fascinated by his unique constructions. Among these are his theremin, music car, and bus.

Mark is remembered for his pirate radio station and nightly talk show which appeared over various frequencies on the FM dial. Known as Davis Live Radio, the broadcasts aired intermittently from 1993 until 1999 and could be heard all over Davis, Winters, Dixon, Woodland, and across the Yolo bypass. In early 1997, the campus station KDVS went unexpectedly off the air due to construction dust damage. During this time, Mark Chang moved his transmitter over to 90.3FM and thus "took over" KDVS' empty frequency for 2 weeks. See the February 1997 California Aggie article- Pirate Radio Plunders KDVS' Empty Frequency.

Between 1995 and 1998, Mark worked for Schilling Robotics out of Davis where he was their sole electrical engineer who developed motion control systems for robots. He also worked in Richmond developing micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) for Onix Microsystems, a now-defunct start-up company that was supposed to make products for the fiberoptic telecommunication industry. In more recent times Mark worked in Southern California for a subcontractor to NASA where he designed spacecraft flight computer modules and safety controls for hundred-megawatt class chemical lasers.

After returning to Davis in 2006 Mark started an engineering consulting business and worked with various clients in the area including Talbott Solar. His solar-powered dollhouse, sponsored by Talbott Solar, can be seen at the Explorit Science Center.

Awesome with the pirate ratio, Randy is certainly the man Daubert

Mark appeared on the Science Channel, Outrageous Acts of Science with his singing candle. Also shown was a brief clip of him riding his unicorn.