Mailing Address
P.O. Box 74298, Davis, CA 95617
314 W.Fourteenth St (Davis Senior High)
(Sunday from 1:30pm-3:30pm)
Ning Wan

The mission of NewStar Chinese School (NSCS) is to teach student Chinese language and culture through classroom instructions, special art, cultural events, and field trips. To accomplish the mission we rely on experienced teachers, the cooperation and involvement of parents, active participation of students and community support.

Our instruction is tailored mainly to youths who learn Chinese as a second language and is compatible with SAT II-Chinese, a standardized test required for acceptance to universities. “Standard Chinese” (edited by People’s Education Press) is used as the textbook, which has a great reputation in oversea Chinese education. Classes are offered from kindergarten to eighth grade as well as a special beginner's conversation Chinese class where adults as well as children can learn to speak Chinese in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the language instruction, the NewStar Chinese School offers a variety of artistic and cultural classes such as dancing, singing and WuShu (Chinese martial arts) to students and community members. These classes promote a better understanding of Chinese cultural heritage, mutual respect, tolerance of diverse cultures in the society, and confidence and self-esteem in students and parents.

Together we can make NEWSTAR CHINESE SCHOOL a wonderful adventure. May the stars shine on everyone who wishes to learn about China, about her language, culture and people!

NSCS is a registered non-profit and can receive tax-deductible contributions from parents, individuals or organizations. NSCS is grateful for your generous support.


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2011-05-14 05:57:50   Is this program still open?? I've been trying to contact them for months now with no response! :/ —dashabyers

2012-04-23 14:52:00   Half a decade in this program and I didn't learn anything. —LiuYang

2012-04-23 15:01:52   The web page looks like it hasn't been updated for years. Maybe it's closed? —jsbmeb