Name: Miguel Espinoza


Miguel Espinoza is currently a 2nd year at UCD.

He is currently the one of the co-chairs for the Queer Student Union, as well as the Gender and Sexuality Chair for MEChA de UC Davis and a commissioner on the ASUCD Gender and Sexuality Commission.

He won the drag queen competition at Davis is Burning in 2010.

He is currently in the running for ASUCD Senate with F.U.Q along side current ASUCD GASC chair Caitlin Alday. Miguel received the #3 endorsement from the Aggie out of a field of 13 candidates.

Hello! I'm Miguel Espinoza, a second year Comparative Literature and Graphic Design major, currently running for ASCUD Senate. I've been active as a volunteer with the Chican@ Latin@ Holistic Support program, Yik'al Kuyum, at the Student Recruitment and Retention Center, as well as at the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and now work at the SRRC giving tours and organizing campus visits for youth from underrepresented and marginalized communities. I'm a commissioner on ASUCD's Gender and Sexuality Commission and Co-Chair for Queer Student Union.

CONSOLIDATING AND INCREASING FUNDING FOR STUDENT SERVICES Current cuts to education have resulted in numerous student services being downsized, which negatively affects the entire campus community, in particular those that are already limited in terms of access and affordability. The recent change in the campus printing policy, that students are no longer allotted the 30 prints, as well as the limitations on printing at student resource centers, can be seen as the practical results of this. By allocating funding for student services, not only limited to printing but tutoring as well as peer advising, in consolidation with the resources already provided at the various centers, ASUCD can take a comprehensive approach to addressing the budget cuts. As Senator, I'll advocate for the practical allocation of funds and consolidation of student services so as to better serve the study body.

INCREASED OUTREACH/ YOUTH PROGRAMMING As Campus Visits Coordinator, I've seen firsthand the impact visiting the campus and experiencing an institution of higher learning has on youth. As Senator, I'd like to allocate funds to assist programming that outreaches to students; funds designated specifically to bring these students to the campus. This isn't limited to high school students, but all those in pursuit of higher education; transfer students, re-entry, even middle school. Youth Conferences and weekend trips, Transfer student weekends, as well as any event that brings students to campus should not have affordability as a barrier; public higher education should be accessible to everyone.

MILITARY AWARENESS WEEK In addressing the budget cuts to higher education, not only should student's be aware of the direct implications upon the university, but we should also be questioning which institutions are being left untouched. Military spending in California has increased 16% in the last 3 years whereas Education has seen major cuts and student fee increases. By informing students of the institutions diverging funds from Higher Education, as well as addressing the oppression inherent and exhibited by this institution, I hope to both advocate for student's rights and social justice. I hope to raise awareness of the military's heavy recruitment of people from communities of color and poorer socio-economic backgrounds, the violence experienced by women in the military, and now out queer folk within the military by proposing a Military Awareness Week at the end of Spring Quarter, following the Culture Weeks. Beginning a dialog about the relationship between Higher Education and the Military will be one of my main goal's as a senator.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions of resources! Or if you just want to make new friends : D