Massage Envy Spa in Davis

110 F Street, Suite C
near the Hallmark Inn
8am - 10pm Monday - Friday
8am - 6pm Saturday
10am - 6pm Sunday
(530) 758-3689
Payment Method
Cash or Card

Massage Envy is a series of massage franchises throughout the United States. Their local location is on "F Street" near the Hallmark Inn and Regal Cinemas Davis Holiday 6. According to their web site, "Whether you're looking to relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, or you're interested in getting some much needed relaxation, Massage Envy's convenient locations, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices make enjoying a little slice of heaven easy any time you like! Visit once in a while, once a week or once a month—learn more about our wellness benefits program and how you can enjoy a great massage as often as you'd like with a Massage Envy membership."

Some (former?) employees feel that Massage Envy undercuts other massage businesses in town with low prices, paying its massage therapists less than they are worth. Because they are underpaid and ill-treated, these therapists allege that you will get a lower quality of massage.

They have advertised on local radio stations with a breathless female voice telling you to go to their locations.

Massage Envy Spa is now offering facial services.


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2008-01-16 14:32:02   I had a great massage and they have a first time intro price of $39! —HeatherP

2008-03-20 21:24:04   They're convenient to go to since they have several massage therapists there at all times, and they take walk-ins. The intro price is a good deal. I've only been there once, but I wasn't too happy with the experience. They were able to book me the same day, but the massage therapist that I got didn't really listen to me. He was really rough and massaged too hard, and when I told him it was using too much pressure, he said that it has to be hard and hurt if I want results. But it was too much pressure, I couldn't breathe, and I felt like he was giving me cramps everywhere. Definitely not relaxing at all. If I return, I'll be sure to get a different massage therapist. I don't know which massage therapist I had, but I'd say be careful about the male massage therapists (just cuz I don't know which one I had). —AndreaPasiliao

2008-04-27 18:14:19   I really enjoyed this place!! I took my Boyfriend here for his surprise bdae present being his has chronic back pains and was in need of deep tissue massage. I ended up with one myself! =D. we both enjoyed one for 1 hr. each massage cast ONLY $39 bucks! Will go back. —Dreabo0

2008-05-08 08:19:32   Avoid! The introductory 55 minute massage session is $39. A 3, 6 or 12 month contract is $39 membership rate + $20 membership dues for a 55 minute massage and it is not 1 hour. Your credit card is charged automatically for $59 every month on your sign up date of the month until you cancel contract. To cancel contract you must provide a 30 day notice in writing. Should you not have a routine massage every month they will carry over a credit for you. However, should you cancel and not use your credits within the 30 day notice you lose them. They use hard sale aggressive forceful tactics to encourage their clients and members to leave a gratuity for their therapist. With tips the figure can climb to $65. The sales associate and therapist are paid hourly plus commission. They will use a placard tactic that solicits a 15% gratuity based on a non membership rate of $79 + 15% tip making the figure climb to $91. They ask if your session was okay and will shove this placard in front of you quoting this non member tip rate to get more money out of you. They will do this every time in front of other guest and EMBARRASS you to leave more (commission/tips). They do not quote the tip at member rate. Effective 6/1/08, “2 hour” massage will have an automatic 15% gratuity. Not sure if this is subject to member or non member rates. It’s also a 50/50 crap shoot for a decent therapist that actually knows what their doing. The franchise should offer higher wages to their employees so perhaps the pursuit of commission won’t be what it’s all about. Customer service is not their strong suit. It’s a nightmare to place your contract on hold and then try to cancel after the hold. The best possible suggestion would be to pay as you go $90+ to the competitor and have a no hassle, no obligation, and no contract agreement and be done with it! Thumbs down to Massage Envy! —nonya

2008-05-14 05:47:24   I was not too pleased. I wanted the swedish massage, yet the therapist attacked me as if it were a deep tissue. I had to actually moan in pain at least four times, and he apologized, but then it would happen again. Not at all relaxing, and I was sore and had a headache for the rest of the day. How the hell do I get my $39 back? —DCWine

