515 G Street
Near the corner of 5th and G
By appointment
(530) 758-4193
Caren Asimow-Spore
2008, but previously operated for 16 years as part of Downtown Chiropractic
Payment Methods
Cash and/or Check

Caren has been practicing massage in Davis for over 16 years. Her clients include professional and collegiate athletes, local business and industry leaders, and long time Davis residents.


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2009-02-19 19:49:10   Strong hands and great technique. Really top notch massage. —GordonCaulkins

2009-04-30 21:55:46   Best massage in the area. Strong hands, smooth technique, very knowledgeable about various sports injuries, tightness and needs. Caren is a long-time athlete, both as a pro cyclist and ultra runner. Her years of experience both as an athlete and as a massage therapist pays off in a really excellent massage. The massage room is newly refurbished and is very peaceful and warm. Highly recommended. —rbittman

2009-05-11 13:41:11   I am a very active, athletic, and outdoorsy person guiding outdoor adventures, etc. I also, unfortunately, spend a lot of time as a desk-jockey. I had back and neck problems for several years prior to moving to Davis and tried lots of different things between Medical Doctors, physical therapists, etc. to keep my body in balance and functioning for all of my activity. With Caren's help over the last almost 6 years, my back and neck issues have become manageable or even almost non-issues. She is a great person and the best massage therapist I've ever had. She is a big reason why I can do what I can do and she helps me live a healthy life. Very highly recommended!!!! —sileneverecunda

2009-11-18 18:33:03   Amazing massage this afternoon. My body feels amazing. —PMTG

2013-07-11 17:01:57   Great massage! Highly Recommended. —ACA