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The Muse Matrix

(TMM) is a nature loving, dancing loving, locally based literary and publishing effort. —A consortium one might say that believes in the loving power of critical mass, the green planet, humor and free expression. Through our publications, we strive toward the revival of love, music and art in a supernatural way. We consist of muse's of all types, and we love all things within nature, know the energies and embrace art, gaming, music and technology. The muse might be you. You may inspire others or you may have a muse that inspires you! Artists in all fields, ARE of the highest nature of intelligence. Supported by magical kindred, we aim to share a variety of angles of enlightenment. We are a network.

TMM is duel in it's purpose.

A Literary Project

(The Muse Matrix Magazine is no longer in print - But Ahhh the memories of it all!)

The Muse Matrix is also a magazine of free thought, humor, poetry, doodles, and future world wishes.

The Muse Matrix Magazine is published (Out of Print) nationally by Davis resident "Priestess". Yasa Henson. The publication comes out mysteriously and has 6 issues under its belt. The periodicals are designed to be an art piece as well as a mind opener.

Common topics include: Inner spirituality, art, the vibration of music, environmental connectedness and social issues that affect humankind. Future topics include, more articles on UFO's, the anatomy of ghosts, super gnomes, all things green, party ideas, what is a human right and more about love, can't we just all get along issues. Poetry, prose, and letters from readers will again be included plus interviews with various artists, photographers and artistic business owners. The Muse Matrix highlights psychedelic and mind opening art, along with full-of-soul and spirit journey-music. We like to tell you about people of all kinds who have that unique artistic spark that can change the world. A total of 4000 copies have been printed and distributed on the street of Davis and Sacramento lovingly. Written by the muse people!!!!!!!!!!! —this periodical grows with you and society and is not for profit. The Muse Matrix is written by musicians, photographers, artists, poets and muses. No Subscriptions! This magazine remains FREE to the public. The next print issue was due May 2008, but has been discontinued. Please inquire to Email: if you would like to contribute with art, writings or funding to help future projects. Such as — Spiritual Dawn Chronicles

Past and current issues have been available for free at the Delta of Venus and other local gathering places — such as Bogey's Books and both Cafe Romas. Plus The Muse Matrix has graced the eyes of Oregon, New York, London, Southern California and Burning Man. If you were lucky enough to obtain a free copy of the past issues of The Muse Matrix, be blessed they are now official freebie collector's items. Future issues will also be free, in two formats for online and print. However, please get and ad on the Muse Matrix new site by sending an email now, for the opening date. Readership age ranges from age 17 - 103. (Web release date: No Longer in Print)

Presently **Donations for the new unique publishing venture Spiritual Dawn Chronicles can be given at The Muse Matrix site. (TBA) Every creative person is encouraged to submit writing, poetry and artwork to The Muse Matrix - for Spiritual Dawn Chronicles no restrictions on residence location or topic. Just send a .jpg or just an article or poem of your works. All viruses will be rejected. Sorry can't afford the medical bill (wink)

Artistic Networking, Publicity and Spirituality

Art Galleries, and musician businesses can advertise relatively economically within the realm of The Muse Matrix. A transformed web site is on the way focusing on kindred networking. Find your people!

The Muse Matrix is no longer does Desktop Publishing Services The online/writing project Spiritual Dawn Chronicles will be the it's focus along with artistic networking. Sister Yasa originator of The Muse Matrix has gone back to her expertise in being an uncanny conduit for other musicians and artists to find like minded collaborators gigs and festivals. She also ministers to artistic folks who seek her intuitive advice and spiritual guidance as well. Be you a muse, musician, artist, writer, photographer, shaman or arts enthusiast, her new website will provide a unique network to find your spiritual self and others.

The Muse Faire - Back to Concerts for the Homeless

The Muse Matrix also hosts Muse Faires, which is and offshoot from "Yasa Gigs" in the late 90's that provided free live concerts for the homeless and people who are disabled or blind in Sacramento during Second Saturdays on Del Paso Blvd. Muse Faires are going back to that original quest and concerts will be both hosted locally and regionally. In the past Muse Faires have been held at Delta of Venus in downtown Davis. Yasa and The Muse Matrix sincerely wants to thank Lee and Delta of Venus for their most open and unconditional hospitality in providing a space for past Muse Faires. Lee along with the past band The Free Association will forever rock in our hearts and in the stories of The Muse Matrix and West Coast Musicians Online (WCMO). "See you soon at the Delta! Yasa is stopping by for GOOD FOOD" SO, What's on the horizon for TMM? Muse Faires will continue to highlight hand-made multi-cultural vintage arts and crafts, barter tables, encourage costumes, live bands and song writers to play for those who can't afford to see a major concert. Highlights of the Muse Faires formerly known as Yasa Gigs, include a bartering table where people may exchange items for free, and a running public traveling mural which began in 2001, as well as arts and crafts for children. You never know what to expect when you come to this mini one day get away. Always down-home safe and sane, sometimes hard music, sometimes soft music; Be open and ready to experience your free spirit and what spirit has given you. The Muse Faire's are free All are encouraged to get in the spirit of the Faire for that show. Presently there are no listings about the fabled Muse Faire on the website, but will be announced in the near future. The next amazing Muse Faire is set for July 2013. Funding Drive Ahead!

— Eve updated 4/3/08

A huge change has come to The Muse Matrix — Check out Spiritual Dawn Chronicles —- Get your spiritual fix on! Love & Light Launch Date of Spiritual Dawn Chronicles - Spring 2012

— Eve updated 5/8/12