  • DCWine, YOU are paying this guy to give you what YOU WANT, if you are not getting exactly what you want, it is not this guy's fault for not reading your mind or not understanding your muffled moans were ones of pain and not pleasurable release. There is no rule against being politely honest with your massage therapist in order to ensure you get your moneys worth, so the only one at fault here is you. —AthenaGlaukopis
    • 2008-05-15 05:53:34   Thanks for that, but that doesn't solve the fact that they don't know what they are doing. I am guessing that either you work for them, you have a lot of pent up anger, or that you need to find something else to do than state the obvious. I did speak up, and he just kept being too agressive. So, please, for the good of Daviswiki.....find a new hobby, before this turns into junior version of hair in the fish taco. —DCWine

2008-06-02 08:16:43   I too had a really unpleasant experience here, and know at least four other people who have. The introductory $39 special is a good deal only if you don't mind the obnoxious, coercive atmosphere that greets you when you walk out of your bodywork session and have to deal with the people at the front desk, the tacky efforts to get you to leave tips that are too high for the level of service, and the unrelenting pressure to join their ridiculous club. My massage therapist *didn't* listen to me when I too expressed that the pressure was WAY too rough. As a seasoned receiver of massage work, I know how to communicate my needs. The guy I go just refused to listen. I was sore for a week after my massage, and not the good kind of sore - I had bruises along the sides of my ribcage. From start to finish, going here felt traumatic. Bodywork should be compassionate, not corporate. I will never set foot in this place again. I don't care if they start offering free massages. Run for the hills. —calvin2

2008-07-04 03:09:28   I am sorry to hear all the bad comments about Massage Envy, I know that one bad experience can turn a person off to something, but really its not as bad as all that is it? Like anything else you can't base a judgement off of one bad experience and then try to say that the place is horrible. Have you tried other therapists, or did you base everything off of one visit? Yes it seems expensive but you have said so yourself you can pay $59/mo. and have one a month for that price or you can pay $90/mo. I think the math speaks for itself on that one. As far as tipping goes, if you want to leave a $5 tip then do so, if that's what you believe that the level of work that your therapist just did was worth than leave that amount. Do you tip your nail person, hairstylist or waitress/waiter? Do you complain about having to tip them as well? When you do tip is it the standard 15% like other people do or is it more or less, it really depends on the service you received correct? Massage Therapists EVERYWHERE work for pay+tips,so why complain because you were asked if you wanted to leave a tip? There is no real set amount that a person should tip but for the most part tip the amount that you yourself feel is appropriate. I have personally tipped as much as $20 for a massage, why? Because I thought it was worth it. If yougo to a high end spa in Napa or Sonoma you can expect to pay $120 for a single hour and still be asked if you would like to leave a gratuity for the therapist. So I don't personally see a problem with tipping for 15% of a massage that has a value of 65-90 bucks somewhere else. I want to laugh at the fact that there is a complaint about only getting a 55 minute massage when most places that is all you get also, and if you really read the website you will notice it says that the 1 hour massage is a 50 minute session. So in reality you got an extra 5 minutes for the same price. I know lame thing to say but its true, you really do get a good bargain for the money that you spend, if you enjoy a massage and are willing to give more than one therapist a shot then try it but if you want to believe that nothing good can come out of it then don't go. I personally will continue to go there knowing that they do have some VERY good therapists there,that not only know how to listen but also know how to make a person feel great after their massage. There might be some pain from some of the work that you recieve but it goes away after one or two days and then you feel great. I just hope that some of you who had a bad experience will give it another try and find out that it really can be a pleasant experience. If you are unsure of who you want ask the front desk to help you choose someone and if you don't want to be hurt then ask for med pressure and go up from there if you want more. Just make it a point to tell the front desk that before you get the massage. —DTuck

  • 2008-07-05 03:53:18   To "DTuck..." I can definetly can form an opinion on one bad experience. To respond to your cliche with one of my own, "Make a good first impression." I was informing people of my bad experience, saying it was a crappy massage. Do not try to discount statements made. It could be a very good place, but since I spent money there and was unsatisfied, I likely will not go back there and risk spending even more, and if it saves some other chump some money, so be it. I doubt I will put Massage envy out of business, nor is that my intention. So, if you work there, tough. If not, whatever. Live your life, don't worry about everyone being nice. —DCWine
    • "Thanks for that, but that doesn't solve the fact that they don't know what they are doing".... you had one bad experience DCwine and you say that all the people there don't know what they are doing. Sure a good first impression from that therapist wouldn't have been bad for you but why knock the entire place and all of the other therapists that work there. You are pent up with anger and should probably just let it go you keep commenting back to other people's comments when there really is no need you've made your point you didn't enjoy your massage so sad too bad get over it and move on. DTuck is entitled to his opinion as well but you tried to discount his statement. Maybe YOU should go and find another hobby —srtuck

