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Every Tuesday both Regal Cinemas Davis Stadium 5 and Regal Cinemas Davis Holiday 6 show 2D movies for the fantastic price of $6.95 all day (no student or matinee discount on top of that). If you get or have a Regal Crown Club card you get an additional $1.00 off making it $5.95 (no student/military/senior discount on top of that). If you would like to upgrade to a 3D movie it is only an additional $3.50 more. All movies tickets will be discounted with one exception. Movies will not be discounted when and only when a movie premieres on that specific Tuesday. So again, any and all movies will be discounted as long as it doesn't premiere on that Tuesday. Also, getting a Regal Crown Club card also allows you to get popcorn at the concession stand for 50% off every Tuesday! So there really is no reason not to get a Regal Crown Card. 

The Varsity Theater also offers a discount on Tuesdays, to $8.50 (or $8 with their cash discount), which is still cheaper than any Davis theaters' non-Tuesday price.

Some remember, when the wiki was young, this page started out as $4 Movie Tuesday. Regal, however, has steadily raised the price by a quarter every once in a while. This is usually greeted with outrage. However, the $4 price used to only apply to matinees, whereas now the discount price applies to the entire day!

The 6.95 Tuesday selection can be found by checking Fandango (Select the day in question (a Tuesday) and select the exact movie time to check the price and see if it is $6.95) or the newspaper. Calling the theater is not advised.

  • However, when I called this number, the girl on the phone said to call Fandango and they would tell me the movies and times. —VivianPham
  • When I worked there it was made clear that they do not even answer the phones on Tuesday because they get busy, so don't bother. — AllisonEriksen
  • Use the rule above to determine if it is on Tuesday discount OR look at Tuesday's newspaper (if there is a star next to the title or it says no passes, it will be full price) OR follow the Fandango directions. —Shannon.F

In February 2014, the $5.50 Movie Tuesday increased to $6.50 for those not in possession of a Regal Crown Card. Signing up for a card is free, and occasionally gets you a free bag of popcorn.



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2006-07-21 09:01:25   The last two times I have gone to see a $4 movie in the evening they have been packed...I recommend getting to the theater at least a half an hour before —ShaunaMcKellar

2007-05-26 09:51:19   I went to two movies last Tuesday evening, each of which had been out for three to four weeks. The first movie had one other person in the theater; the second had maybe twenty. Both movies were popular when they first came out, but maybe enthusiasm had died down by the time I went. —ElleWeber

2007-11-10 19:38:54   Price change to $4.25 is lame. $4 Movie Tuesday! >.< —EdWins

2007-11-19 19:12:36   Agree with EdWins! Gimme back the $4 movies!! —HidetoMatsumoto

2007-11-19 21:20:08   When I left Davis and saw the price of movies elsewhere, I suddenly realized that I wasn't in Davis anymore. Have you ever heard of a matinee at $8.50? Yes, that's SF for you. $4.25 for movies is still cheaper than most of the movie theaters in the entire state. Davis theaters are like the Taj Mahal compared to some of the dumpy theaters in other cities. And you don't have to worry about other theater patrons pulling out a gun...—Jedron

  • This is purely dependent on the theater you go to. There are plenty of very nice (much nicer than Davis) theaters in SF. Same thing in most Bay Area cities. —KellyM
    • And there are even nicer theaters outside of the Bay Area. New York and Florida have theaters with overstuffed sofas, nice coffee tables, waiters... and $20+ tickets. There are also some hideous dumps in all three places (Bay Area, New York and Florida). The point Jedron is making is still valid regardless of any of that: it's Jedron's opinion that, for value, Davis strikes a great balance. —jw
    • I don't think it's the city that's subsidizing our movie tickets. I'm pretty sure it's just the Regal chain using a promotion. —KellyM

2007-11-24 02:17:32   This is the first time the Tuesday price has been raised in over 10 years! Also the theatres in Davis are two of a very select few that even offer a discount night anymore. —Shannon.F

2009-11-03 01:22:49   I love going to the movies on Tuesday early afternoons. It recharges me. $1 popcorn. Silly movies or cry-me-a-river dramas. Is it Tuesday yet? —robinlaughlin

2012-11-27 13:25:24   Update: $5.50 :'( —DanVillarreal

2014-02-04 10:49:56   Looks like the prices went up again... The Fandango website says tickets are $6.50. —AngusEubangus

2014-06-04 01:25:22   It is still $5.50 if you have a Regal Crown Card. —JenniferNguyen