Max Bach (ca 1979), DJUSD Trustee, 1975-1983Max Bach (born 24 Jan. 1921, Germany; died 2 Oct. 2005, California) was Professor of French at UC Davis, former Davis school board member, owner of the Davis restaurant, The Crepe Bistro. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1938, graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley in 1942, and served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1946. He returned to UC Berkely to earn his PhD in Romance Languages. In 1952 he came to Davis with his family to join the French and Italian Department at UC Davis, where he worked until 1986. In 1981 he bought the Crepe Bistro in downtown Davis, which remained open for more than twenty years and is still running under its original owner and the manager under Max Bach as La Crepe in The Silo.


2005 Oct. 5, "Obituary: Max Bach," Davis Enterprise, p. A2.


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2013-07-02 13:24:20   I worked for Max at the Crepe Bistro in the 90's, and he was a great guy. One of the "benefits" he provided for his employees was free food, which was a huge plus for low wage job. He also had a philosophy for was Bistro menu that is rare these days, basically affordable food made from good, high quaility ingredients. I learned to cook at the Crepe Bistro, and much of my own philosophy about the culinary arts comes from Max's approach to food. He is missed, but I'm sure still present in the hearts and crepe skillets of many locals. —jefftolentino