LOL.....I assure I do not have pent up anger. I just think its funny how people so vehemently defend their favorite places of businesses. Rather than name call or accuse, just give your opinion of whether you like it or not. Using your logic, if someone had one good experience, they better not say it is a good place to get a massage, because they have only had one. Logic is a bitch. If someone likes this place, I will not try to convince them it sucks. Its when people stupidly attack my opinion and try to convince me I am wrong that I will defend. P.S. Either you work there, or you have some personal emotional attachment invested in this place. If you like Massage Envy, more power to you. -DCWine

To DCWine you said that people stupidly attack you and to just let you be, but you are the one who actually started the attack on other people. I was just making a statement hoping that maybe it might get you to give it another shot so that you might see that not all of the therapists that work there are terrible or don't know what they are doing. If you don't want to that's fine, I am not trying to force you into anything. Also, you say that a person can't make a decision that Massage Envy is a good place to get a massage after just one good massage, well isn't that exactly what you did when you said that they are a horrible place after one massage? Again I am not attacking I am just asking a question for you to think about. I am not trying to start a war with anyone on here but I am not just going to sit back and allow someone to bully me on here. Also as one last point I never tried to discount anybodies statements or feelings on the contrary I was trying to tell you that it sucked that you had a bad experience but don't lump all of the therapists into the all inclusive statement of they all don't know what they are doing. -DTuck

2008-07-07 23:57:49   Massage Envy is convenient has a number of outstanding therapists that can work with what you need. It's actually a good deal the into price of $39 is good the monthly member fee of $59 is fine as well. If you pay an average of $80-$90 you really are getting a good deal by just paying the member rate at Massage Envy. You can go to any of the Massage Envy's in the country your membership is good at all of them not just one. You pay a monthly fee to go to the gym to take care of your body why not pay a monthly fee to get a massage that helps you take care of yourself as well? I've gotten a massage from several of the therapists there and they were great. I know how to communicate my wants and needs with actual words. —srtuck

Two or more of the following comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2008-07-08 16:20:39   I went to Massage Envy and I could not have had a better expierence.... the front desk staff were helpful; they were willing to suggest therapist that actually meet my needs. The massage I received was totally what I wanted and needed... when I came out the front desk offered me a membership for just $59 a month (actually $54 a month since I am a student) and I had to sign up because I couldn't get a better deal! —hapPEEgoLUCKee

2008-07-29 02:40:11 all of you, whatever. Like this place, great. Don't like it, great as well. I have a new pain in the neck not brought on by this place. =) Hope you all have a great day —DCWine

2008-09-01 18:35:09   I LOVE this place. The front desk staff is friendly and calm & the wait in the members' area starts the relaxation process pretty well. I was a member of Massage Envy in south Florida before I moved here in 2007. It's nice that it is a big chain and I can use my monthly pre-paid massage in various cities if visiting. Yes, I get more massages now that I have this monthly membership, but I think that it helps me a take a step toward more self-care. If left up to my own devices I wouldn't go nearly as often, but I would also carry my stress more intensely as well. The prices are a bargain compared to other places that I have lived and tried. Yes, every massage therapist is NOT cut from the same mold, which is another reason I like the place. I have a handful of my favorite massage therapists (different ones for different reasons/uses) and sometimes I go out on a limb and try someone who is new to me. The key is to freakin' speak up if you're not getting what you want. You can't blame anyone for providing you something you'll willingly take. -K —M&K

2008-12-17 16:58:20   I bought my wife a 3 month "Wellness Benefit" membership yesterday for Christmas at the local SACRAMENTO Massage Envy place. NOTE: My experience is not with the Davis office but they are franchised across the nation.

These people are all about money! The sales person acted like I was some kind of cheapskate for not buying the 12 month program.($177 for a 3 month present is enough - she can sign up for more if she wants.)

She also asked if I wanted to add in "Gratuity". In my book, a gratuity is a tip and a tip is given AFTER the service is rendered VOLUNTARILY and the amount based on quality of service. I said No. She said REALLY!?! I said really.

Then I get paperwork stating that I have signed up for a program that auto renews and just put my credit card number below (on a document which can be seen by anyone!) I refuse. She is not happy. I said why give me this paperwork AFTER you have just charged my card and not before? I ask to speak to a manager.

