975 Olive Drive (Across street from Redrum Burger)
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 11-4
http://www.napaonline.com (corporate)

Napa Auto Parts is a dealer of automotive parts, selling everything from windshield wipers to front axles. They also sell snow chains, which is important if you plan on heading on a winter adventure.

Many of the mechanics in Davis purchase from them, so you'd be wise to cut out the middle man and buy auto parts there yourself. You'll save lots of money by avoiding mechanics' exorbitant mark up fees. This technique is particularly useful for mechanics on Richards Blvd. & Olive Drive who are within walking distance.

For some replacement parts, e.g., axles, they'll make you leave a deposit (a core charge). That way old parts get recycled. In order to get your deposit back, make sure to bring (a) the receipt, (b) the old part, and (c) the replacement part's box.  With a large inventory of OE import parts as well as a local warehouse, most parts can be had the same day.

Since 2010, NAPA Davis has been owned by Genuine Parts Corporation, based out of Atlanta, GA.  

They offer a AAA Discount, MIlitary and student discounts (with UC Davis ID). 

If you need to buy a new car battery, Napa is ideal. For free, they will test your old battery and check your alternator and starter.

Often times mechanics have accounts with auto parts stores which would make the parts cheaper to buy through the mechanic. I can't speak for every mechanic, but I know at least some don't make money on their parts. Usually when a mechanic's parts are really expensive, it is because the mechanic needs an uncommon, model specific part. The problem is that he has no incentive to find cheap parts for you. Usually you end up paying top dollar for the next or same day shipping from the closest warehouse because that was the extend of the mechanic's search for a price.- Alex

Napa hooked me up with some heat resistant tubing and some twist ties, and they are always friendly. My hick neighboor swears to the quality of napa parts, and rebuilt his late 80's F-150 from napa parts. —StevenDaubert


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2008-01-15 17:35:53   For auto parts in Davis, Napa is much better than Kragen. Napa is usually cheaper, their employees are much more knowledgeable and they can get parts that they don't have in stock quicker than Kragen. The only downside is that they close at 6 while Kragen stays open till 8 or 9 (I forget). You also save 7% using your AAA card. —ScottStanley

2008-01-30 20:15:43   If you need coolant, go to Ace Hardware. About $3 cheaper there. —MattCool

2008-05-23 11:09:02   Napa has much more knowledgeable staff employed than kragen. Its a much better store all around. The only downside is that theyre more expensive for the most part. However, the parts they sell are of a higher grade than kragen. so choose your own poison. i guess. Higher prices=better products or low price=cheap products —boked

2008-06-03 20:40:23   My experience has been the complete opposite of that mentioned below. I normally shop at Kragen, and have been very happy with the one here in Davis (very friendly and helpful staff), but I shopped at Napa several times for parts for the plug-in hybrid team I work with on campus. Napa has an excellent location (easy, short bike from campus), but I've found the staff to be more or less useless when asking about certain parts, and just generally not helpful. I have not yet had a good experience with them after at least three trips, so I've given up. The store is also poorly stocked and poorly maintained (compared to the excellent selection and general cleanliness of the Kragen store). I recommend Kragen. —Matt.Brunner

2009-10-10 10:48:26   My experience is very terrible with this NAPA auto store. My suggestion don't go to this store if you have any other choice. Here is my story. I was in the middle of repairing my car. I was stuck with one bolts and need to buy some deep sockets. I went to the store and bought one socket. I came back home and found the size does not fit my car. I went back immediately and want an exchange or return. They don't accept any tool return even it is brand new unopened. What the hell? That's the most terrible customer service I have ever met. I ended buying two more deep sockets just in case since my car is not working and other store is too far for me... Besides, their staffs don't have too much knowledge about car. They don't care about you and do not want bother to help you. Compared to this, I have much much better experience in Kragen and even ACE. I will never bother to go to this store again, NEVER!!! —woshiss

2009-10-16 16:43:40   My alternator died today and I made it to napa on the dying gasp of the battery. The great folks there were nice enough to loan some tools so I could get the alternator out and put the new one in. They even recharged my battery for free while I was installing the new alternator. Thanks NAPA! —ARWENNHOLD

