In July 2012 Davis announced a new partnership with Nextdoor, a free social network website, which it hopes will facilitate communication among neighbors in a secure online setting, because God forbid they meet or communicate in any setting that isn't online and secure! Details here. Note that they require address verification, either by phone (if possible), by credit card (they make a 1 cent charge), or by postcard.

An oddity: once someone in your designated "neighborhood" signs up, your neighborhood has only 21 days to reach a critical mass of 10 members. They ask you to solicit your neighbors to reach that critical mass, which raises the question: if you have good contact with your neighbors, then why do you need Nextdoor? And if you don't, how are you supposed to contact them?

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2012-07-25 14:05:44   What ever happened to talking to someone face to face and being friendly ? I think it's kind of sad. —jsbmeb



1. Sarcasm, if that wasn't obvious