The manager arrives while I am looking in my wallet for our attorney's card. She then acts all surprised and there must be some mistake and No you don't have to sign up for automatic renewals. (Yeah, sure ... a mistake or standard operating procedure until the client starts pounding the counter)

My wife goes in for a massage - it is "OK". While I am waiting in the lobby for her to come out some newbie walks in and asks for a massage. She is told that there is a Holiday special and that if she books today before 2, she can get an extra half hour free!

When my wife came out I asked her if she was offered the free extra half hour - nope. When I asked at the counter why she was not given the special extra half hour the reply was "She didn't ask for it"

So tell me, do you think we will be renewing?

As we walked out a new victim walked in and the staff jumped up. I just know they are thinking "What's in your wallet?"


Just understand that the therapists get paid between $15 to $20 per hour by the company so the emphasis is on tips. They "suggest" around $20 so figure that in. By the way, the introductory price went up to $49 on Halloween. I am sure there are private massage therapists around Davis who would be very happy with just the $49 going to them.

PS - Cheers to DCWine!! Thanks for your input... —BobChamness

2008-12-17 21:37:00   I really like it! No, you don't get a resort type experience, but you're also not paying resort prices. :) It's convenient, reasonable, has extended hours and I get a good massage. It's up to the client to tell the therapist what they need or want. I go to the same person every other week and get a perfect massage. —Plodder

2009-01-16 15:33:36   A very close friend of mine is a client here. At first, she started to see one of the male therapists and she enjoyed it. However, soon after he started blatantly hitting on her, and touching her in ways that made her feel very uncomfortable. She now has another therapist that she feels much more comfortable with. But has anyone else had this kind of experience? —HelenDahlberg

2009-04-26 13:01:54   Got my fiance a one time massage to this place. She really liked the massage but the lady up front told her she had to sign up for a 6 month contract in order to keep coming back. Just after a month of signing the contract, my finace found a woman who comes to your house to give a massage. We then tried to cancel our membership with massage envy over the phone. They said, "that's fine but you will need to come into the store and sign a piece of paper, plus it will take 30 days for the membership to fully cancel." We then went into the store an hour later. The lady up front told us we had to pay a $100 early termination fee (are they are cell phone company or what?). Since I was there when my fiance signed the contract, I know there was no mention of an early cancellation fee. When I took out the contract, they tried to say the early termination fee was in the membership booklet we were given. I then took out the membership booklet. The lady then tried to tell us we must be missing a piece of the contract. That's when I threatened to go to the Yolo County District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig. Once I said this, their tone changed quickly. Turns out, if you mention the district attorney, you no longer have to pay an early termination fee, nor do you have to wait 30 days for the membership to cancel. They even pro-rate your account. I guess they must have a mention an attorney and get special treatment special (I'm not an attorney by the way)!!! I have to wonder if the mean Indian people who own the UPS store next door also own massage envy. —yellofeverdude

2009-06-13 10:47:18   I have received numerous massages here and never have had any therapists behave in a manner other than professional. The hours are great, they are open til 10 during the week and 6 on the weekends. Good price, excellent massage... I highly recommend it! —LMarie

2009-07-10 19:47:47   I have had a membership now for over a year,I would recommend Massage Envy. I have been to the Davis and Vacaville location and have not had a bad experience yet. I would say try it and base it on your own opinion, not on anyone else's, including mine! —CGovers

2009-07-14 12:19:55   Massage Envy is a great place to recieve massages... for the past couples years I have been a member and like any place it is not perfect. I am still very happy here, they arent pushy with their sales I have seen staff pitch many of times and it does not feel pushed. I have had a bad massage there but talking to the management the handle it very well, and made sure I was taken care of...Definitely you should try it. But dont form an opion on what other people say form your own —JNizzle

2009-08-19 15:01:34   I would first like to start out by saying, that I am an employee of Massage Envy, so whatever I say, whether you think it is bias or not, I just want to put that out there.

As a massage therapist, I am well aware that there many therapists, both good and bad, that work at Massage Envy, and at other spas. Not all therapists that work at a Spa are great, nor are all of us at Massage Envy poor. One thing that can't be ignored is that it is a different environment all together. In Napa and Sonoma, they brign hot towels, bath robes, hot tubs and facials. Products are pushed gently throughout the masssage, ie: "oh, you like the lotion? We have it on sale in the lobby. It has hemp oil, so you can get high without smoking.", and the majority of the people coming in want swedish, or as it's called, "Naked Butt Rub".

