​Recognizable by their traditional clothing (and often confused with Amish), there are no large groups of Mennonites in Davis, but there are two groups roughly equidistant to the north and south. They both periodically travel and meet at In-N-Outs, usually the one off Truxel in Sacramento, but occasionally the one in Davis.

There are many myths about Mennonites. One is that all Mennonites dress in old fashioned traditional clothing. That is not true. Old Order Mennonites do wear traditional clothing and some do not use some elements of modern technology. However, there are many Mennonites that wear normal clothing and do not shun modern technology. Mennonites do use electricity.


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2010-11-20 17:15:51   One day, a friend of mine who I had known for a while confided in me that he was Mennonite. I was shocked. He didn't look or act like the stereotype of a Mennonite. It is really shocking to find out that there are Mennonites all around us in daily life and you would never know.

To make a long story short, I ended up with a Mennonite roommate. Yes, he did use electricity. —MaxLucas