This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


New Delhi Chaat has since been replaced by Indyna Bistro.

132 E Street, Suite 2F/2G/2H, in Mansion Square
Sun-Thu 11:30AM-10:00PM
Fri & Sat 11:30AM-11:00PM
Not open on Monday!
(530) 757-1400
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The New Delhi Chaat Cafe opened on April 15, 2005. The owners, Arun and Probhati Pereira (their card says Owner: Alex E. Pereira -and gives his 818 area (LA) cell phone number), moved to California from Connecticut where they had a restaurant for ten years.

The menu is much longer, but here are a few of the chaat offerings:

  • Dahi Papdi Chaat (Homemade chips, lentil dumpling, garbanzo beans, potatoes, yogurt, chutneys & spices): $3.75
  • Dahi Batata Puri (Crisp puffed puris stuffed with potatoes and garbanzos covered with yogurt and tamarind chutney): $3.25
  • Pakori Chaat (Lentil dumplings covered with yogurt, cilantro and mint and tamarind chutney): $3.25
  • Bhel Puri (Crisp puffed rice salad with onions, cilantro and potatoes with tamarind, mint and garlic chutneys): $3.25
  • Dahi Vada (Crisp flat puris topped with potatoes, onions, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, and garlic chutney): $3.25
  • Pani Puri (Crisp puffed puris with potato and garbanzos and spicy mint water): $3.25
  • Aloo Tikki Cholle (Two potato patties stuffed with green peas and covered with a spicy garbanzo curry): $3.95
  • Samosa Cholle (Two crusty pastries stuffed with potatoes and peas and covered with a spicy garbanzo curry): $3.95
  • Bhatura Cholle (Large puffed puri made of fermented white flour along with garbanzo curry, onions and mango pickle): $3.95

Weekly Specials

Tuesday INDIAN MOVIE NIGHT: Starts at 6:30PM. Overlaps with happy hour. New film every week. They know Tuesday's film some time on Monday; so, call then to find out what it will be.

Wednesday STUDENT SPECIALS DAY: They have a bunch of specials on food and such available to students.

  • Can someone verify that this is the 'buy 2 menu dinners and receive a free appetizer (up to $4.99)' deal?

Thursday BEER PONG TOURNAMENT: There's a Beer Pong tournament every Wednesday starting at 6:30PM.

UC Davis Student Discount 10%: Valid Tues. - Fri.; with valid student ID

Happy Hour: Sunday - Thursday 4PM - 8PM

  • Coors Lite - $5.99 pitcher, $1.50 pint (on tap)
  • Fat Tire - $6.99 pitcher $2.50 pint (on tap)
  • Alaskan Amber Ale - $6.99 pitcher, $2.50 pint (on tap)
  • $1 off all Indian beer (all bottled)
  • Sangria - $8.99 pitcher (boxed wine)

Chaat means "snack" and there are many dishes to sample in this vein that are different from fare available at Raja's or Kathmandu; many are vegetarian. Davisites in search of excellent chaat need no longer make the trip to Berkeley's Vik's Chaat House.

Sounds like wireless internet may be coming soon; the digs are spacious and this could well become a place to study at night with lots of chai to keep you awake...

Curry Dishes run $5-8 with rice or naan, and $8-10 with vegetables, dal, rice and naan.

Tandoori wraps come with potato or cucumber salad can cost between $5-6.50. The paneer wrap has larger quantities of paneer than any other dish in town, most of which cost 2-3 times the price!

Pakoras cost between $3.50-6.00. Salads go from $5-7.

They advertise $4.99 lunch specials, plus $4 off for >=$40 group purchases to help pay some of their tip.

As of a December 15th Craigslist post, they are trying to sell the business for for $150,000.

Reviews and comments

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See also New Delhi Chaat Cafe/2005 Reviews, which have been moved to shorten this page and as a courtesy for restaurants that just started out in that year.

