This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Mengali's in Davis closed Dec. 24, 2009. The Woodland store is still open:

611 2nd Street
Orders can be placed via phone 24 hours a day.
M-F, 9am-6:30pm
Sat - 9am - 5:30pm
Sun - 12:30 - 4:30pm
(530)756-5656, (888) 700-8874
Website (Internet archive link)

Flowers & art.

Latest News:

As of Feb 8th 2010, the storefront is completely empty except for the "Mengali's" painted on the wall and the refrigerator unit.

As of Jan 25th 2010 the store seems to be deserted, the phone lines are disconnected and the web site is not active

Mengali's now offers several new product lines! If you're looking for an extra-special gift, ask about the Couture Collection, a line of innovative, unique, and visually striking arrangements created by our talented designers. Mengali's also offers a line of VeriFlora-certified Sustainably Grown products, which have been grown by producers committed to sustainable agriculture and fair-trade practices. Finally, we've added a line of Luxury Candles - perfect as a hostess gift, or a great addition to any gift of flowers. Stop by our storefront to see what else is new at Mengali's.

Current Specials:

Stop in or call any Sunday and receive 10% off your entire order, including flowers and merchandise.

Contemporary Gerbera Daisy and Rose Arrangement The Beverly, part of the Mengali's Couture Collection The Sunset, another Couture Collection arrangement Tulip Arrangement

About Mengali's:

Mengali's Florist came into existence in 1967 when Memorial Florist was purchased by Douglas and Diane Mengali. The original building at 2 Main Street in Woodland, CA still houses a Mengali's Florist store.

As the business grew, the Mengali's built a new building for their enterprise at 357 Court Street in Woodland, and in 1972 purchased Atkinson's Florist in Davis, then located in the shopping center on east 8th Street. The following year, the business was moved to the Brinley building where it now resides. In 1977, Diane Mengali, a UC Davis Graduate in English, took sole ownership of Mengali's Florist in Davis.

Over the years the store has changed decor and configuration, but our focus remained consistent: Mengali's Florist will only handle the finest quality floral products and employ the most creative and experienced floral designers in Northern California. We promise our customers that we will try our very hardest to provide them with knowledgable and sensitive service, and promise to handle their orders with the same care we would give those of our best friends.

The philosophy has served us well and become our Mission Statement. In 2007, Mengali's Florist celebrated 40 years in business in Yolo County. We look forward to continuing our service to the community.

Valentines Day Arrangements Inside the Flower Cooler

Their main competition is the Strelitzia Flower Co.


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2006-10-18 17:04:59   Mengali's does really good work. They have great designers and a nice shop to browse in. —AmandaCaudle

2006-12-16 14:35:16   Beautiful work and very downtown friendly! I found better service here than at Strelitzia's and they were a lot friendlier. —DebWestergaard

2008-03-17 13:59:29   It was essential that my $40 bouquet of six tulips (!) get to my girlfriend before noon on Valentine's Day, because she had a 3-hr. class starting then. I called twice on the days leading up to Valentine's Day to make sure they had noted for their deliverer that my girlfriend lived in the back house, and that the tulips had to be there before noon. The flowers were delivered at 3:15—after my girlfriend had walked around town all day, seeing other women with their flowers—and to the front house. She just happened to be walking home from class and saw the Mengali's guy at the wrong place. Terrible. If you're going to get ripped off for a bouquet, you expect at least somewhat decent service. Get thyself to Strelitzia. —jimmy

2008-03-17 14:04:14   update: Reading the comments for Strelitzia, they seem to be no better. Allow me to add that my girlfriend lives, maybe, three blocks from Mengali's, and that I ordered my bouquet five days in advance. What's up with the florists in Davis? A conspiracy to suck? —jimmy

2008-04-04 11:11:02   Valentine's Day is never the best time in my opinion to judge a florist's service...just in sheer bulk of orders, some may get lost/misplaced/delivered late, regardless of how hard the florist tries to prevent it. —AmandaCaudle

2008-04-04 11:23:33   Jimmy - I am the head designer at Mengali's, and I am very sorry your order was not delivered on time. We pride ourselves on providing great service, and always hate to hear that something didn't go as planned. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and if customers are unhappy with the service we provided, we will do everything in our power to make it right...just give us a call. We hope you'll come in and give us a second chance.

Unfortunately, due to demand, wholesale flower costs soar around Valentine's Day, resulting in a higher cost to customers. We try to keep cost as low as possible, but seasonal variations do make a difference in terms of price. —SarahLarkin

2008-04-23 19:05:31   It might be a good place to go for arrangements for some, but 4 me its not... I walked in just today to ask if I could place an order for my boyfriends prom. I told them that I needed his boutnier and my corsage but as soon as I let them know that the prom date was may 10th they automatically denied me service. I understand that they were going to be busy but they specifically let me know that they were not accepting any orders for prom only for mothers day. I thought they were rude because they made it seem like what I needed was unimportant and that I didnt deserve service. So if you need to get something for prom or anything else thats NOT for mothers day you better head to Strelitzia's they totally will help you out. —cjq89

2008-04-23 21:00:01   Hi cjg -

We apologize to all of our customers that we are unable to accept any orders for Prom this year, due to the fact that it is scheduled on Mother's Day, the second largest floral holiday of the year. We simply do not have enough resources in our shop to fill orders for both events without sacrificing quality. We would rather maintain our high quality standards than take orders we may not be able to fill. Again, our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused, but we'd rather deny orders now than fail to fill them once placed. —SarahLarkin

2009-02-28 00:34:50   I went to the store today and was looking for a two bouquets with a budget of $30 each. They didn't look like they had many options of flowers and the small arrangement they showed me as a sample for my bouquet had about four 4 flowers would have been my entire budget! It was really expensive so I went to Sterlitzia where I got two huge and beautiful bouquets. —MichVan

2009-03-01 20:22:41   I truly love this place. Whenever I need a beautiful arrangement in a pinch, they whip something together at whatever price range you want. I'm always amazed by how simply they put the bouquets together but how beautiful they are once they do. The flowers are fresh and the recipients of all my bouquets have always been overwhelmed. —condemned2bfree

2010-01-29 14:50:41   as of Jan 26th, 2010 I think this place has shutdown —flamecrow