The Neon Green Xebra Car (link) is a distinctive local car around Davis that is often confused for the Little Green Electric Car. While they are both neon green and run purely on electricity, some of the key differences are:

  1. The Xebra seats four people while the little green electric car seats only one.

  2. The Xebra has a max speed of 45 miles per hour while the little green electric car can go up to 75 miles per hour (and hence is legal to go on highways, unlike the Xebra).

  3. The Xebra has two wheels in the back and one in the front, while the little green electric car has one in the back and two in the front.

  4. The Xebra is a lot wider and more round than the little green electric car, which is more triangular in shape.

  5. The Xebra is priced at around 10,000 while the little green electric car is priced at around 25,000.

This vehicle has been spotted several times Downtown, including at the electric car parking space in the Great Wall parking lot, traveling down 3rd st., and also traveling down Russell Blvd.

At least one is owned by ChrisSanborn who writes: "I own the green Xebra Car. I live on Antioch Drive. We bought it in October of 2006. We were the first in town to buy a Xebra, and we bought it from a dealer in Santa Rosa, where they import them and have their headquarters. This car is great, and saving us a lot of gas money. It will pay for itself in a few years. It plugs into any regular electric 110 volt socket, and costs less than 5 cents a mile to run. I can charge for twenty minutes and go five miles, or a full charge of eight hours gets 25 miles. See Davis Electric Cars on Second Street for more details. They are very friendly, low pressure, and VERY helpful to all Xebra owners. I see more Xebras in town all the time."

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Who owns this car? ~Davepoole

2007-03-21 15:15:11   yeah im not sure about that, but i keep seeing it around all the time. It must be someone who lives in Davis because the car can not travel on highways, and hence they would have to take streets to get here if they worked here and lived elsewhere —MattHh

2007-03-21 15:18:55   They could easily get to Winters or Woodland without driving on a highway. That being said, they probably are from Davis. —DavidGrundler

2007-03-21 19:09:43   I know the owner. I'll point out this page next time I see them and see if they want to update. —JessicaLuedtke

2007-03-21 19:29:06   I think this car resides between oak and Oeste on Antioch. I've talked with the owners several times. It plus into 110 v wall sockets and 30 min charge will get you across town and then some, while I forgot how long a full charge works for StevenDaubert

2007-03-21 19:29:54   Yeah, it's the one I was thinking of. —StevenDaubert

2007-04-11 15:53:07   this car is now sold at Davis Electric Cars along with many other electric vehicles. Maybe the person who drove this car was some how related to the company as it just recently opened. —MattHh