250 Buckeye Street, Woodland
9:00am-1:30pm, 8:00am-3:30pm staff available
(530)668-3886, (530)668-3887
Director, Youth and Family Services
Reinaldo Genera,genera@ycoe.org (530) 668-3766
Vice Principal, Alt. Programs
Susan Cassady, cassady@ycoe.org, 530-668-3704

Midtown Community School is an alternative Junior/High School run by the Yolo County Office of Education serving students from grade 7 through 12.

The majority of Midtown students have been expelled from their home schools. Reasons for expulsion might include, among others, truancy, fighting, substance abuse, carrying weapons and gang related activities. When students attend Midtown their efforts demonstrate their readiness to return to public school until they are granted readmission by their home schools, usually after one semester, but sometimes longer. In some cases, students are in the Juvenile Justice System and their probation officer influences the re-admission procedure. Students may also transfer to other schools.

Academic classes convene at 9:00 a.m. Classes are taught in 60-minute blocks. Students can earn four (4) hours participation per day toward academic requirements if they fully participate. Twelve (12) hours of participation in one subject area earns one transferable academic credit. Credits are earned in basic subjects of math, English, history or social studies, and PE. Special emphasis is placed on subjects that require a majority of credits for high school graduation. Older students are expected to complete more complex or longer assignments than younger students.

No failing grades are assigned; students earn a grade of C or better, or they redo the work.

The facility consists of three classrooms, a common lunch/game room with ping pong table, a galley kitchen and two offices used for student conferences and counseling. The three classrooms, which accommodate an average of 20 students each, are equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology. One teacher and one instructional aide serve each classroom.

Currently staffing Midtown are a teacher and an instructional aid in each classroom. Other members of our staff include a school counselor and a Resource Specialist Program teacher. The Office of Education, the Probation Department and the Yolo County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Department all work together to provide support and service to students enrolled in the program. A Yolo County Probation Officer is assigned to the school to monitor the students who are on formal probation. He ensures safety as well as being involved with each of the students. He checks for any drug activity, probation violations, etc., attends meetings and coordinates programs with many other agencies to ensure school success on the campus.