2006-02-08 20:13:57   I had lunch here today with a few co-workers. The chicken wrap was excellent! The sweet lassi was tasty - not quite as good as the ones at Kathmandu, but still very much worthwhile. Service was a little slow, considering the fact that the place wasn't very busy, but I'll definitely go back in the future. —GrahamFreeman

2006-03-13 09:27:08   My girlfriend and I had dinner here a couple of weeks ago. Since we're huge curry fans, we ordered a couple of curry dishes and a yogurt-based appetizer. The appetizer was very tasty, with a nice difference between the blandness of the yogurt and the spice on the item. However, it took them an HOUR to get us our main dishes, despite the fact that the place was not all that busy. The curry was decent but nothing to write home about — Kathmandu is markedly better. Based on the slow service and better alternatives, I am not planning on returning. —AlexPomeranz

2006-03-16 09:51:35   Hey guys what's goin on, to all my readers out there this is alex pereira, i am the owner of the restaurant, i have read and reviewed all your comments. i am happy to hear your honesty in posting comments. I am going to be in Davis full time starting in the end of May 2006 and i assure you all that there will be many new innovative chages to the restaurant. Many new events such as student's night with discouted prices, happy hours specials with a wide array of different beers and wines. All the changes will greatly better re-establish the restaurant. I will be doing some of the cooking and will try to add in new specials and try and improve the quality in taste of the food, for all those you had a issues with what you have ordered in the past. I know alot has changed since your initial postings and i once again reassure you it will continue to flourish. —AlexPereira

2006-03-18 22:27:07   I've eaten here twice. First time was a long time ago, before waiters took orders, when they had free chai.

I had dinner again at New Delhi Chaat Cafe tonight (March 18), and I was very dissapointed. The selection of food looks very good, but the quantity is not worth the price, and the service was horrible, I went through 4 servers!

I ordered a vegetable korma dinner, which is supposed to come with daal, rice, and naan. When it came, there was no daal. So upon asking why there was no daal, the server gave me this exact reply:

"Oh yeah, the daal comes with the dinner but you have to ask for it, becuase we figure people won't eat it, and a lot of it will probably get thrown away, so we just wait for people to ask for it. We can bring it to you if you want it.",

How can a restaurant just leave out portions of meals, and make assumptions like the customer probably wont want it?

Not only that, but then my bill came and an extra dollar had been tacked on! As if they don't know how to add! I just paid my bill and left.

I am very dissapointed. —CaseyDeng

2006-05-12 10:45:43   I used to love the ice tea, the making of which actually involved brewing, now I'm not so sure. In any case it was strong and tasty. Since the day waiter changed (a month or so ago?) it's been weak and strange tasting. Refills, when you get them, come from the fridge, instead of a pitcher full of ice. Please bring back the old ice tea, the new tea is weak, funny tasting, and sometimes tastes of soap. —MrIceTea

2006-05-15 10:25:53   Oh I love this place, especially because it is next to my job at the Varsity... the food is quite good, spicy, and filling. I have ordered the NDD and Chicken Tikka Wrap, both of which were scrumptious, I reccomend the NDD wrap if you like somewhat spicy food, and I also got the Chicken Biryani for $9.99. The Biryani is HUGE and really good. The food here is very flavorful, and their staff is very willing to help make your meal better in any way they can. Their mint sauce is slightly lacking though.. but besides that .. A+ —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-06-01 13:55:27   Although the food was excellent, in the end I found the place sort of gross and the staff completely rude. My experience got off to a rough start immediately after my plate was delivered to my table and I watched a green bug nosedive into my potato salad and attempt in vain to fight its way out. I was also sitting in a corner seat which allowed a view of the kitchen that I would have preferred not to see. Finally, I waited for more than 10 minutes after trying to pay the bill as the waiter struggled to get the owner off his cell phone to run my credit card. The owner — or manager or whomever he was — made it clear he was not going to be bothered until he was done with his personal phone call — and the restaurant was empty except for me! Terrible, terrible service. —CarrieFisher

2006-06-04 15:58:03   I got the chole bhatura and kheer(sp?) the other day. the chole bhatura was okay. The pudding was rancid! I think, it went bad and the workers didn't take a notice. it was the most disgusting thing I put in my mouth. —PattyLouieJunior

2006-06-05 09:29:30   I've been here twice, and received good service. So not all servers are bad! The food is absolutely delicious! The ambience is so-so. Yes, the fridge is too loud. Yes, the decor is pretty tired. But this is much better than having a dazzling restaurant interior and mediocre food! —MattJurach

2006-07-29 20:22:10   I went here for a quick lunch while I was at Kaplan. I settled on the Tandoori Wrap which is pretty good. It's a little expensive at $5.39 after tax though. The service was fine since I got my food to go. Any recommendations on things that are good to-go besides the wraps? —LiRic

