Sign announcing construction efforts

Mon-Thu 8am - 10pm
Fri 8am - 8pm
Sat 1pm - 5pm
Sun 1pm - 7pm

The aptly named Music Building is home to none other than the Music Department and contains a variety of magical and musical things. The Music Building is just east of Wright Hall and the Main Theater and the Art Building.

Music Library

Inside the Music Building, you'll find a Music Library where you can explore thousands of recordings both of UC Davis ensembles (including Noon Concerts and Mondavi Center performances) as well as a selection of external recordings. The General Public can listen for two hours at a time in the Listening Lab.


The current music building is slated for demolition and redevelopment throughout 2009-2010 (assuming adequate funds). At the end of Summer Session II 2012, a chain link fence was setup around the old music building and demolition began.

Projected north view of new building Projected West View of new Building

Practice Studio

Free to any registered student, you can register a practice room for two hours at the main office.

Electronic Music Studio

This lab is only open to students who are taking/(have taken?) MUS 107A or 107B and possibly graduate students.