Mayra Martín is an ASUCD Senator who was elected in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election running on the BOLD slate.

Mayra Martín is a third year double major in Chicana/o Studies and Community and Regional Development from Santa Rosa, CA. She is a Student and Resident Advisor for Upward Bound and a peer mentor for a Chicana/o Studies freshman seminar.

Candidate Statement

Working one-on-one with students has inspired me to step up and address the diverse academic needs that are currently not being met by our association. As an ASUCD senator I will work to establish a pipeline for educational success as I am dedicated to empowering students. Regardless of the outcome of this election, my drive will always be influenced by my passion to show students that there are opportunities to better themselves and their communities. If elected I will work on the following issues:

HIGH SCHOOL OUTREACH: FOSTER POTENTIAL OF FUTURE LEADERS As an advisor with Upward Bound I work with high school students on a weekly basis. It is imperative that we cultivate future leaders for our campus. Along with ASUCD I plan to collaborate with other departments on campus to help develop a curriculum that works with high school student governments. Outreach programs like this enabled me to attend UC Davis. The mentorship and empowerment that we can provide will foster the potential of future leaders.

ACADEMIC PROBATION MENTORSHIP: INCREASE RETENTION AND GRADUATION RATES In order to keep students at UC Davis, I will work with the academic departments on campus to help develop a program where mentors will be paired with a mentee on Academic Probation. I hope to model this program after my current experience through the Chicana/o Studies department. Investing in the future of current UC Davis students on Academic Probation will help increase retention and graduation rates. Mentors will be able to get units through their department’s academic internship course and will learn to empower their peers. The mentorship program will encourage students to overcome the obstacle of Academic Probation.

EXPAND GRADUATE RESOURCES: INCREASING ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION Even though there are numerous resources on campus not all students are aware of what is available to them. While there are many people on campus capable of helping students pursue a graduate education, students are not knowledgeable about how to utilize these benefits. Many students’ ultimate academic goal is to pursue a graduate degree. I want to better publicize the Graduate Resource Fair and work with Graduate Advising Services and GAAAP to help promote this event and make them more accessible for students.

Make the most of your academic career, be BOLD join our campaign and your pipeline to success! Vote MAYRA MARTÍN #1, BOLD #2-6, and Adam and Bree for President and Vice President!

Feel free to email me at with any questions or comments!


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