A meat market is where people go to shop for "meat." By shop for I mean check out. By meat I mean other people. If you're smooth, you might get lucky and get some ass at these places. (And by ass, we mean sex.)

Davis Meat Markets include:

This is not to be confused with the Davis Farmers Market, where people sometimes sell meat, the Meat Lab or the El Torito Meat Market in Woodland. Of historical interest there used to be a real Davis Meat Market.


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When the sun is shining and it's not below 70-75 degrees, the Arlington Farms pool has one of the most extensive selections of meat available. There's Greek Meat, Abercrombie Meat, Hurley Meat, Ground Beef, Meat Reduced for Quick Sale, and decidedly non-lean meat. - DanielMedinaCleghorn

"check out" for "other people"? I think you're looking for a supermarket job there pal - TravisGrathwell

2010-01-24 13:54:49   Hilarious... good work, meat! —antlu