If you're registered to vote in Davis, Mike Thompson is your local congressman. Mike serves the first district of California which covers Davis and much of the Northern California coast. He looks quite congressional.

Even if he is reelected in 2012, he will no longer represent Davis after the next election. That's because he lives in St. Helena, which is part of the new fifth congressional district. The incumbent in the next election in the new 3rd congressional district is Democrat John Garamendi, who currently represents the tenth congressional district.

You can sign up for his email newsletter on his official website.

231 Cannon Office Building
712 Main Street, Suite 1
Washington, DC 20515
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (202) 225-3311
Phone: (530) 662-5272
Fax: (202) 225-4335
Fax: (530) 662-5163

In order to e-mail him you have to use a web form.

Positions and Issues of Note





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2008-06-15 16:04:14   Mike came down to The California Aggie newsroom one day while on Congressional leave, worked in a quick interview and then made everyone working at the time shake his hand and tell him our name, major, position and hometown. He referred to Chico State, his alma mater, as "the Stanford of the CSU system." —ElisaHough

2008-10-04 19:08:45   Mike Thompson voted in favor of the $700b wall street bail out package (aka, the biggest taxpayer heist in world history). Why Mike, why?! —AndyPastalaniec

2008-10-04 21:33:47   Remember that he did come election time. I wrote him a letter and called his office urging him to vote no. I guess there was too much pork added to turn it down. —JimStewart