Massage Envy is not a spa, it's a clinic. It's in and out, 50 minutes hands on, just like the spas, but there is little emphasis on the flattery or pampering. Most people come in for a more therapeutic massage. Many people will come in looking for deeper pressure, but again, as it was mentioned above: a therapist needs to listen. Hopefully, you receiving a massage are willing to speak. We are not mind readers, and nothing is more frustrating than a client who says everything is fine, but later says, "probably could have used more pressure.""" or vice versa... So, hopefully, if you think your massage sucked, you did everything to make sure that it didn't.

Now, for those who assume that all the therapists that work here are only working here because we don't knwo what we are doing, I assure you, I do. As a male therapist, most spas are not willing to hire male therapists. Some will hire one or two, and others prefer not to interview men at all. (Is that legal? Who knows, but what are you gonna do? We knew that going in.) Unless, they are gay. Women are apprehensive about men touching them. Men don't like other men touching them, and men don't like other men touching their girls. So, we have to deal with that. Massage Envy, usually because they are apt to overbook and underpay therapists, and always hiring more, are willing to hire male therapists. As a result, so good therapists end up at ME. And, personally, I don't spend much time worried, because eventually most people who get massages on a regular basis, will eventually want something deeper, or stronger. Eventually, they will come to me, or another male therapist.

As far as the tips? Everyone likes tips. We get paid less than the 16 to 20 per massage, because we get paid minimum wage if there is a lot of downtime, and because there is a constant influx of new therapists, there will always be periods of downtime that keeps us paid low. The reality is we get paid on an either or basis: Either 16 dollars per massage, or... minimum wage for the hours worked... over a two week time period. We like tips, but if you don't feel it was worth a tip? Don't tip a lot, just a little. If it was great, tip more. And, by all means, if you find someone you like, go back to them. —smilekeith

2010-02-16 12:22:23   I got a gift certificate as a Christmas present and went for a one hour massage with Lydia. It was wonderful! I asked for firm pressure and told her that I had sore muscles in my back. She really focused on my back and neck and checked several times to see if the pressure was appropriate. She seemed to be able to tell where I needed extra work and was happy to adjust her routine accordingly. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. I did know going in that the point of the introductory massage is to try to sign up new members. Since I found a massage therapist I liked I was interested in the membership. I imagine if one was not interested, simply saying no thank you would be sufficient. I can definitely recommend Lydia if you are looking for an inexpensive but effective massage. —RachelD

2011-03-01 13:15:15   This is a place to avoid. I had a good massage there, so I signed up for a 6 month trial membership (in December, 2009) , which required me to give them a credit card so they could automatically deduct my monthly fee. That was when the nightmare began. After several not-so-great massages, I decided that I would end my membership. I called, and they said I needed to write a letter. I wrote a letter (9/17/10), and they claimed they never got it. They then told me there was a form I had to come in and fill out. I said doing that would be tacitly admitting I hadn't already given them written notice. So I got my credit union involved. They stopped the deduction and began their own round of contacts with the Massage Envy people, who still claimed that I hadn't contacted them about it. Yesterday (2/28/11)I got another call demanding money. When I gave them the name of the person I had last talked with (and my banker had talked with) they claimed that they had never heard of her. I cannot tell whether they are being willfully dishonest are are just so badly organized that they aren't keeping track of things. It's shady. Don't even think of giving them your credit card number! —ellenfromsouthdavis

2011-06-06 18:16:13   I am a massage therapist and have been for many years. I am highly trained and have worked at some very high end spas. I regret to tell you the facts about massage envy, and while all of you are loving those cheap massages and credit card charges, there are some real issues happening that need to be known.

