Memorial Union 342

The George L. Mee Room is a conference room in the center of the third floor of the Memorial Union. It is most well known for being the meeting room for ASUCD Senate every Thursday evening at 6:10PM, although it is also used for several other meetings of campus organizations throughout the year.

There is a pillar right in the center of the room, so it is difficult to see a quarter of the room during senate meetings.

The meeting room, in panorama as seen during a Senate meeting.

SOSSS proposed renaming the room the "Yu Room", after former senator Tony Yu, to give the room a more welcoming feel than "Mee Room". They now propose naming it after Senator Cindy Yu instead. Of course, they could compromise and call it the "Yu and Mee" room...

What do you think of this place?

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2007-03-09 00:40:54   that's a sweet picture ;) —KrisFricke