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🎊 Grand Opening Baker Optometry 🎊 - added on front page: July 9th, 2019

Dr. Baker and his team, Lisa, Lea, Kristina, Susana, and Jerrie, welcome you in Dr. Baker's new office!

Their new office

"We are excited to announce the official opening of Baker Optometry! Dr. Alex Baker and our team are providing the same quality care and attention at our new location in the Covell Professional Center (corner of Anderson and Covell). Please contact us for exams, glasses, and contact lenses. We are always happy to answer your questions."

>>> Our own Dr. answering-eye-questions Baker has opened his new office. So it's like coming home, Davis Wiki-wise too.

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1. Baker Optometry - added July 9, 2019


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2020-03-23 23:42:57   Given this page has received no updates, can we remove it from the front page? It seems very out of place and looks like front-page advertising for this optometrist, especially considering we are being asked to leave the entry for the optometrist on the front page for historical purposes even if we edit it to include a new entry. —ToddGlenn