Bayeux Tapestry, a primary source for Medieval scholars

Program Office
176 Voorhies Hall
Program Director
Claire Waters

The Medieval and Early Modern Studies program is a small major; there are usually about 14 majors at any given time, although many more students take MST courses and it is possible to minor in MST. The undergraduate advisor is Kevin Roddy, who teaches most of the MST classes. Students also take courses in a number of other departments to fulfill their requirements for the major/minor. Contact Dr. Roddy or Dr. Waters with any questions about the program.

Courses Offered

Lower Division

  • MST 20A: Early Medieval Culture
  • MST 20B: The Culture of the High Middle Ages
  • MST 20C: The Late Medieval and Early Modern Period

Upper Division

  • MST 120A: Monastic Orders MST 120B: Origins of the University
  • MST 120D: Family and Society
  • MST 120E: Chivalry
  • MST 121: Jewish/Christian/Islamic Relations
  • MST 130A: Special Themes in Medieval Cultures
  • MST 130B: Special Themes in Renaissance Culture