Massage envy is the worst place I have ever worked, I fought it tooth and nail and utterly ashamed that I had to work here to pay my rent. The main reason I had to work here was because of the monopoly they create with their low prices. In places like Davis, and other small towns they put EVERYONE else out business and force the therapist to work there because there is no where else to work. They pay absolutely NOTHING! So those of you complaining about your massage therapist being poor, some of them are, but even the good therapist have ABSOLUTELY no incentive to do well since they are getting paid roughly 16$ per hour! plus a pathetic $5 tip! (most require 20$). The BASE rate at a hotel or any proper spa is $50 per hour. Therapist here are not paid for sit time, but forced to stay, and are treated with no respect(from management). You have good therapist working on you, they just don't care enough to work hard since the most they will probably get paid for that hour of hard labor (have you ever given a massage for one hour, let alone 6?) is $25 total and that is with a what they call generous tip. When I first started doing massage 6 years ago, before ME was around, massage therapy was regarded and a loving, healing and compassionate ancient healing method that evolved from years of study. It was a career that many people did with dignity and respect for themselves knowing they are making a difference, while being able to provide for themselves and children they have, but now since this horrible monopoly of a business has begun, it has become a heartless massage factory with slave labor ! Massage is hard work and anyone doing proper massage should be compensated for such work.

Massage therapist go to school for hopefully years to provide loving, caring and effective massage on clients for pain management, stress, as well as other ailments. Most of us got into massage because we are good people, who care about others and want to make a difference in people's lives with the healing of touch therapy. This is my outlook at least. It makes me so sad to see such a wonderful thing turn into what it has because of the business of massage envy. Many students paid a lot of money to attend these schools, have studied anatomy, physiology and technical skills to draping and body mechanics as not to injure themselves only to be stranded with a dead end job with on movement and no hope of pay increase. If you really care about your therapist, you will hire them privately, as I am sure most of them do this and pay them the appropriate amount for your body work which is $60-130 depending on time and modality used. —kalimamar

2011-08-10 21:11:45   @kalimamar—Amen! I have been a therapist for 6 years and feel exactly the same as you. I also fought tooth and nail not to work there but, because of bills, I ended up there. This is not what I went to school for. Almost everyone I work on tells me that I'm a natural and have a real gift but if the Massage Envy franchise is the future of the massage business...I'm out. Even now, I am beginning enrollment for nursing school. I really hate what this franchise is doing to something that is supposed to be holistic and caring healing. —Lorrie

2011-11-15 18:55:13   I recently got my second massage done at Massage Envy, and it was rather disappointing. The first time I went the masseuse ended the massage about 5 minutes early, then the second time 10minutes early. I understand that this is a business, but at the same time I am paying for a full hour. The massage over all is pleasant enough, I get deep tissue massages when I go, and I feel reasonably well taken care of, but there's very little prep time and often the pressure starts off too firm at the beginning. If you're looking for inexpensive spa services this is the place to go, but you do get what you pay for. I'm definitely going to go to a Reiki or independent masseuse from now on, the personability and homeliness of smaller studios makes for a more enjoyable and quality-oriented massage. —GabyBa

2013-02-02 14:13:26   They lie to your face just to get you to sign a membership contract. "No need to read the fine print, you can cancel any time".....right. Guess I'm on the hook for a 10 more months of massages.

shady business practice. —BradMauro

2013-06-04 11:10:52   I am new to this thread of constant complaints, but if you read the website, MassageEnvy clearly states that a 1-hour massage will be 55 minutes. They aren't trying to pull the wool over your eyes in that aspect. In addition, the way the business is run also has a lot to do with the owner of that particular store, as with any company. The Massage Envy in my area has a great owner, and he expects his clients to be treated with respect and encourages the front desk to meet with every client before (for new clients) and after sessions in order to gauge their feelings on their massage and what they want the masseuse or company to do differently next time. I have rarely heard anyone complain about this personable way of handling clients. Don't judge the entire franchise from your experience with just one location!! —JamieLynn

2014-01-28 13:42:32   I've been a patron of of M.E. for a while now and I've maintained my membership because of Steve....I am now sad to say that he no longer works there but I did some digging and have found him working for Davis Swim and Fitness! I know there

are many of you loyal clients looking for answers...I know that the girls at the front counter can't say much but I hope all the loyal clients spread the word! —fffashion13

2014-10-03 17:21:18   I posted this as a review on their Facebook page already, but it saddens me to see so many negative comments on here so I wanted to leave a positive one. I've gone a couple times now, and every visit has been an absolute treat. The people at the front desk are always polite, friendly, and very helpful. As for massages, I definitely recommend Ilana— not only is she intuitive and really nice, she's also got these dainty little hands that are amazingly strong and she's really good at getting those hard-to-reach knots that like to stick around and stress you out. Oh, and the lavender aromatherapy add-on is totally worth it! Gotten it twice now, and they even give you a little bottle of the lotion to take home. Love this place— so glad that I got a membership! —CDingman