This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


912 5th Street
(Please fill in hours)
(530) 756-6816

They serviced Acura, Honda and Subaru vehicles.

See also: Automobile Repair.


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2006-11-15 16:48:15   After getting fleeced by Midas in Woodland (on an '87 Civic of all cars), I gave Mike Argo's garage a chance and from then on don't go anywhere else. For all the near-deaths my car has been through, Mike has always managed to revive it on the cheap — he's really running a "car clinic". Mike and Rick are super-friendly and always make time to explain the ins and outs of the car, taking the full vehicle history into account. I recommended him to several of my Honda-owning friends and all of them have stuck with him for car repair as well. I just wish Mike would bend his Honda/Subaru-only rule and take my wife's Nissan Sentra when it's having problems. —VivekMathrani

2007-01-09 18:33:28   I only had some minor work done so I can't really comment on their pricing, but I think I learned more about my car from a few minutes with Mike than from the workers at every other car repair place I've been to combined. —AndrewChen

2007-08-01 16:25:59   I went by this place today and the inside was completely abandoned looking with the doors locked and no posted hours. The phone number is disconnected too, so I think this place might be closed for good. —BenJohnson

2007-10-25 10:28:40   Sadly, Mike Argo's closed over the summer - I talked to Mike in the July timeframe (if I remember correctly), and due to personal reasons he had to close down the shop. I will definitely miss him, Rick, and the car clinic, both for their quality work and helpful explanations. Anyone have tips on a good alternate place to take Hondas for service? —markspiller

2007-11-10 13:19:44   Rick has moved on to Center City Automotive. Please encourage all former Car Clinic customers to bring their vehicles to Center City. 300 Madson Pl. 753-3371 —rtmort