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What have you done lately to make a mature Davisite (or anyone else for that matter) aware of the power and ease that is Davis wiki (and by extension Wikispot? <-- and could be powerful weapons in the quest to get more mature Davisites on the wiki!

  • The "photo/url voyage" segment is being extracted for use in the Davis Wiki. Thanks to Jason for the photographs, and whoever (Paul? Philip?) animated it. -jw
    • That would be a great moving image for this page, but I really like the video as it's a primer for more than the Daviswiki, The audio goes smoothly with the video and imparts the concept nicely Daubert
      • Yep... I'm just saying that the "master tracks" will be available so we can use it in specific presentations in the future. -jw

We want you as a new recruit(er)!

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In the last 2 weeks I've given at least 5 primers to Mature Davisites who were unaware of the wiki and how kewl it was! I also introduced the DW concept to a few business owners in the past month! —StevenDaubert