2009-11-30 16:50:09   I called about getting a replacement part for my car and they told me that there is no such part for the car. Um, no. Just, no. My mechanic replaced that part 5 years ago and it broke just yesterday, so my car DEFINITELY has that part and is inoperable without it. They're not really knowledgeable or willing to look up information if it's not in their faulty database. —DanaMace

2010-02-10 11:50:36   compared to kragen, napa auto parts is simply the pits. they can get more of the super specialty parts than kragen can, but they also are staffed by complete jerks. in general my experience with napa is going in there, waiting in line for ever, then having to basically convince the employee behind the counter that he wants to sell me whatever part. the employees (rusty in particular) seem to think that they are far superior than their customers in every way and thus have no need to even give them the time of day. that said, the manager is a great guy... it is just his entire staff of disgruntled middle aged men who care about nothing other than their elitist mannerisms and take it out on everyone around. at kragen there is a jovial atmosphere where employees are glad to help out in any way they can, whether that means helping you replace a light or battery, or just a friendly smile and looking up a part for you. at Napa all this is far from the truth and i highly recommend never going there for anything, it could very well put a heavy damper on your otherwise fabulous day. anything related to cars that you will likely need you can find at ace or kragen, and if not there, someone at kragen can point you in the right direction. theres a reason napa is back in an alley by murder burger in a tiny old shop and kragen has lots of parking and is well lit, its a simple reflection of quality. even though i do mechanics and am working on vehicles constantly, you wont find me at napa auto parts any longer. never again. —bryan.pellissier

2010-05-05 14:44:22   i dont care if someone is selling a first edition holo charizard for 5 bucks (probably actually worth a couple hundred)— if it comes with attitude, i'll take my patronage someplace where it's appreciated! napa guy on the phone was cold. i guess he has a thing against people asking about prices of brake pads that aren't listed online :( —arinazarian

2011-09-02 21:15:49   they seem kind of rude and like they have no clue what you are talking about. i couldn't even call up and ask a simple question without the person on the phone asking, "what?" I've gone in there before to find a part for my car and guess what? NOBODY HELPED ME. I'm not saying women don't know anything about cars, but it was very clear that i had no clue what i was looking for. i needed help and its like i didn't exist there. they should work on customer service side of things. The only time i had a good experience with them was when i called in about a repair. the repair was very costly and they seemed to want to pay attention then. i did not bother getting repair work there btw. —Sandlot3

2011-12-26 20:01:57   I've had only good experiences at this store and I've been going there for years. Rusty and the guys are always very helpful and have been good about returns and bringing back battery cores after more time has passed than you'd normally expect that. —m610

2012-03-22 23:57:56   I've been in town for decades but am new to Davis Wiki and am troubled by the fact that NAPA has a mix of good and bad reviews. But I'll add my experience. I needed an unusual antenna for a 1965 car. Mark and somebody else there couldn't quickly find it or a suitable substitute after five or more minutes in their parts catalogs (both of them working on this problem at the same time) BUT kept trying and they eventually found a "universal" one they were confident would fit the car. And this was not going to be a high-profit item: the final charge, after the 10% AAA discount, was under $8. They ordered the part and it came in. AND Mark was kind enough to pretzel himself under the dash of the car to verify that the plug from the antenna cord would fit into the jack of the stereo. I had gotten there 3 minutes before closing, so he spent maybe 15 minutes with me past closing time on the antenna issues. Friendly throughout, no complaints. I returned there the next day and was served courteously. It may pay for the consumer to be pleasant, patient, and respectful to the guys there, as I was. And maybe the place is improving. — Bear Loyalist in N. Davis. —CraigKubey

2012-12-21 19:28:24   I've been here several times for various reasons. I've really only dealt with Mark. Mark is helpful, honest, and has a great attitude. I get the impression this NAPA treats their employees really well, and if they don't, they should! Some of the guys at Kragen/O'Reilly are nice and helpful too, but you can really feel the care at this NAPA. Have not tried to borrow tools at NAPA yet, but O'Reilly gave me a big 'ole bucket of tools to change my battery with (did not have a wrench on me). —bartbart