from the Wikispot Project there have sprouted a number of additional community wikis nearby and inside Davis.

City Wikis

Local Group Wikis

A wiki for the ASUCD slate.

There is also a worldwide version of this page at WikiNode.

Is this page necessary when Wiki Directory exists? —DavidGrundler

  • I think it makes sense to be on this wiki (the wikispot Wiki Directory only lists wikispot wikis and makes no distinction of which ones are nearby). Perhaps an updated format for the WikiNode might make sense... Wiki Compass, maybe, so that Davis/East lists West Sacramento, and on the West Sacramento wiki, West lists Davis, East lists Sacramento, and on the Sacramento Wiki, West lists West Sacramento, North lists Citrus Heights, on the Citrus Heights wiki, South lists Sacramento... and so on. Such that you can navigate through various community wikis by the Wiki Compass similar to how the Wiki Node works (but would get unwieldy as hundreds of wikis pop up). —jw