We're everywhere.

We're at the Senior Center, we're at the Upscale Restaurants, we're in line at the Supermarkets, at the Parks, running our dogs in the dog park, riding on the Bike Paths, attending local Churches.

We volunteer with Citizens Who Care and other charity organizations. We attend theatrical events, especially the yearly Citizens Who Care Winter Concert and the Davis Musical Theatre Co. shows.

The only place where we aren't broadly represented yet, is on Davis Wiki.

Many of us have already raised our families, so we aren't found at school activities, or up to date with the local music scene. But we're an important part of the town social structure. I hope that more of the "mature Davisites" will find this web site and make their presence known.


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2004-12-09 13:42:54   I have to say some of the best experiences I've had in this town have been conversing with the many open minded older folks who live here. I think intergenerational dialouge is highly important and I hope to see more of it on this site. - DanMasiel

2004-12-09 13:59:57   I absolutely agree with the above comment. We are especially hoping to promote interaction between Davisites and UCD students. - MikeIvanov

2004-12-12 16:18:38   How long does it take a Davisite to "mature"? I know quite a few who are above the magical age of "40" who are still raising their families, or for that matter, have just started one. I know many who wouldn't call themselves "mature" yet either! As for me, you can count me as "semi-mature"; I'm not a UCD student, but I'm under 40 still. - CentralDavisite

2004-12-12 16:58:44   Maturity is in the heart of the reader, I guess. - BevSykes

2005-02-21 23:43:30   I wonder who comprises "Immature Davisites"— everyone else? ( : —JaimeRaba

2007-01-14 19:41:09   My parents can be found here —StevenDaubert

2011-04-15 11:33:51   You kids are nothing but troublemakers. Turn down your stereos for god's sake. —SteveDold