2006-08-06 14:51:15   After reading many reviews, I really wanted to try this place. The food had wonderful spice and flavor, however we went through 2 waiters. The first one decided to take a brewsky brake in their bar a few feet away. Went there for dinner and it was a little pricey. Also, ask for the student I failed to read closley restaurant wiki page details. —JoeCustomer

2006-08-08 21:56:01   overpriced for the amount/quality of food, asked for a recommendation on a vegetable dish and got chunks of cheese that had no flavor, overall a very disappointing experience —MelodyWon

2006-10-23 14:13:00   I ate here a few weeks ago. The special was goat vindaloo, which sounded good for $9.99. When I got the meal, it appeared to be a good sauce populated with big chunks of meat. However, the big chunks proved to be bone instead. There was no more than 2 oz. of meat in the dish. So, essentially, 10 bucks for rice, some sauce and some bones. The waiter was trying hard, but apparently didn't know how to pour a pitcher of beer properly. —GrantNichols

2006-11-15 17:14:07   As an Indian-American and die-hard lover of Indian cuisine, I am so pissed off about the lack of quality in the food served by the 3 establishments in downtown Davis. It's apparent that these restaurants either don't have much of a clue as to how authentic Indian cuisine is prepared (uh, naan should never come out of a packet, let alone be served COLD) or are making every effort to pinch pennies and take advantage of a community who has no better options for an authentic Indian meal. This is outrageous and embarrassing, particularly because I know of several people whose first experience with Indian cuisine was here in Davis; they were so turned off they swore it was their last. Whoever said New Delhi Chaat Cafe approximates the quality of Vik's in Berkeley is full of shit. If you're going to run a restaurant, make it worth your customer's time, and get it right. —VivekMathrani

2006-12-13 20:44:12   I got the buffet on the weekend and it was not good at all. Nothing in the restaurant seemed authentic when I came in. I did not see one indian person in the whole place! The rice was undercooked and most of the entrees were very plain. This ranks below Raja's for taste and certainly service. I will try again, however, and order off the menu. —JohnHumperdinkle

2007-01-07 12:49:47   The NDD wrap and the Samosa Chaat are delicious. I can't tell you if its authentic Indian food or not but my friends and I go here a lot on our lunch breaks. I do think the price is a little bit high for what they serve. Maybe if they lowered it a little and spice up the interior, they could get a little bit more people eating there. —BeeBooBee

2007-01-10 18:32:10   Last night we ate here (1-10-2007) and we have mixed reviews. My boyfriend got the Lamb vindaloo which is usually his favorite dish. Unfortunately, at Chaat, the vindaloo was almost too spict to eat, and did not have the pleasant rich flavor that one comes to expect. I ordered the chicken tikka mosala, at the advice of our waitress. My food was much hotter than I expected, but VERY tasty. We also ordered the Pakori Chaat to start- it was amazing, but we were very glad that we ordered the naan with it, it was bits of pakori(according to the waitress- tasted a little like fried bits of onion and maybe some sort of dough) in a yogurt sause. We will certainly order the Pakori Chaat and the Chicken Tikka Mosala in the future. Oh and the water tastes horrible, but I guess that is what we get for living in davis :) —DaraRabin

2007-02-11 17:04:20   food was okay but portions not so big. I ordered the lamb curry and it was delicious but so little! not worth the $14. And service is BAD. The waiter was rude. —KiwiSelina

2007-03-17 14:23:45   Nothing to write home about but the waiters are nice. —CandiceWang

2007-03-28 14:33:28   The lamb vindaloo was too spicy to taste, it bordered on inedible, and I adore spicy food. The chicken tikka masola is spicy, but has wonderful flavor. —ColinWard

2007-04-03 22:22:56   I LOVE the veggie wraps. I crave them. I try to eat them as much as possible. Very filling for a smallish girl, I usually have to eat the whole thing in two sittings. Also, the garlic and cilantro naan is really really good, great for garlic lovers. Never tried anything else. —Lisa

2007-05-19 03:26:09   I'm sad to say I just heard today that New Delhi is closing, I believe their last day is Sunday. There's a sign posted in the front windows about a change in ownership. Apparently the new owners are going to close and do "major" renovations and then reopen as a, er, I believe the term used was "Indian Bistro". I don't believe the wait staff will carry over, no idea on anyone else involved (like the cook(s)). I'll miss ND. —BillBroadley